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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Former President Bill Clinton is a paid agent of the Crown Prince of Dubai.... and being paid gobs of money for doing so....

Bill show-me-the-money Clinton has been paid $millions$ and will be paid $millions$ more for being a senior advisor to a company that manages the Crown Prince of Dubai's investments around the world and for advising the Crown Prince on strategy for getting the Dubai Ports World U.S. ports deal approved.

Clinton has made public comments supporting the UAE Dubai Ports World ports deal, in effect lobbying for it to be approved. He is registered neither as an agent nor a lobbyist of a foreign government and its government-owned DPW. And he has a vested interest, as well as a conflict of interest, in obtaining approval of the ports deal, for he is getting paid a percentage of all the profits Yucaipa---the UAE/Dubai firm that manages all of the Crown Prince's investments---makes.

Kudos to Dick Morris for exposing Clinton's cozy and lucrative arrangement with a foreign government that discriminates against and boycotts Israel and deals in transport of nuclear materials that could one day be used against both Israel and the United States of America.

More below and here.
"Dick Morris: Clinton on Dubai Payroll"

Former President Bill Clinton is up to his eyeballs in dealings with Dubai, his former top political adviser has revealed. According to Dick Morris, author of the best-selling book, "Condi vs, Hillary," Clinton is a paid agent of the crown prince of Dubai, now involved in a firestorm over its deal to take over some of the operations at six major U.S. ports.

"Bill Clinton is a senior adviser - a paid adviser - to a company called Yucaipa which recently set up a relationship with a group called the Yucaipa Investment group to set up a new company called DIGL," Morris said on "The O'Reilly Factor."

"DIGL Inc. is in charge of managing the investments of the crown prince of Dubai throughout the world. Bill Clinton is paid by Yucaipa a percentage of the profits it makes, and Yucaipa said its profits have exceeded 40 percent in recent years.

"He is a paid agent of the crown prince of Dubai. That in addition to the roughly million dollars they gave his library, in addition to the probably $600,000 in speaking fees he got, and in addition to the scholarships for Dubai children they endowed through his library.

"I have three points about that. First, when Bill Clinton tells us this port deal is kosher, he ought to disclose that he's being paid by the government. Secondly, he should register as an agent of a foreign principal because he's giving public relations advice to a foreign company. And thirdly, his wife should disclose how much Clinton is being paid and when he's been paid, because it goes into a joint bank account and this is in effect a payment to the husband of a senator...."

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