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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

How GOP timidity cost Tom DeLay his job and might cause them to lose their majority control in Congress....

Here's a *****Five Star, must read column that addresses questions that many of us out here have had as to why the Bush Administration and majority Republicans in both houses of Congress have been so limp-wristed when it comes to investigating glaringingly obvious and scandalous illegal actions that literally scream out for investigation.

All of the very serious illegal actions by Democrats, listed below and attributed to James Risen, author of "State of War," are subjects about which all Americans have a right to know, a right to have them fully investigated, and a right to see guilty parties appropriately prosecuted---before they lose all confidence in their government's ability and willingness to enforce the law.

Law enforcement, when it comes to illegal acts committed by politicians, seems to have a low priority---just as it does when it comes to enforcement of border, immigration and labor laws.

Big question: When did our elected leaders (ie. politicians) lose their dedication to upholding their oaths of office and upholding the rule of law?

There's no valid excuse for a party that controls the White House and both houses of Congress to cower into a do-nothing posture just because the party out of power is engaging in an all-out no-holds-barred political war against them. If they don't fight back, they will end up looking like the total wimps that they are and lose their control of both the White House and the Congress.

They don't have to fight fire with similar fire. They need to embrace their power and face up to the political onslaught--using logic, reason, documented investigative evidence and the rule of law to defeat it. They can also use their high-profile access to other-than-mainstream media. If they continue to pull their punches, we are the ones who will suffer along with them for their cowardice.

It's put a little more nicely below, and at the above link.
"Tom DeLay: Victim of GOP Timidity"

"The most stunning aspect of Tom DeLay's resignation from Congress isn't that he was forced out by a wave of bad publicity that began with his indictment last September for breaking a law that wasn't even on the books when DeLay allegedly violated it.

The real surprise of the DeLay debacle is that his fellow Republicans allowed him to be ripped apart by Democrat-friendly media piranha - without firing a shot in return. Democrats would have surely backed off on their "Culture of Corruption" mantra had the GOP made even a minimal effort to fight fire with fire.

Instead, Hill Republicans looked the other way on one Democrat scandal after another - and will likely end up paying the price by losing control of Congress in November.

Here's a short list of investigations the GOP should have launched - not for reasons of partisan revenge - but because they warranted the full oversight of the party in control of Congress:...
Nukegate:.... President Clinton's decision to give Iran doctored blueprints for key nuclear components that allowed the Iranians, in Risen's words, to "leapfrog one of the last remaining engineering hurdles blocking its path to a nuclear weapon."

With Sen. John McCain now predicting "Armageddon" as a result of the Iranian nuclear threat, one might think that a report like this might be ripe for congressional investigation. But one would be wrong. Republican interest to date in a Clinton Nukegate probe: Zilch.

The list of Democrat scandals passed up by Republicans could probably fill a book. But others that deserve honorable mention are the surpression of the Barrett Report, media leaks by anti-Bush CIA insiders and a probe into Sen. Robert Byrd's activities while he was a leader in the Ku Klux Klan...."

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