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Friday, March 17, 2006

Do all of you out there know the five freedoms granted under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution....?

This is a great little editorial piece from, online site for the Florida Times-Union. They are advocating for bringing back "Schoolhouse Rock" to educate young people about many must-know things, including our guaranteed freedoms under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It's a shame how ignorant many people are about their government and how it works. People who are uninformed may not even know when and how their rights are being violated and cannot fully function as literate members of the body politic.

The show "Schoolhouse Rock" is, of course, for young children and covers information about other subjects besides the First Amendment. But public libraries, publicly sold CDs, videos and books do so as well. So nobody has a valid excuse for not being informed members of American society.

Read it below or at the above link.
"FIRST AMENDMENT: Bring back rock"

"It's alarming that many people don't know the five freedoms granted under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

What's shocking is how many people can name all five family members of the fictional Simpsons.
The results came from a study completed by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum in Chicago, proving that civics just isn't a top priority in American culture.

The study found that only 28 percent of Americans can name more than one of the five fundamental freedoms: Freedom of speech, religion and press, freedom of assembly and freedom to petition for redress of grievances.

On the other hand, more than 52 percent of Americans could rattle off the names of the Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

The results call for action. That action needs to be in the form of reintroducing Schoolhouse Rock to a whole new generation of American children. For those who don't remember the popular series, Schoolhouse Rock ran Saturday mornings on ABC from 1973 until 1985.

It was a series of animated cartoons, 41 in all, that used goofy characters, catchy tunes and repetition to teach children about multiplication tables, the parts of speech, American history, science and computer mechanics.

Some of the more memorable segments revolved around American history. "I'm Just a Bill" shows a depressed little scroll of paper being dragged around the legislative process on its way to becoming a law. "Three Ring Government" dealt with the system of checks and balances among the three branches of government.

Schoolhouse Rock is on video and DVD, but it needs to be rebroad- cast to a wider audience of children today. The show defined a generation that has children of its own. It was educational, and it got the job done.

Our national ideals are important; teaching them in an innovative and fun way is key."

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