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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

With eyes-wide-shut, the Democrat hard-left is flexing its "muscles" about the U.A.E. Dubai Ports World U.S. seaports takeover deal....

Guess they had those same eyes-wide-shut and mini-muscles flexing when China took over all but one U.S. West Coast seaport Bill Clinton worked so hard under the radar to get through for them. That last one was stopped in its tracks after it became known what Slick Willie was doing for his Chinese benefactors.

Since China and its operatives bank-rolled sizeable chunks of Clinton's political campaigns and had benefit of numerous for-profit photo-ops with Clinton in his Oval Office photo-op studio and White House coffees, can't we infer that this just might have been the quid pro quo for all that Chinese largesse?

And wasn't it during that Democrat president's tenure in the White House that the U.A.E. gained control and management of other U.S. seaports it already has?

And isn't Bill Clinton, who has been paid millions just to speak in the U.A.E., now serving as a paid agent of and lobbyist for the Crown Prince of Dubai---without bothering to do the U.S. government-required registering for either megabucks position? A position for which Clinton is paid a percentage of the Crown Prince's government-owned business and investment profits worldwide.

So, considering the Democrats' conspicuous silence during all of Clinton's port-sellouts, isn't it a little more than just passing curious that the Democrats are suddenly immensely offended by this U.A.E. ports deal and glomming onto it as a platform-plank to keep them afloat in the 2006 elections?

Perhaps they should open their selective eyes and keep their wide-mouths-shut instead---lest they finish removing all doubt as to their colossal hypocrisy....

Oh...., and while the new GWB administration was conducting audits of all major federal agencies upon first taking office---only three of which passed their audits---perhaps they should have gone over with a fine-tooth comb everything else Bill Clinton and his administration had done as well.

Such as all Executive Orders, all changes in government agencies' Rules and Regs, all Republican U.S. Attorneys having been given the hoof and replaced by Democrats, and White House computer hard drives having been done away with in the eras of: Whitewater/CastleGrande swindles; Vince Foster "suicide;" Asst. Atty. Gen. Webb Hubbell's federal convictions; F.B.I. files pilfering; White House Press Office purging; Slick Willie/Monica Lewinsky non-oral-sex-kneepads-and-phone sex debacle; Clinton I.R.S. abuse of personal and politcal enemies; Clinton impeachment; and DNC use of White House data-base.

While the Whitewater/CastleGrande investigations were going on, I watched the congressional hearing where a Clinton White House official testified as to the critical need to replace White House computers---under the rubric of "updating" the computer system in the White House.

My...., how timely! Wonder where those disposed-of hard drives ended up.... And did the White House data base go with them?

Hat tip to Eric Devericks for political 'toon.

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