Friday, March 31, 2006

A case of misplaced Chicano power in the U.S.A....

Yo, Pedro...! Ya'll turf-squatters lost th' Mexican-American War in 1848.... That's 158 years ago! Get over it!!

Why don't ya'll jus' pile those racist signs on that flamin' flag.... an' then sit-on-'em an' spin....!!

Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.

Guess who's coming across the Mexican border to get us.... aha?

Problem is.... we don't know who...! Six weeks ago it was an al Qaeda operative from Iraq. Right before that, it was some Hezbollah operatives. Yeah, yeah..., they got busted by the FBI.

But hey..., how many illegal-alien terrorists are getting through undetected? And where are they tonight?

Pretty soon, even the ga-zillions of Mexican illegal-border-crossing hopefuls will be afraid to come here.... don'tcha
' think...? Nah..., me neither.

Hat tip to John Darkow for political 'toon.

FBI has busted both Hezbollah operatives and an Iraqi al Qaeda operative illegally entering U.S. through Mexico...!

Well, folks..., do you think these bad-boys were coming across the Mexican border into the U.S. to become "guest workers," do menial jobs "Americans won't do," and send their illegally-earned money back to Vicente Fox in Mexico? Is that why Fox has has allowed Hezbollah operatives and an Iraqi al Qaeda operative---all potential terrorists---to enter, operate in, and transit through Mexico to sneak into the United States?

With friends like that, we're surely exceeding our enemies quota. Thank goodness for Director Mueller's re-structured FBI, now a part of Homeland Security, busting those Islamic terrorists before they could commit mass-murders in this country on a larger scale than 9/11.

But how many other potential terrorists have sneaked across the Mexico border without being apprehended? Like ca. 50K of the violent MS-13 Mara Salvatrucha gang members have---and Mexican drug smugglers have---to prey on Americans throughout the country.

Since we now know for certain that Hezbollah and al Qaeda terrorists are crossing our un-secured borders, wouldn't it be a good idea to stop all illegal crossings and give non-citizen work permits only to those who legally qualify and meet background and health requirements, so as not to be a danger after they get here?

It's that old ounce of prevention thing. If GWB believes in preventive war, doesn't it follow that he would believe in preventive security, preventive maintenance of U.S. sovereignty, and preventive measures to maintain and enforce the rule of law?

After all, aren't our existing border, immigration and labor laws meant to prevent abuses of American workers, protect the integrity and security of our borders, and provide for a legal and orderly process for entry of qualified immigrants and refugees who are willing to follow our laws and want to become American citizens?

No foreign citizens have the right to demand unlimited and unqualified illegal entry into this country for any purpose. If they aren't willing to get in line and come here the right, fair and legal way---and for the right reasons---they don't deserve to be here at all.

Read about the FBI's apprehension of Hezbollah and al Qaeda illegal-alien, border-crossing terrorists, below and here.
"FBI's Mueller: Hezbollah Busted in Mexican Smuggling Operation"

"FBI Director Robert Mueller said this week that his agency busted a smuggling ring organized by the terrorist group Hezbollah that had operatives cross the Mexican border to carry out possible terrorist attacks inside the U.S.

"This was an occasion in which Hezbollah operatives were assisting others with some association with Hezbollah in coming to the United States,” Mueller told a House Appropriations subcommittee during a Tuesday hearing on the FBI's budget.

In a stunning revelation, Mueller admitted that Hezbollah had succeeded in smuggling some of its operatives across the border, telling the House committee: "That was an organization that we dismantled and identified those persons who had been smuggled in. And they have been addressed as well....”

In November, an al-Qaida operative who was on the FBI's terrorist watch list was captured near the Mexican border, housed in a Texas jail and turned over to federal agents.... "A confirmed al-Qaida terrorist, an Iraqi national, was held in the Brewster County jail," Rep. Culberson told ABC Radio host Sean Hannity. "He was captured in Mexico. This was within the last six weeks. He was turned over to the FBI...."

