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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Radioblogger: On Iegal immigration vs. illegal immigration

Hat tip to Daryl Cagle for this great political 'toon. It personifies, in a nutshell, enticements on the U.S. side of the border with Mexico---while Mexican Prez Vicente Fox sends what he considers to be Mexico's excess and presently unwanted underclass---armed with a map---to work in the U.S. and send ca. $20B per year back to prop up the Mexican economy.

We read here that "Vicente Fox said he foresaw the day when his country's excess labor pool would dry up. "Mexico will level off it's population by year 2030," he explained. "Mexico will never pass 130 - 135 million people and then it will level-off so we won't have that kind of energy that youth, but more so, we will need them here in Mexico to sustain our retirement, pension families which will be many."

In other words, he insists on continuing to send his huge, unemployed Mexican underclass to the U.S. illegally now---but not when they are needed to take care of those who don't want the underclass there now. "For the time being, however, the Mexican leader said he remained opposed to U.S. proposals that would crack down on workers who leave Mexico and enter the U.S. illegally.

Fox also does not want a border fence and is opposed to stationing of U.S. military along the U.S./Mexico border.

At Radioblogger, Generalissimo Duane has posted two great Hugh Hewitt interviews dealing with "illegal immigration"---one with the great "one-of-a-kind "columnist to the world," Mark Stein---the other with another of my favorites, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl.

Both of these guests on the Hugh Hewitt radio show discuss with Hugh the legal immigration vs. illegal immigration conundrum and the "immigration reform" legislation progressing through the U.S. Senate, another version having already been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, among other things.

Mark Steyn puts the size of the illegal immigration population the U.S. in this context: "....there is a problem. You've got a population that is basically four times the size of the average European Union nation.... living in the United States illegally. Four times the size of the population of Ireland, say. Two or three times the size of the population of Denmark or Norway. "

They also discuss with Hugh the pros and cons of tempory guest workers vs. illegal workers put on a path to citizenship and the fact that some of the Mexican illegals do not plan to become citizens. Sen. Kyl says: "....most of the people who came here didn't come here to be citizens. They came here to work. And I say as long as we have a job for them, that's fine. But make it a temporary work program, not a permanent legal residence...."

Sen. Kyl is trying to get many elements of his own proposed reform bill for dealing with the entire illegal-alien "immigration" problem into the final Senate version---before both the Senate and House bills are hammered out in a joint conference committee, then approved in final unified version by each of the originating chambers, and then sent to the President for his signature. Or veto, if he is so inclined.

There's much, much more and both interviews are well worth a complete read.

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