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Friday, March 10, 2006

Beware the Bill and Hillary Clinton multi-headed hydra---lest you be fooled by the duplicitous "pas de deux" still and yet again...!!

Great *****Five Star, must read column from Dick Morris, here, replete with analysis of the double-headed game Bill and Hillary have playing---in their attempts to hide their real and lucrative involvement with the Crown Prince of Dubai.

No surprise, though, that the slick Clintons are still reeling in the dough from foreign governments---this time a UAE dough deal set up to be the gift payola that feeds the former first couple's greed and and masks their historic duplicity.

I'm sure you have all read that we "should beware the double-headed man (and, in this case, woman), for he is corrupt in all his ways...." Surely this applies for the multi-headed Clinton "pas de deux" hydra.

More of this must read below.... the entire piece at the above link.
"Bill and Hillary Clinton are on Both Sides of the Issues"

"Bill and Hillary Clinton are the first couple to appear simultaneously and independently on the national political stage. They are using their special circumstances as a convenient shield for one another, fulfilling, at once, Hillary's dream of no accountability and Bill's of being able to take both sides of an issue....

Bill has been out there criticizing the war while Hillary plays to the center by voting for it.
And now, this heavy-footed pas de deux straddles the issue of whether a Dubai company should run six American ports.

Are we truly to believe Hillary's insistence last week that she knew nothing about Bill's counseling of his friend and benefactor the crown prince of Dubai, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, on the ports deal? ....Bill is, after all, a regular in Dubai.

The crown prince — that is, the government — contributed to his presidential library and pays him $300,000 per speech. Recently, Yucaipa, an American company that has Bill Clinton as a "senior adviser" and pays him a percentage of its profits, formed a partnership with the Dubai Investment Group to form DIGL Inc., a company dedicated to managing the sheik's personal investments.

No doubt Bill Clinton was brought in to cement this lucrative deal from which he — and therefore Hillary — will likely make millions. Neither Bill nor Hillary will disclose how much he is paid, but her Senate financial disclosure says that he will make "more than" $1,000. They also won't say how much Dubai royalty gave to the Clinton library....

So when Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) broke the story that the administration had approved the Dubai ports deal and Bill Clinton started to defend it in public, are we to believe that Hillary did not know that the sheik had called him to ask his advice, and are we to believe that Bill's defense of the deal was unrelated to his myriad financial ties to Dubai?

Hillary stands to gain millions in income from her husband's Dubai connection. She knows he flies there very, very frequently. And she must realize that Bill is close to the Dubai royal family.
So why did she dump on the port deal? Likely to cover herself. If she were anything less than front and center against the Dubai port deal, she would vulnerable to criticism over Bill's involvement with the Dubai royal family. So she held marathon press conferences denouncing the deal and professed not to realize her husband was defending the deal at the sheik's request.

What's really going on here is that Bill Clinton is trying to please his Arab patrons and business partners at the same time that Hillary Clinton is trying to capitalize on American stereotypes about Arab terrorists.

More important, she's desperately trying to distract attention from the Dubai dollars that flow into her family checking account from Bill's political and business dealings with the Dubai crown prince. What better way than to attack them?

We should insist that:
Bill Clinton register as an agent of a foreign principal.
The Clintons say how much he makes from Dubai.
The Clinton library tell us how much Dubai royalty gave to the library.
And Bill disclose, in the future, whenever he is speaking as an ex-president or as a paid public-relations flack...."

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