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Radioblogger: On Iegal immigration vs. illegal immigration

Hat tip to Daryl Cagle for this great political 'toon. It personifies, in a nutshell, enticements on the U.S. side of the border with Mexico---while Mexican Prez Vicente Fox sends what he considers to be Mexico's excess and presently unwanted underclass---armed with a map---to work in the U.S. and send ca. $20B per year back to prop up the Mexican economy.

We read here that "Vicente Fox said he foresaw the day when his country's excess labor pool would dry up. "Mexico will level off it's population by year 2030," he explained. "Mexico will never pass 130 - 135 million people and then it will level-off so we won't have that kind of energy that youth, but more so, we will need them here in Mexico to sustain our retirement, pension families which will be many."

In other words, he insists on continuing to send his huge, unemployed Mexican underclass to the U.S. illegally now---but not when they are needed to take care of those who don't want the underclass there now. "For the time being, however, the Mexican leader said he remained opposed to U.S. proposals that would crack down on workers who leave Mexico and enter the U.S. illegally.

Fox also does not want a border fence and is opposed to stationing of U.S. military along the U.S./Mexico border.

At Radioblogger, Generalissimo Duane has posted two great Hugh Hewitt interviews dealing with "illegal immigration"---one with the great "one-of-a-kind "columnist to the world," Mark Stein---the other with another of my favorites, U.S. Senator Jon Kyl.

Both of these guests on the Hugh Hewitt radio show discuss with Hugh the legal immigration vs. illegal immigration conundrum and the "immigration reform" legislation progressing through the U.S. Senate, another version having already been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives, among other things.

Mark Steyn puts the size of the illegal immigration population the U.S. in this context: "....there is a problem. You've got a population that is basically four times the size of the average European Union nation.... living in the United States illegally. Four times the size of the population of Ireland, say. Two or three times the size of the population of Denmark or Norway. "

They also discuss with Hugh the pros and cons of tempory guest workers vs. illegal workers put on a path to citizenship and the fact that some of the Mexican illegals do not plan to become citizens. Sen. Kyl says: "....most of the people who came here didn't come here to be citizens. They came here to work. And I say as long as we have a job for them, that's fine. But make it a temporary work program, not a permanent legal residence...."

Sen. Kyl is trying to get many elements of his own proposed reform bill for dealing with the entire illegal-alien "immigration" problem into the final Senate version---before both the Senate and House bills are hammered out in a joint conference committee, then approved in final unified version by each of the originating chambers, and then sent to the President for his signature. Or veto, if he is so inclined.

There's much, much more and both interviews are well worth a complete read.

What happens to American employers who hire illegal-aliens....?

Not this, unfortunately. Pretty soon they'll be installing welcome stations and holding job fairs at the border for illegal Mexican and other-than-Mexican nationals who flood into the U.S.... with no permission to enter, no passports, and no known jobs to go to that "Americans won't do...."

Forget 9/11.... Forget there's a War Against Terrorism going on.... Forget that we now have hundreds of thousands of Mexican illegal-aliens wrapping themselves in Mexican Flags, protesting in the streets of the United States of America, and trying to influence our national policy and legislative process.

Seems to me, this would be a good time to identify and deport approximately a million of those arrogant and demanding illegals who have the unmitigated gall to sneak into our country; bleed our economy and services dry; thumb their noses at the American government, its laws, and its citizens; wave their Mexican flags; and tauntingly challenge: "We're here! Now, what are you white racists going to do about it...?

Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.

Former FISA Court Judge Allan Kornblum, co-author of the FISA law, says President G.W. Bush's Constitutional powers supersede the FISA law....

It comes as no surprise that the hard-left mainstream media, such as the Associated Press (AP) and The New York Times, have chosen to ignore vindication of President G.W. Bush's use of his Constitutional powers to order wiretapping of suspected foreign terrorists communicating with people within the borders of the United States---and are slanting their reportage accordingly.

Hell will freeze over before the MSM admit to having been wrong in their and hard-left Democrats' collective screed against President Bush, accusing him of breaking the law by authorizing the wiretaps of terrorists to protect America and the American people. And it will freeze rock-solid before hard-left Democrats admit it either.

