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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Byron York: On "Why DeLay Quit: The congressman tells his story"

Readers, this is a *****Five Star, must read column by Bryan York that allows former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to get the truth out there about why he is leaving the Congress---how he has been targeted by Democrat Ronnie Earle, the Texas prosecutor who manipulated a TX Grand Jury to get an indictment against him to try to force him out of office---how he has provided all of his records to the U.S. Justice Department, even though they did not ask for them, with a request for them to examine everything and see that he has done nothing wrong personally, legally or ethically---and how the stupid rule Republicans agreed to in the House of Representatives requiring any indicted Republican Congressman in House leadership to step down, even if it is a political indictment, as Earle's indictment of DeLay was.

Prosecuter Earle abused his position to politically indict and DeLay in the same year DeLay was up for re-election and Earle has voluntarily allowed information related to the indictment and case to be used in a gratuitous movie that was to be used to fight DeLay's re-election, all in conjunction with a coordinated campaign by DeLay's Democrat enemies---including Texas Democrats, the DNC, Congressional Democrats, the liberal elite mainstream media, billionaire socialist Democrats like George Soros, and hard-left paid-for 527s---to stalk him and drive him from office.

Today, upon reading York's column and seeing Congressman DeLay on FNC's Fox and Friends this morning, it is clear that DeLay will now be in a far better position to help Republicans nationally---and in Texas---more than he ever could have while under such a bitter, hateful broad-scale attack by the joined-at-the-hip hard-left Democrat network.

So, now....instead of getting unmercifully wagged by his vicious Democrat enemies, DeLay will now be in a national posture that will enable him to "wag the donkey." Or.... jackass.

But, hey...! Don't expect the MSM to be giving any positive coverage to DeLay. It's just not a happening thing!

God speed, Tom DeLay, as you take your message and service nationwide!!

More below and at nationalreview.
"Rep. Tom DeLay says he made the decision to leave Congress after taking a poll in his Texas district which showed he had no better than a 50-50 chance of winning reelection this November....

.... as time went on it was quite evident that I was supposed to evaluate the election and face reality, and the reality was I wasn't supposed to go through this, that I am supposed to get involved outside the House. I can do more good outside the House in the next few months than being locked in the 22nd District trying to fight a reelection campaign."

"I have a very strong base, an incredibly strong base," DeLay continued. "I've never seen anything like it. People that would die for me. I also have a very strong opposition that would kill me if they could get hold of me."

....what I saw was it would take a ton of money to take that small group that I could appeal to and turn them around — in the face of getting beat up every day by the mainstream media and paid-for 527s."

DeLay attributed many of his problems to Ronnie Earle, the Texas county district attorney who has indicted DeLay on campaign-finance charges. "He used this case to drag my name through the mud," DeLay said, "and he has abused the grand jury-process to drag my name through the mud...."

Now that he will soon be out, DeLay said, he feels confident that a Republican will win the seat from his district, which President Bush carried with 64 percent of the vote in 2004. "People say, isn't this a defeat?" DeLay said. "No, it's an incredible victory. Because the 22nd District is going to have a Republican fill that seat, guaranteed. That's what my polls show. Any Republican running as a Republican will walk into that seat...."

DeLay also predicted that his departure from the race will hurt the candidacy of Democratic challenger Nick Lampson, who has benefited from support and money from Democrats all around the country who wanted to see DeLay go down in defeat.... I consider that a victory....
We will have a Republican, and I will be out doing what I do best, and that is strategizing to lead the conservative cause and elect Republicans."

As for himself, DeLay said he asked his lawyers to do a thorough review of all of his dealings in Congress. "I spent a lot of money and four months of lawyers investigating me as if they were prosecuting me," DeLay said. "They have looked at everything that I've got for 20 years, the whole time I'm here, and there ain't nothing."

"There is absolutely nothing illegal in my operation. There's nothing untoward. There's nothing unethical. We also cooperated with the Department of Justice, given them everything we've got."

"They asked for it?" "No. We just gave it to them." "You volunteered?" "Yes."

DeLay said the material he gave the Justice Department included "anything connected to Tony Rudy, Ed Buckham, Abramoff, or Scanlon." Beyond that, DeLay said he has had no contact with prosecutors. "None," he said. "And they have told my lawyers I'm not a target of the investigation. Of course, we have been saying that for three months and the press refuses to write about it...."

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