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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman politically elevates Senate committee to a "panel" re illegal immigration bill....

Pardon me..., but a U.S. Senate Committee is just that---a committee. It is not a "key Senate panel," which would be more suggestive of a commission appointed by the President or set up solely to deal independently with a particular topic and issue a report of its findings.

And, quite apart from that, a standing judiciary committee in the Senate does not qualify as a panel to deal with illegal "immigration reform" and was never set up to deal with matters that do not concern the judiciary.

So, it was a definite reach for the Judiciary Committee---led by hard-left radical Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republicrat Arlen Specter---to muscle all other senators out of the way, in a grab for authority and control of the entire subject of illegal "immigration reform" and an attempt to shove their version of a bill down the throats of all Senators not on the committee. Each Senator was elected to have an equal amount of power to that of each other Senator. Guess the Judiciary Committee Senators think they are more equal than all the rest....

Apparently the fading Washington Post is again carrying water for Ted Kennedy by playing up the importance of the Judiciary Committee's role in writing and passing their own version of a Senate "immigration reform" bill. They don't want to call it what it is---an illegal-alien-migration-flood bill in an election year.

Republican Senator and Judiciary Committee member Sam Brownback was on FNC's Fox & Friends this morning being interviewed about the "immigration reform" bill just reported out of the Judiciary Committee. Brownback had the audacity to say we need to pass the committee's version of the bill because "law enforcement does not work."

Well, excuse me, but law enforcement can and should work. Of course that would require that law enforcement be adequately funded, supplied, peopled and made to enforce state, federal, and constitutional laws already on the books.

To enable law enforcement to do that requires the Legislative and Executive branches of government to do their jobs as mandated---which they have not been doing with regard to protecting our borders, restriction of immigration to that which is actually legal, enforcing our minimum wage laws, holding the business community accountable to function legally in employment and reporting, protecting the sovereignty of our country, and protecting the American people.

So, WaPo, let's have a little truth in reporting for a change---without your usual political slant and bias toward liberal political agendas, against law enforcement, and to indoctrinate the masses, for whom you so liberally assume to speak.

And remember, a Senate committee by any other name.... is still just a Senate committee. And a non-judiciary bill on illegal-alien-immigration coming out of the Senate Judiciary Committee has no more standing, relevance or importance than any other bill on that subject introduced by a non-Judiciary Committee Senator.

Further, the bill just reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee is no more than an amnesty masquerading as "immigration reform." It serves only to send the message to all comers---including terrorists---that they can continue to flood across United States borders illegally and then "earn" their citizenship.

If that's what we're going to do, we might as well scrap all of our border, immigration, and labor laws and let the rest of the world's dregs just move on in. Just forget about the decent, law-abiding immigrants and refuges who value coming to this country and want to become citizens---enough to follow legal procedures and wait their turn, instead of breaking in line ahead of others.

If I hear one more time that the millions of illegal-alien foreigners violating our border and immigration laws by entering this country without legal permission are only coming here "to do jobs Americans won't do," I'll probably ralph up my shoes. Just try telling that whopper to out of work American construction workers (such as roofers and painters), technology workers, commercial-cleaning workers, fast food and restaurant workers, department store workers, and workers in many other areas that are not picking cotton, vegetables and fruit.

Stop talking to us American citizens and voters as if we don't live here and see what is actually going on.... and listen, for a change, to what we believe is wrong about having American jobs being thrown open to the entire world---American full-employment be damned. We get it.... So, why can't you?

More below and here.
"Senators Back Guest WorkersPanel's Measure Sides With Bush"

"A key Senate panel broke with the House's get-tough approach to illegal immigration yesterday and sent to the floor a broad revision of the nation's immigration laws that would provide lawful employment to millions of undocumented workers while offering work visas to hundreds of thousands of new immigrants every year.

With bipartisan support, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12 to 6 to side with President Bush's general approach to an immigration issue that is dividing the country, fracturing the Republican Party and ripening into one of the biggest political debates of this election year. Conservatives have loudly demanded that the government tighten control of U.S. borders and begin deporting illegal immigrants...."

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