All on the same irrational bash-Bush bandwagon, they have gone on round the bend to squeal for censure and impeachment of President Bush---and falsely accuse him and his administration of "corruption."

After 8 years of real corruption in the presidency of Bill don't-know-what-is-is Clinton---that included some in his administration who couldn't even enter the White House without Clinton doing away with traditional security there first---these current in-denial MSM and Dems show themselves to be more than just passing stupid as they spew the "impeachment" word and remind the whole world that their favorite bad-boy president---William Jefferson Clinton---was the onliest U.S. President ever to actually be impeached. And that he was impeached because of his obstructions of justice and lying to a Federal Grand Jury.

Clinton was not impeached for trying to protect our country and all of us in it---which is what the hard-left wants to crucify GWB for doing. Just as Bad-Boy Bill was not impeached for his deviant extra-marital sexual behaviors---even in the Oval Office.

Clinton was also the onliest U.S. President to lose his license to practice law---for the same reasons he was impeached---and to have to pay a judgment of $300,000.00 to a woman whom he sexually assaulted. Remember Paula Jones..., and Juanita Broadderick..., and Monica Lewinsky..., and all Clinton's other female victims? The list goes on ad infinitum.

Don't you just love it when those on the hard-left give such a high-profile demonstration of their power-deprivation desperation and dearth of substantive ideas? Guess they're just worn out from defending the indefensible for 8 long Clinton years and waging a 5 year political and anti-war war against George W. Bush and his entire administration.

Me..., I say we just stand by and not get in their way, as they continue to self-destruct.

More below, or read it all here.
"FISA Judge: Bush Wiretapping Broke No Law"

In a significant vindication for President Bush, a judge who co-authored the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act said Tuesday that the president was duly authorized under the Constitution to order the wiretapping of suspected terrorists - without getting a warrant from the FISA Court.

Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, former FISA Court Judge Allan Kornblum said that president's Constitutional powers supersede the FISA law, which critics claim the Bush program violated.

"If a court refuses a FISA application and there is not sufficient time for the president to go to the court of review, the president can under executive order act unilaterally, which he is doing now," said Kornblum, in quotes picked up by the Washington Times.

Kornblum, who supervised Justice Department wiretap applications to the FISA court for years, is now a magistrate judge of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida.

Testifying along with four other former FISA Court judges, Judge Kornblum suggested that it would have been irresponsible for Bush to have deferred to the FISA Court. "I think that the president would be remiss exercising his constitutional authority by giving all of that power over to a statute," the FISA author said.

The AP didn't mention the FISA author's.... remarks about Bush having the power to "act unilaterally."

The New York Times also failed to find vindication for Bush in Kornblum's words, reporting instead that the FISA judges "voiced skepticism at a Senate hearing about the president's constitutional authority to order wiretapping on Americans without a court order...."

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

"Immigration reform" is a political hot potato.... for both Democrats and Republicans....

Or hot tamale..., since we're talking about dealing with the illegal-alien flood coming into the U.S. across our southern border with Mexico.

On our northern border with Canada, which is also porous and unprotected, it could be a hot "pomme de terre," or even a hot "crepe." Whichever way..., it's a red hot issue---and most U.S. Congress-members are afraid to touch it with a ten foot pole.

So, now it's see-how-they-run crunch-time, with Americans watching closely how each Congress-member deals with illegal-aliens and "immigration reform" on the hot plate before them---and which ones will try to hide from confronting the problem. And how they skirt the issue of "employment reform" that will go after money-hungry employers who are skirting our labor laws by hiring illegal-aliens.

Keep your eyes on those political rascals.... and remember how they voted.... when you go to vote in November 2006 and 2008 elections! If they don't step up now and do right to protect the rule of law, national security and America's sovereignty..., you can vote to throw the bums out!

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for political 'toon. At coxandforkum, they also have an informative posting about "immigration reform" that includes the following: "Glenn Reynolds has a good overview of the issue and how it might affect Democrats and Republicans: An immigration brouhaha: Poison for both parties?...."

