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Friday, March 24, 2006

China aligns itself with worst enemies of United States.... even a terrorism-exporting, nuclear-proliferating nation in the "axis of evil...!

As China engages in a colossal military and nuclear buildup within their own country---and assisting rogue terrorism-supporting nations who are enemies of the United States do the same---it has been and is engaging in a massive effort to extend its sphere of influence into Latin America, South America, the Middle East and Russia.

And, as it is allowing extensive economic development in China by American firms, it is still engaging in unfair trade practices, product and copyright piracy, and pegging its currency at an extremely unfair advantage to other nations---particularly the U.S.

As that American economic development is being expanded in China, it would behoove the U.S. to be mindful of the fact that China---a communist nation that has ownership and/or partial ownership and control of all Chinese businesses---could, with one statement or stroke of a pen, nationalize all of it. Which, of course, would leave all those American businesses who had heavily invested in business-development in China out in the cold.

China is also engaging in undermining the United States in the United Nations---particularly with regard to nuclear-developing and belligerant Iran---and is aligning itself with other like-minded anti-U.S. member nations.

So, we needn't fool ourselves into thinking China is a friend of the United States. Instead of following Ronald Reagans "trust, but verify," we would be wise to "watch closely and verify what concrete actions China actually takes to clean up its act and function as a fair and responsible player on the world stage and to remove itself from functioning as part of an anti-U.S. axis that aspires to divest the United States of its power.

Read more below and here.
"Dobbs: China Works With Worst Rogue States"

"Seeking to meet the demands of its hard-charging economy for energy and natural resources, China is making friends with some of the worst enemies of the United States, some of the most repressive, reprehensible regimes in all the world, according to CNN host Lou Dobbs. deal after deal, China is doing business with some of the worst rogue regimes in the world, yet it brushes off criticism with platitudes.... China.... "throws up obstructions and conditions to action on Iran. ....China has embraced the terrorist regime and signed a $100 million energy deal." Chinese companies are already working in Iran. "China is helping Sudan develop its energy supplies, even as the world recoils from their regime-supported genocide in Darfur...."

Said (Kitty) Pilgrim: "Robert Mugabe, a pariah in the West, is a celebrity guest in Beijing. And Venezuela's President (Hugo) Chavez, who engages in tirades against the United States, has now opened up its vast oil fields to Chinese firms. The ties between Russia and China have also been growing in the last 18 months. Despite Russia's trend away from Democratic freedoms, China has declared this year the year of Russia.

China is even now aligning with Russia in the U.N. Security Council. China is Russia's largest buyer of military equipment. The two now conduct joint military exercises and this week signed a joint energy deal...."

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