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Monday, March 06, 2006

More breaking news: Homeland Security complex is guarded by private company noted for poor work at nuclear facilities & transport of nuclear weapons

Following on the heels of our first posting today, PelicanPost offers this alarming piece of information as a case in point for questioning who's minding the store.

I don't know who owns Wackenhut; it may well be an American company. But it is a private company that has a vested interested in its financial bottom line. The poor quality of its work for the U.S. government could indicate that it is cutting corners..., careless and negligent..., or not fully committed to assuring the security of U.S. government facilities, nuclear technology, and nuclear weapons. Or...., all of the above.

It appears Wackenhut is still operating under their old contract with the U.S. Navy---this long after Homeland Security was created and set up. Which begs the question: WHY??

If that's not enough of an eye-opener today for Americans---all of whom depend on the government to guarantee their safety and security at all times---then read our earlier posting right below this one. Together, they are a big honkin' wake-up call.

So, now we have to ask another question: who's paying attention....?

More below and at yahoo.
"Guards Fault Homeland Security Protection"

"The agency entrusted with protecting the U.S. homeland is having difficulty safeguarding its own headquarters, say private security guards at the complex. The guards have taken their concerns to Congress, describing inadequate training, failed security tests and slow or confused reactions to bomb and biological threats....

Homeland Security officials say they have little control over Wackenhut's training of guards but plan to improve that with a new contract....

Two senators who fielded complaints from several Wackenhut employees are asking Homeland's internal watchdog, the inspector general, to investigate (and said) ...."If the allegations brought forward by the whistleblowers are correct, they represent both a security threat and a waste of taxpayer dollars.... It would be ironic, to say the least, if DHS were unable to secure its own headquarters...."

A litany of problems were listed by the guards, whose pay ranges from $15.60 to $23 an hour based on their position and level of security clearance. Among their examples of lax security:
_They have no training in responding to attacks with weapons of mass destruction;
_Chemical-sniffing dogs have been replaced with ineffective equipment that falsely indicates the presence of explosives.
_Vehicle entrances to Homeland Security's complex are lightly guarded;
_Guards with radios have trouble hearing each other, or have no radios, no batons and no pepper spray, leaving them with few options beyond lethal force with their handguns....

Wackenhut is no stranger to criticism. Over the last two years, the Energy Department inspector general concluded that Wackenhut guards had thwarted simulated terrorist attacks at a nuclear lab only after they were tipped off to the test; and that guards also had improperly handled the transport of nuclear and conventional weapons....

Homeland Security spokesman Brian Doyle said Wackenhut guards are still operating under a contract signed with the Navy, and the agency has little control over their training. A soon-to-be-implemented replacement contract will impose new requirements on security guards, he said....

Some guards who continue to work at Homeland, who would speak only on condition of anonymity because of fear of losing their jobs, said they knew of two instances in which individuals without identification got into the sensitive complex.

Another described how guards flunked a test by the Secret Service, which sent vehicles into the compound with dummy government identification tags hanging from inside mirrors. Guards cleared such vehicles through on two occasions, this guard said, and one officer even copied down the false information without realizing it was supposed to match information on the employee's government badge...."

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