Monument at Baldwin Park, California.... claims California for Mexico

The inscription reads:

"This land was Mexican once,
was Indian always
and is,
And will be again"

-Gloria Anzaldua

*A larger version of the above picture can be viewed in PelicanPost Archives, 29 May 2005, along with another picture including racial epithets against Americans by Mexican protesters. These are not simply well-meaning Mexicans coming into this country to feed their families back home. To perpetuate that myth is not only deceptive and dishonest---it is a disservice to the American people.

Majority of U.S. Congress members ignore the will of the American people on illegal-alien migration into U.S.

Considering power and politics first, a majority of U.S. Congress members fly in the face of the expressed will of the American people who have clearly stated that they want illegal-alien migration stopped and our borders protected.

Many of those Americans have lost jobs or cannot find work because U.S. employers are hiring illegal-aliens, in violation of U.S. labor laws that are not being enforced, because they can pay them less and provide no benefits.

American citizens have legitimate concerns about preservation of our culture, maintaining our security and sovereignty, protecting our public systems, and stopping the loss of American jobs to illegal-aliens and the ensuing economic drain on our economic system.

There is a multi-billion dollar economic drain on our economy that serves to prop up the Mexican government and its economy---in a time of ballooning U.S. deficits and financing the War Against Terrorism. Americans have not voted to allow that economic drain or to leave our borders and our security wide open and vulnerable to all comers---even terrorists.

We now need to give serious consideration to voting with our feet---to remove all the members of Congress who choose their own political careers and financial interests above that of the people they were elected to represent.

If these tin-ear Congress-members are not willing to vote our best interests and the best interests of the United States of America, they need to go---no matter their political party. Our elections are not for the purpose of electing the craftiest, self-serving politicians. With regard to the illegal-alien flood, drugs and humans trafficking, and draining the U.S. economy and public service systems dry, a majority of Congress members---particularly in the U.S. Senate---are voting their own interests to maintain their power and lifetime jobs in Congress.

It's easier for the Senators to get away with this, because they have 6 year terms, instead of the 2 year terms for House of Representatives members. Maybe term limits would help eliminate the concentrations of power and influence that enable long-term Senators to operate as political obstructionists rather than as servants of the people who elected them. Robert Byrd, Teddy Kennedy, John Kerry and John McCain come to mind.

Being a member of Congress is supposed to be a service to this country and its citizens---not service to Congress-members themselves and to parasitic countries that disrespect and encourage violation of our laws in order to fleece the American people.

Now we find that Spanish media were behind the huge pro-illegal-alien protest rallies over the past few days. We have seen protesters flying their Mexican flags here in our own country. And we know the aspirations of many of those Mexican illegal-aliens---and other Mexican nationals who attained a previous U.S. amnesty---to establish "Aztlan" in many of our southern border states to re-claim those areas for Mexico. Read "Spanish Media Organized Nationwide Mass Protests" at cbs2, for more information about those organized protests. Also at newsmax, which includes the following: "For English-speaking America, the mass protests in Los Angeles and other U.S. cities over the past few days have been surprising for their size and seeming spontaneity. But they were organized, promoted or publicized for weeks by Spanish-language radio hosts and TV anchors as a demonstration of Hispanic pride and power...."

An earlier protest of the existence of an inscription on a Baldwin, California monument can be read about---and monument viewed--- in PelicanPost postings of 29 May 2005, which included the following:

"California, with the most Mexican immigrants in the United States, is quickly becoming a focal point for racial tension and the attainment of political power as well as Arizona. New Mexico and Texas are not far behind.... With such militant and hate-filled groups as MECha, and the The National Council of La Raza ("For the Race everything, for those outside the Race, nothing"), fomenting racial divisions and the “Pushing Out of Whitey,” the battleground is being set for a future clash that could get out of control. It’s not a matter of racism to want to protect your home...."

The inscription on the monument read: "This land was Mexican once, was Indian always, and is, And will be again...." by Gloria Anzaldua.

