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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The U.S. Senate Democrats' latest flip-flop....

Roundly opposed to any detainment and interrogation of Arab fundamentalist terrorists---especially at Guantanamo---Democrats have jumped high and come down foot-stompin' hard on the Dubai Ports World takeover of 6 American seaports of entry.... leaping to rant in front of every video-cam and mike in sight....

So, does that mean they believe it's verboten (not O.K.) to profile, investigate and interrogate Arab terrorists, but it's perfectly O.K. and necessary to profile, investigate and interrogate Arabs who own a port management company? Could this be just a new version of their "I was for it before I was against it" logic...., also known as circular reasoning?

But, isn't it strange we didn't hear nary a peep or request for investigations out of Democrat-powers-that-were when Bill Clinton was running interference against all those trying to prevent takeovers of American West Coast seaports by Peking Willie's favorite campaign donors---the Chinese government. The Chinese American-port-takeover-companies involved were, and still are, owned by the Communist Chinese government. Those opposed were able to block only one major Chinese-government-owned company's takeover near San Diego. The rest went through and are still in operation.

We also heard no rants and peeps when Peking Bill (now also known as Dubai's Bill) handed over the Panama Canal---where his Chinese-government donors now own, operate and control both ends of that American-built Canal that another Democrat Prez, Jimmy Carter, made the decision to give up.

And, even though most Dems are currently against the DPW takeover, we are now getting a revealing view of the new, two-faced Democrat Party: On the one face you have the Hill & Bill Clinton/Harold Ickes/George Soros camp and, on the other face, you have the Ted Kennedy/John Kerry/Howard Dean camp.

However, both camps appear to have taken permanent leave of their ability to make a decision and stick with it on anything---the only exception being their de facto across-the-board decision to be the flip-flop party with slippery, hard-to-get-a-grasp-on ideas and positions.

Get a grip, guys...! You're on the downhill slopes.... and sliding.... straight into irrelevance and extinction.

Hat tip to Clay Jones for political 'toon.

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