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Thursday, April 20, 2006

China is the new U.S.S.R. - It has already begun a new Cold War, aligning itself with socialist countries against the United States

The not-so-long-ago awakened sleeping dragon that is China has set itself on a path to strengthen the United States' socialist/fascist enemies around the world---from North Korea to Zimbabwe to Sudan to Iran to Russia to Cuba to Venezuela to Panama and others in S. America.

They have made major inroads into the Western Hemisphere. They have made and are making susbstantial investment---both economic and military---in those socialist/fascist countries. At the same time, they have been developing substantial spy networks---even in Australia and the United States.

China is also using its veto power in the United Nations to hamstring and neuter the U.N. Security Council as it protects its new economic/military/socialist best friends, including the genocidal Sudanese regime that has been and continues to engage in ethnic cleansing in Darfhur---all to the detriment of the United States, the European Union and other Western nations.

The best way to guage whether or not China is a true friend of the U.S. is to meticulously and publicly measure China's progress in opening up its restricted and closed markets to American businesses and every positive change it makes to its unfair pegging of its currency that now gives itself an unfair trade advantage in the multi-billions.

Another must-track Chinese activity is its copyrights and patents piracy (ie. stealing) to rip off the protected ideas, inventions and fruit of Western talent and genius---something they prefer to steal, rather than developing original work product of their own.

And be sure to closely watch every move China makes and every veto they cast to undermine the United States and the West at the United Nations---particularly in the Security Council and the new, un-reformed Human Rights Council.

Anyone who is foolish enough to believe China is a friend of the United States, has simply been too lazy to track its huge military industrial complex buildup and its economic developing and arming of far flung Sino-socialist/fascist nations that all have one thing in common---they hate and want to destroy the democratic republic that is the United States of America, as well as all other democratic nations.

This is no small matter. China is not, by any stretch of the imagination, our friend.

More in excerpts below---from Peter Brookes' *****Five Star, must read column---or read the entire piece here.
"The Ties that Bind Beijing: Hu will talk of partnership, but Chinese actions speak to peril."

"The "message" Chinese President Hu Jintao most wants the American people to come away with as he visits the U.S. this week and meets with President Bush today is: Although China is a rising global power, there is no need to fear its ascendance because Beijing is committed to being a responsible international player.

At first blush that may appear to be true.... But there is another, dark side to Chinese foreign policy that is grossly underreported. That is China's cozy relationships with a string of rogue states that aids and abets such vexing problems as political repression, human-rights abuse, poor governance, WMD programs, and, even, conflict.

Beijing's close ties with some of the world's most repressive regimes in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia call into question the credibility of China's assertion that its rise to global prominence will be a wholly positive evolution in international politics....

In this hemisphere, China and Cuba have signed numerous economic agreements that will help keep the Castro's "island prison" afloat. In a 2004 visit to Cuba, Hu proclaimed, "We sincerely wish that the Cuban people march without surrender on the road to building socialism."

Across the Caribbean in Venezuela, China is enhancing strongman Hugo Chavez's grip on power by investing over $1 billion in the energy sector. Beijing is also positioning itself to invest another $500 million in oil/gas fields, not to mention broadening bilateral military ties.

While China is involved here and abroad in a sophisticated public-relations campaign to create the appearance of being a mature, responsible actor in the global system, sheltering some of the world's worst regimes from international pressure undermines that notion completely...."

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