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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Congressman Tom DeLay and his lovely wife, Christine

With a very successful career as a U.S. House of Representives member and Majority Leader from the State of Texas under his belt, Tom DeLay is now poised to establish himself as a national Republican leader in vital areas.

Hopefully, he will write a book about his ordeal of being stalked, slandered and pilloried by the hard-left---just because he attained a high level of power in Washington and was excellent at doing his job.

Now DeLay can put his powerful and effective energy and skill to work for the benefit of Republicans nationwide and get the truth out about the savage hard-left war that has been waged against him to destroy his reputation and his career in Congress.

The hard-left couldn't beat him at the ballot box, so they chose to combine their power---at the state and national levels, in the Courts, and internationally in the case of multi-billionaire socialist George Soros and his like-minded billionaire buddies---in order to destroy him.

They failed. They guaranteed a loss for DeLay's nationally-backed Democrat opponent running for DeLay's Texas Congressional seat. They lost a straw-man to smack down nationally as their poster-boy for their false allegations of "Republican corruption" in upcoming elections. And they freed up Tom DeLay to fight back as a private citizen, who can now go after all of the slanderers, maligners, and liars that have taken to the air and presses to deliberately destroy his reputation and his career.

One can only wonder who the hard-left's new straw-man victim will be.... but we can bet the store on the fact that there will be one. It's what they do. And it's becoming to look as if it's the only thing they can do. Politics of personal destruction is their game. Only, this time their shabby game is coming back to bite them on their butts.

And, if I were Tom DeLay, I'd see to it that it also bit them---especially his taxpayer-paid public political persecuter Ronnie Earle---in federal court, now that DeLay will become a resident of Virginia.

The hard-left's politics of personal destruction ambushers need to learn that the opportunity cost for their hit-squad-alliance's destructive acts and false words is too dear---and they can no longer exploit them with impunity.

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