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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Former president Bill Clinton advised the UAE about how to handle the controversy over DPW's U.S. port management takeover....

Hey....! Is anybody out there surprised about Bill Clinton's political consulting for the totalitarian U.A.E.? Here we find out he is advising the U.A.E. on how to request and use a 45-day-delay review period to guide their mega-bucks-deal through the stormy waters of the public and congressional outcry over the potential national security risk involved. No doubt to buy time for the furor to die down and some lobbying in their favor.

So, what is Slick Willie's interest in this thing? It seems he called them to offer his valuable advice. It would be interesting to know how valuable---or pricey--- that advice was.

You have to wonder if Bill show-me-the-money Clinton was brave enough to be truly at odds with his wife, who came out publicly against the ports deal, or if getting his palms greased might have overshadowed his concerns over having to face the Iron Matron's ire---when he took on the job of advising the totalitarian U.A.E. government that discriminates against and boycotts Israel and denies its right to exist. The same U.A.E. that supports the terrorist group Hamas and determinedly refuses to renounce its terrorist actions against Israel.

Somebody needs to turn over this slimy rock and see what else is under it besides a politically cunning and compromised former American president---who obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word "former"---calling and advising a foreign country whose fingerprints were all over 9/11/2001.

Strangely enough, Bill Clinton was in Dubai, U.A.E., in 2002, getting paid $300K for addressing a summit there---AFTER the horrific suicide-bombings of the World Trade Center.

How patriotic and concerned for his fellow Americans, who were murdered in those jets-turned-bombs attacks, was that!?! Seems Mr. photo-op-only-sensitivity didn't "feel their pain...."

Read more below and here. Also read Bob Novak's at townhall, "The Clintons of Dubai," in which he writes: "While Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton was ripping President Bush's handling of American ports management, Bill Clinton was pushing for one of his favorite White House aides to be hired to defend the deal. The former president proposed to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) his onetime press secretary, Joe Lockhart, as Washington spokesman for the UAE-owned company, Dubai Ports World...."

Here is another article about Bill Clinton's relationship with a U.A.E. Sheik, "Dubai's 'Boycott Israel' Sheik Funded Bill Clinton." It begins like this and you will want to read the entire piece:

"Former President Bill Clinton has accepted at least $1.6 million from the United Arab Emirates, including $300,000 from a Dubai sheik who adamantly backs the country's controversial boycott of Israel....

On Jan. 17, 2002, Mr. Clinton was paid $300,000 to address the Science, Technology and Arts Royal Summit in Dubai at the invitation of Crown Prince and UAE Defense Minister Sheik Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Less than three months later, Sheik Mohammad urged the United Nations to approve the use of force against Israel's to halt what he called the Jewish state's "butchery" of Palestinians, according to London's Financial Times.

Mr. Clinton's benefactor called for then-Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to "stand trial before the International War Crimes Tribunal," where Sheik Mohammad said he would "have a prominent place in the list of world's killers, terrorists and criminals...."

"Former President Bill Clinton has reportedly advised the United Arab Emirates on how to navigate through the controversy surrounding the U.A.E.’s proposed operation of several U.S. seaport terminals.

According to the Financial Times, Clinton this week called leaders at Dubai Ports World, the company involved in the deal, and proposed a 45-day delay to allow U.S. lawmakers and others to review the particulars of the transaction.

The U.S. ports are currently operated by British ports and shipping firm P&O, which has agreed a $6.8 Billion takeover by Dubai Ports World.

The former president’s position on the Dubai deal puts him at odds with his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, who has vehemently opposed the deal, supposedly on conditions of national security.
Sen. Clinton has led a legislative effort to block the ports deal, arguing that, especially after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, the U.S. could not afford to "surrender our port operations to foreign governments....”

Bill Clinton’s involvement with the U.A.E. may spring from his apparently chummy relationship with the country he calls "a good ally to America.” Clinton in 2002, after leaving the White House, was paid $300,000 to address a summit in Dubai...."

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