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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Scandalmongering, self-designated "co-presidents" of the hard-left are in their 5th year of dishonest hammering of President George W. Bush....

The hyper-demanding, hate-filled demogogues of the hard-left are still at GWB's throat 5+ years after all their unlawful attempts to prevent him from taking office after winning the election 2000.

Under the false rubric of "GWB has no mandate to govern," they and their mainstream media allies have tried every mean and dirty-trick, made up scandal, bullying tactic, and manipulated fake poll to drive his numbers down---in their under-the-table slanderous and libelous playbook to destroy Bush and his entire administration and the most powerful Republicans leaders in the U.S. Congress.

Even the two living Democrat past presidents who have no real legacy of their own, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, have broken with tradition and undermined this sitting President at every bend and turn---and continue to do so, even to the extent of consorting with and helping the enemy. Bill Clinton has even been serving as a paid-in-the-$millions$ unregistered lobbyist and consultant for an authoritarian Arab government that boycotts Israel.

And these "co-president" jokers have the perpetual audacity to question the authority of this very strong and successful Republican president---who doesn't govern by holding his finger in the wind---while they relentlessly try, every-six-ways-from-sundown, to completely destroy him.

They couldn't beat him in two elections, they couldn't stop his domestic and economic successes, they couldn't stop him from freeing over 50M people from brutal dictatorships and tyranny, they couldn't force withdrawal of troops and turning the Iraq War into a Vietnam war-ender-rerun, they couldn't stop him from getting the two new Supreme Court Justices he wanted, and they can't stop his historic spread of democracy to the oppressed and longing to be free. And these are only highlights of his many successes.

Unable to accept that they are, in fact, the party out of power, they have no ideas and successes of their own to lay claim to. Their endless obstructive and politics-of-personal-destruction tactics have been so high-profile and shrill as to make them irrelevant and not to be taken seriously---showing themselves to be mere caricatures of truly successful Democrat Party leaders of the past. Harry Truman comes to mind....

The following is a *****Five Star, must read column that well deserves a complete read. A few excerpts are below, the rest here. If you got this far, you have already read what thoughts and emotions it stirred in me.
"The Scandalmongering Co-Presidents"

"....Reading the news lately one gets the distinct impression the Old Media think we are operating under the British system of government where President Bush can be ousted any time on a vote of no confidence.

These professional hit men (and women), along with their ideological cousins in the Democratic leadership, have been hammering him mercilessly since campaign 2000. Even if he wasn't experiencing difficulties otherwise, it would be a miracle if he could sustain high approval ratings under such a relentless assault.

But they don't see it that way. To them, he's the enemy, and he must be taken out. And they're doing everything they can to make that happen, including rigging the polls against him by oversampling Democrats, and including nonvoters along with voters, to make him appear even less popular than he apparently is. They're visibly salivating at his daily emasculation before our very eyes...."

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