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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says "judges are no better qualified than 'Joe Sixpack' to decide moral questions...."

Justice Antonin Scalia has long been a staunch defender of interpretation of the law based only upon the U.S. Constitution and constitutional U.S. laws---and has roundly rejected the growing judicial activism of federal judges who treat the Constitution like silly-putty to be manipulated and molded to fit their own moral views and political ideologies.

In the piece excerpted below, Scalia rails "against the era of the "judge-moralist" and states his views in no uncertain terms, letting us know exactly who is or is not qualified to make decisions
about moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage---issues that should be decided by elected legislatures or by Constitutional amendment.

The future strength and staying-power of our democratic republic depend on faithful adherence to the document that has served for over two hundred years to make and keep our country
strong, democratic and secure. It's not broken and it doesn't need "fixing" by activist judges on political or social missions that result in judicial-activist decisions that are, in and of themselves, violations of both the judges' oaths and the Constitution which they are sworn to uphold.

More below and at newsmax.
"Justice Scalia: Public Should Decide on Abortion"

"Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia railed against the era of the "judge-moralist," saying judges are no better qualified than "Joe Sixpack" to decide moral questions such as abortion and gay marriage.

"Anyone who thinks the country's most prominent lawyers reflect the views of the people needs a reality check," he said during a speech to New England School of Law students and faculty at a Law Day banquet on Wednesday night.

The 70-year-old justice said the public, through elected legislatures - not the courts - should decide watershed questions such as the legality of abortion....

He pointed to the granting of voting rights to women in 1920 through a constitutional amendment as the proper way for a democracy to fundamentally change its laws.

"Judicial hegemony" has replaced the public's right to decide important moral questions, he said. Instead, he said, politics has been injected in large doses to the process of nominating and confirming federal judges...."

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