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Thursday, March 30, 2006

What happens to American employers who hire illegal-aliens....?

Not this, unfortunately. Pretty soon they'll be installing welcome stations and holding job fairs at the border for illegal Mexican and other-than-Mexican nationals who flood into the U.S.... with no permission to enter, no passports, and no known jobs to go to that "Americans won't do...."

Forget 9/11.... Forget there's a War Against Terrorism going on.... Forget that we now have hundreds of thousands of Mexican illegal-aliens wrapping themselves in Mexican Flags, protesting in the streets of the United States of America, and trying to influence our national policy and legislative process.

Seems to me, this would be a good time to identify and deport approximately a million of those arrogant and demanding illegals who have the unmitigated gall to sneak into our country; bleed our economy and services dry; thumb their noses at the American government, its laws, and its citizens; wave their Mexican flags; and tauntingly challenge: "We're here! Now, what are you white racists going to do about it...?

Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.

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