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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Father Jonathan Morris asks Hollywood a question: "What's your idea of a good film....?"

Folks, here is "An Open Letter to Hollywoood," that I came across today at palmettopundit, who "stumbled across this while on the Fox News website.... It was written by Father Jonathan Morris and is entitled 'An Open Letter to Hollywood.' In the letter he points out a concept that should be obvious to anyone in the business of making money, but apparently is too tough for the Hollywood crowd to comprehend. That concept is simply to give the customer what they want. Here's a sample:

Dear Hollywood, I’m writing on behalf of all Americans. It’s been a while since you’ve been in touch with us. You haven’t called, you haven’t written, but you keep sending films. Just thought I would drop you a line... But I do have one question. What’s your idea of “good film?"

These were your favorite films this year, along with their ranking in box-office ticket sales, and number of Oscar nominations:
• Brokeback Mountain: 27th place, 8 nominations
• Crash: 49th place, 6 nominations
• Good Night, and Good Luck: 90th place, 6 nominations
• Memoirs of a Geisha: 45th place, 6 nominations...."

This is a great piece and well worth reading by way of the above links. Father Morris has asked a question many of us would like to have answered, as we spend our time and money on more healthy and enjoyable forms of entertainment.

After all, Hollywood has already shown us that it's not about us at all---it's all about them and their pushing of secular-humanist, anti-war, liberal elite political ideologies and agendas, often without even understanding the damage they do, yet sometimes intent on making accomplishing damage a fait a compli....

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