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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Which of these two wars do you think is the most dangerous for the American people....??

The sectarian terrorism war against the fledgling democracy in Iraq will ultimately end. Iraqi and coalition forces are presently making a stronger joint-military push in "Operation Swarmer" (described at to uproot and defeat the terrorists who continue to be sent in from surrounding countries---particularly by Iran and Syria---for the sole purpose of causing a civil war to make sure no democratic government succeeds in Iraq.

The new Iraqi Parliament was seated for the first time yesterday. And when all the dust settles from the power struggles within that new body, within new government agencies, and in the determination of who will be the new President, the Iraq War can by and large be considered officially over.

However, the war depicted on the right in the above 'toon is a far more insidious and deep-seated political war against the power of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government and to weaken the Presidency. Most especially the presidency of George W. Bush, whom the hard-left hates and has never accepted as president and Commander-in-Chief---to the extent of demanding a co-presidency and even running a shadow presidency in which they demand a say in the conduct of war and the president's law enforcement powers to protect the country and people.

This type of political hard-ball war is most dangerous to our democratic republic---in that the power-deprived hard left would prefer to undermine President George W. Bush and see this country lose the Iraq War and the War Against Terrorism in order to prevent Bush from getting credit for winning them. It is apparently worth it to them to have patriotism, security and sovereignty of our country take a back seat to winning their vitriolic, hate-based political war.

They have taken their political war to an unacceptable new low---a low that they should have to pay a price for at the polls in both 2006 and 2008.

By the way, who do you recognize in the above political-war pix on the right? I can see Teddy Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Chuckie Schumer, John Kerry and NBC's White House Press whiner-in-chief David Gregory.... And, of course, they are cheering the fake CBS poll that was heavily-weighted with disproportionate numbers of Democrat responses.... and then touted as if it were a scientific poll written in stone.

Nothing new there...!

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