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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The NYTimes, Judith Miller, Matthew Cooper & Tim Russert have been subpoenaed by "Scooter" Libby's attorneys.... at last!!

News from The New York Times this morning about Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Jr.'s attorneys' subpoenas of both The Times and their former journalist Judith Miller's notes, documents and all other materials related to the hyped-up faux case claiming that a Bush Administration official leaked Valerie "Plame" Wilson's name to the press---refering to her as an "undercover" (ie. covert) operative.

"Plame" is a Democrat operative who requested that the CIA send her husband, Joe Wilson---also a Democrat operative---to Nigeria to investigate an attempt by Saddam Hussein to buy "yellow-cake" from Nigeria for his WMD program. She lied about making that request to the CIA---and hubby-dearest lied about what facts he learned when he got there.

When Wilson got back from Nigeria, he accused President George W. Bush of lying to the American people about Saddam trying to buy the "yellow-cake" from Nigeria. This was only one of the many egregious and false attacks by hard-left Democrats and their mainstream media allies in their collective War Against GWB and his entire administration.

As for "Plame," she was a CIA agent with a desk job in Washington---not an "undercover" covert operative---all of which the CIA has confirmed. "Plame" had been back in the continental U.S. for more than 5 years, so it would be highly unlikely that divulging her name would endanger any covert CIA operatives in the field of operation. The CIA also confirmed that it was known to others outside the CIA that Valerie "Wilson" worked for the CIA.

What is curious to me is that Judith Miller's attorney, Robert Bennett (one of Bill Clinton's lawyers) is planning to fight the subpoenaes. So, what are they still trying to hide from the Court and from the American people?

It will be interesting, also, to see what the responses will be from Matthew Cooper of Time magazine and Tim Russert of NBC, since both of them have also received subpoenaes. And if Bob Woodward, Robert Novak, and Time magazine will also receive subpoenaes.

Personally, I believe the special prosecutor/political persecuter's entire investigation should be investigated to see where it fits into this overall hard-left war to "bag" a Bush Administration official---and how many of "Scooter" Libby's rights have been violated in the process.

More below and here.
"Lawyers for Libby Subpoena Reporter and New York Times"

Lawyers for I. Lewis Libby Jr., a former aide to Vice President Dick Cheney who faces charges of obstruction of justice, served subpoenas on Tuesday on The New York Times Company and a former reporter for The Times, Judith Miller.

The subpoenas seek documents concerning the disclosure of the identity of an undercover C.I.A. operative, Valerie Wilson. Mr. Libby has been charged with lying to a grand jury about how he learned about Ms. Wilson's identity....

The new subpoenas seek.... A lawyer for Mr. Libby, William H. Jeffress Jr., would not say whether other reporters and news organizations had been subpoenaed. Matthew Cooper of Time magazine and Tim Russert of NBC News have received subpoenas, their representatives said.

A spokeswoman for The Times said its lawyers were reviewing the subpoena served on it. A lawyer for Ms. Miller, Robert S. Bennett, said she would probably fight her subpoena.
"It's entirely too broad," Mr. Bennett said. "It's highly likely we'll be filing something with the court...."

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