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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Editors at National Review say "Amnesty is not the most objectionable feature of the president’s plan."

According to the Editors at National Review today, "Amnesty is not the most objectionable feature of the president’s plan. It is the combination of amnesty with laxity in enforcement and a new guest-worker program to which we object. If we are not going to require employers to take the simplest steps to verify the legal status of their employees, then an amnesty will simply act as a magnet for more illegal immigration in the future.... "

In their *****Five Star, must read editorial, they also shoot down the claim from the open borders lobby that the American people are with them---and point out that "the only real change in the politics of this issue isn't any new support for open borders. Rather, it is the fear Republicans have that they will be labled "racist" and "anti-immigrant." However, we know that immigration is not the issue---illegal-immigration is. And it is not about racism. It is about upholding the rule of law.

The Editors also fisk polls that artificially limit lists of options---omitting choices for shrinking illegal populations and for increasing law enforcement. And we all know that there are many variables in polling that can easily be manipulated to produce desired outcomes---with which to propagandize and hoodoo the American sheep-people. You know the kind.... the ones who exhibit no signs of conscious thought or selectivity.... as they blindly follow whatever leader right over the cliff.

The Editors' advice to Republicans: "The wisest course for Republicans would be to say something like the following: “Immigration has made this country better. Immigration can continue to work for America if we make sure that it proceeds in an orderly, manageable, and rational way. We will enforce our laws at the border and the workplace.

Once we have brought illegal immigration under control, we will consider increasing legal immigration levels and granting an amnesty to some illegal immigrants who are already here. Whatever we decide, we will at all times treat illegal immigrants humanely.”

They conclude with their counsel to Republicans who defend these views and are called racist and anti-immigrant: They should respond "that anyone who makes that accusation is calling the American public racist — which isn’t a winning election platform."

Me..., I wholeheartedly agree and hope that all Republican U.S. Senators read and heed this editorial. You guys can read it in its entirety at the above link.

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