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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Iran's terrorist movement makes the Taliban and al Qaeda look like novices in the War of Terrorism against the West....

Afghanistan was small potatoes compared to Iran's now-known terrorist training program of 20 known terrorist camps and centers run by the extremist Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp(IRGC)' elite Qods Force---the worst of the worst. And it took a defector to provide this information to Iran's enemies and intended victims.

In my opinion, the heart of the beefed-up terrorist movement in Iraq is emanating from Iran and also by way of Iran's best pal Syria. And we know that the bulk of Saddam Hussein's prohibited WMDs and other military materiel were flown and trucked to Syria before and during the Iraq War, with the help of the Russians.

Plus, we have read---and PelicanPost has posted about--- reports of truckloads of dis-assembled weapons and other large militarily strategic items that have gone into Iran from Iraq throughout the war. And then there's the fact that the violent attacks to foment a sectarian civil war have increased in Iraq since the ascension of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his grand alliance with President Bashar Assad of Syria.

It doesn't take a bloody genius to figure out that Ahmadinejad has already openly started Iran's war against western civilization---both in words and in actions.

Having now learned that Iran has been operating an extensive and sophisticated terrorist training program that coincides with its nuclear weapons of mass destruction program that he arrogantly masks as nuclear capability development for "peaceful purposes," what do we do about it?

It speaks volumes that Iran has been steadily building this menace to the western world right under our noses, with the toothless IAEA as powerless as gnats to deter their nuclear weapons development program, and the Russians, French and Germans---particularly the Russians---selling their souls to buy time for Iran to complete their evil mission. And with the pro-terrorist United Nations and its anti-West, pro-terrorist packed Security Council sitting on their hands and doing nothing.

The U.S. needs to wake up and smell the pro-terrorist tide coming toward them and stop pussyfooting around the issue. Iran is not just a potential future nuclear threat---it is an imminent terrorism threat that may well pull defeat for Iraq's new democracy out of our early Iraq War victories that made it possible.

A defector has also come forward about Iran's imminent diabolical plans to mine the Strait of Hormuz, through which a large percentage of the world's oil supply must pass, and destroy U.S. battleships in that area. So, we're seeing a much larger overall military program and problem than just the Iraq War and dealing with a madman at the head of the axis of evil theocratic dictatorship in Iran.

It could very well be the physical beginning of World War III. Iran has aligned itself with Russia in its nuclear development and has recently made a deal with China---who controls both ends of the Panama Canal and operates numerous U.S. ports of entry---to supply China with most of Iran's marketed oil. And they're busy making fast friends of Communist dictators Fidel Castro of Cuba and Hugo Chavez of Argentina.

Does anybody besides me see the gigantic, flaming-red warning flags here....?? While Washington is still in their "duuhhh, we have to wait around---in thumbs-up-constricted-sphincters mode--- while the terrorist-supporting feckless United Nations sits on its collective hands to buy time for Iran to build a nuclear bomb."

The time that is being bought may be just the amount of time it takes to make 9/11 look like a walk in the park.

Read about it below or at iranfocus.
"Exclusive: Terrorist training camps in Iran"

"Iran Focus has obtained a list of 20 terrorist camps and centres run by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC). The names and details of the training centres were provided by a defector from the IRGC, who has recently left Iran and now lives in hiding in a neighbouring country....

The former IRGC officer said the camps and the training centres were under the control of the IRGC’s elite Qods Force, the extra-territorial arm of the Revolutionary Guards.“The Qods Force has an extensive network that uses the facilities of Iranian embassies or cultural and economic missions or a number of religious institutions such as the Islamic Communications and Culture Organisation to recruit radical Islamists in Muslim countries or among the Muslims living in the West.

After going through preliminary training and security checks in those countries, the recruits are then sent to Iran via third countries and end up in one of the Qods Force training camps”, the officer said. The Imam Ali Garrison has been a long-time training ground for foreign terrorist operatives.

Presently, some 50 Islamists from neighbouring Arab countries are receiving training there in five groups of 10, the officer said. “Iraq followed by the Palestinian territories have become the focal point of the Qods Force’s activities. Many of the foreign recruits in these camps now come from these two areas, but others come from a wide range of countries, including the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, North Africa and south-east Asia”, he said.

“In most camps, the Sunnis outnumber the Shiites.” “The scale and breadth of Qods Force operations in Iraq are far beyond what we did even during the war with Saddam”, the officer said, referring to the IRGC’s extensive activities in Iraq during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

“Vast areas of Iraq are under the virtual control of the Qods Force through its Iraqi surrogates. It uses a vast array of charities, companies and other fronts to conduct its activities across Iraq.” “We would send our officers into Iraq to operate for months under the cover of a construction company,” he said.

“Kawthar Company operated in Najaf last year to carry out construction work in the area around Imam Ali Shrine, but it was in fact a front company for the Qods Force. Qods officers, disguised as company employees, established contacts with Iraqi operatives and organised underground cells in southern Iraq.”

The officer said Qods Force officers also used the Iranian Red Crescent and the state-run television and radio corporation as fronts for their operations in Iraq. A special branch inside Iran’s Foreign Ministry is responsible for assisting the Qods Force in bringing in foreign recruits.

The recruits first travel to third countries where they are given new passports by Iranian agents to facilitate their entry into Iran. Upon finishing their training course, the new agents leave Iran for third countries from where they use their genuine passports to return to their countries of origin or where missions are planned.

The list of the bases used for training terrorists identified for Iran Focus are as follows:
1) Imam Ali Training Garrison, Tajrish Square, Tehran
2) Bahonar Garrison, Chalous Street, close to the dam of Karaj'
3) Qom’s Ali-Abad Garrison, Tehran-Qom highway
4) Mostafa Khomeini Garrison, Eshrat-Abad district, Tehran
5) Crate Camp Garrison, 40 kilometres from the Ahwaz-Mahshar highway
6) Fateh Qani-Hosseini Garrison, between Tehran and Qom
7) Qayour Asli Garrison, 30 kilometres from Ahwaz-Khorramshahr highway
8) Abouzar Garrison, Qaleh-Shahin district, Ahwaz, Khuzestan province
9) Hezbollah Garrison, Varamin, east of Tehran
10) Eezeh Training Garrison
11) Amir-ol-Momenin Garrison, Ban-Roushan, Ilam province
12) Kothar Training Garrison, Dezful Street, Shoushtar, Khuzestan province
13) Imam Sadeq Garrison, Qom
14) Lavizan Training Centre, north-east Tehran
15) Abyek Training Centre, west of Tehran16) Dervish Training Centre
18 kilometres from the Ahwaz-Mahshar highway
17) Qazanchi Training Centre, Ravansar-Kermanshah-Kamyaran tri-junction
18) Beit-ol-Moqaddas UniversityQom
19) Navab Safavi School, Ahwaz
20) Nahavand Training Centre, 45 kilometres from Nahavand, western Iran"

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