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Saturday, March 11, 2006

AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano proves her substance-less act ordering AZ Guard to Mexico/AZ border was a purely political ploy....

Napolitano's political move was a toothless political show of acting strongly---with the appearance of coming up with a military solution to the border problem, when all she allowed the Guard to do when they got there was non-enforcement scut work in service to the border authorities.

This enabled her to head off the AZ legislature at the pass and assure that they would be able to do nothing in the way of effectively policing the border---a purely political block, using her executive powers as governor to block the bill she knew was traveling through the legislative process and would ultimately reach her desk for a signature from becoming an enforceable reality.

Her veto of the bill passed by the Arizona legislature to provide funding for and stationing of 100 National Guard troops along the Mexican border reveals clearly what her original motive was and that she has no intention of stopping the illegal-alien flood. And she's not going to let the people of Arizona's elected representatives in the State Legislature do it either, even though they provided the funding for the Guard that she is now still using as a phony excuse for her veto.

I don't know if Arizona has a mechanism for recall of their Governor for playing politics and refusing to put the security and protection of the citizens of Arizona and the integrity of the state's border with Mexico above her own political ideology and agenda. Or, if it would take an impeachment process in the Legislature to make her carry out the full responsibilities and duties of her office. Or, better still...., remove her from office.

One way or the other, the people of Arizona should send Napolitano an ear-splitting, crystal-clear message that she works for them. And nobody elected her to be the Queen of Arizona---a queen who can refuse to enforce federal border and immigration laws with impugnity and thumb her nose at the Legislative Branch of the people's elected government of Arizona.

More below and here.
"Janet Napolitano Vetoes Guard Border Bill"

"Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano vetoed a bill Thursday that would have spent $10 million to station 100 additional National Guard troops along the Mexican border - saying the legislation usurps her authority as "commander-in-chief" of the Guard.

In quotes picked up by the Arizona Republic, the Democratic governor urged the state legislature: "Send me a clean bill that provides sufficient resources to enable more of our Guard to deploy to the border in a manner that respects the constitutional role of the commander in chief."

But Republican Rep. John Allen, who sponsored the legislation, immediately ripped Napolitano's excuses, saying his bill "had the funding to put the troops there." Arizona already has 170 National Guard troops working along the border in a support capacity with the Border Patrol, but none is actively involved in apprehending illegal immigrants.

As border violence continues to flare spurred by heavily armed drug smuggling operations, state Republicans have pressed Napolitano to beef up border security. Last August she declared a state of emergency, prompting calls for a larger Guard role....

Republican Rep. Jonathan Paton, whose district includes three border counties, said he was losing patience with Napolitano's excuses, telling the paper: "The reality is that the citizens of my district wonder why they are still suffering after all this constitutional wrangling. The citizens of this state expect something to be happening at the border, and nothing is happening...."

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