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Friday, March 31, 2006

FBI has busted both Hezbollah operatives and an Iraqi al Qaeda operative illegally entering U.S. through Mexico...!

Well, folks..., do you think these bad-boys were coming across the Mexican border into the U.S. to become "guest workers," do menial jobs "Americans won't do," and send their illegally-earned money back to Vicente Fox in Mexico? Is that why Fox has has allowed Hezbollah operatives and an Iraqi al Qaeda operative---all potential terrorists---to enter, operate in, and transit through Mexico to sneak into the United States?

With friends like that, we're surely exceeding our enemies quota. Thank goodness for Director Mueller's re-structured FBI, now a part of Homeland Security, busting those Islamic terrorists before they could commit mass-murders in this country on a larger scale than 9/11.

But how many other potential terrorists have sneaked across the Mexico border without being apprehended? Like ca. 50K of the violent MS-13 Mara Salvatrucha gang members have---and Mexican drug smugglers have---to prey on Americans throughout the country.

Since we now know for certain that Hezbollah and al Qaeda terrorists are crossing our un-secured borders, wouldn't it be a good idea to stop all illegal crossings and give non-citizen work permits only to those who legally qualify and meet background and health requirements, so as not to be a danger after they get here?

It's that old ounce of prevention thing. If GWB believes in preventive war, doesn't it follow that he would believe in preventive security, preventive maintenance of U.S. sovereignty, and preventive measures to maintain and enforce the rule of law?

After all, aren't our existing border, immigration and labor laws meant to prevent abuses of American workers, protect the integrity and security of our borders, and provide for a legal and orderly process for entry of qualified immigrants and refugees who are willing to follow our laws and want to become American citizens?

No foreign citizens have the right to demand unlimited and unqualified illegal entry into this country for any purpose. If they aren't willing to get in line and come here the right, fair and legal way---and for the right reasons---they don't deserve to be here at all.

Read about the FBI's apprehension of Hezbollah and al Qaeda illegal-alien, border-crossing terrorists, below and here.
"FBI's Mueller: Hezbollah Busted in Mexican Smuggling Operation"

"FBI Director Robert Mueller said this week that his agency busted a smuggling ring organized by the terrorist group Hezbollah that had operatives cross the Mexican border to carry out possible terrorist attacks inside the U.S.

"This was an occasion in which Hezbollah operatives were assisting others with some association with Hezbollah in coming to the United States,” Mueller told a House Appropriations subcommittee during a Tuesday hearing on the FBI's budget.

In a stunning revelation, Mueller admitted that Hezbollah had succeeded in smuggling some of its operatives across the border, telling the House committee: "That was an organization that we dismantled and identified those persons who had been smuggled in. And they have been addressed as well....”

In November, an al-Qaida operative who was on the FBI's terrorist watch list was captured near the Mexican border, housed in a Texas jail and turned over to federal agents.... "A confirmed al-Qaida terrorist, an Iraqi national, was held in the Brewster County jail," Rep. Culberson told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity. "He was captured in Mexico. This was within the last six weeks. He was turned over to the FBI...."

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