So..., just what is it about handing over and selling out Americans and our national security and sovereignty that so many members of the U.S. Congress don't understand??

More below and in Tony Blankley's column in washtimes.
"Mexican illegals vs. American voters"

"It is lucky America has more than two centuries of mostly calm experience with self-government. We are going to need to fall back on that invaluable patrimony if the immigration debate continues as it has started this season.

The Senate is attempting to legislate into the teeth of the will of the American public. The Senate Judiciary Committeemen — and probably a majority of the Senate — are convinced that they know that the American people don't know what is best for them.

National polling data could not be more emphatic — and has been so for decades. Gallup Poll (March 27) finds 80 percent of the public wants the federal government to get tougher on illegal immigration. A Quinnipiac University Poll (March 3) finds 62 percent oppose making it easier for illegals to become citizens (72 percent in that poll don't even want illegals to be permitted to have driver's licenses). Time Magazine's recent poll (Jan. 24-26) found 75 percent favor "major penalties" on employers of illegals, 70 percent believe illegals increase the likelihood of terrorism and 57 percent would use military force at the Mexican-American border.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (March 10-13) found 59 percent opposing a guest-worker proposal, and 71 percent would more likely vote for a congressional candidate who would tighten immigration controls. An IQ Research poll (March 10) found 92 percent saying that securing the U.S. border should be a top priority of the White House and Congress.

Yet, according to a National Journal survey of Congress, 73 percent of Republican and 77 percent of Democratic congressmen and senators say they would support guest-worker legislation...."

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Does anybody out there know why we shouldn't give this "freed" anti-war nutbag back to the terrorists....?

Me..., I'd fork the wigged-out terrorist-hugger back over in a Baghdad minute...!

Along with a note saying "we don't want him, you can have him, and this time you get to keep him... Besides..., he just LUVs you blood'n'guts machete-wielding jihadists...."

Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.

The U. S. Senate is doing the let's-have-it-both-ways illegal-alien hat dance....

Loathe to subscribe to the U.S. House of Representatives' illegal-alien "immigration reform" bill already passed, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee has followed the hidden amnesty and expanded "immigration" reform proposal---pushed by radical Democrat Teddy Kennedy, co-sponsor Republicrat John McCain, and Republicat Committee Chairman Arlen Specter---in its bill just reported out to the full Senate.

This power-hungry new-voters-seeking crowd has vowed to filibuster any other proposed "immigration reform" bills in the Senate that don't provide amnesty, a guest-worker path to U.S. citizenship for illegal-aliens who have already broken U.S. border, immigration and labor laws, and allowing one million more immigrants per year.

They also refuse to make violation of our border, immigration and labor laws by illegal-aliens a felony, refuse to enforce those existing laws, and refuse to punish U.S. employers who are presently breaking those laws by hiring illegals.

Soooo....., no wonder the business lobby is doing a hat dance. They're getting what they want---by supporting legislators who give them cheap foreign labor and the opportunity to get out of paying a legal living wage and benefits. The American jobs they don't outsource, they just hire illegal-aliens to fill---leaving American workers out in the cold.

What's wrong with this picture?

Are you prepared to sit still and quiet as the U.S. Senate provides legal cover for the continued outsourcing, giving away, and selling out of the American dream? And the undermining of the rule of law and our nation's sovereignty?

Use PelicanPost's sidebar links to contact your U.S. Senators, Representatives and the President and let them know you want true reform, no amnesty or path to citizenship for law-breakers, full enforcement of our laws, illegal-alien "immigration" stopped, no more "anchor babies," and full-employment for Americans first---before any consideration of temporary, not permanent, "guest" workers.

Hat tip to Mike Lane for political 'toon.

Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman politically elevates Senate committee to a "panel" re illegal immigration bill....

Pardon me..., but a U.S. Senate Committee is just that---a committee. It is not a "key Senate panel," which would be more suggestive of a commission appointed by the President or set up solely to deal independently with a particular topic and issue a report of its findings.

And, quite apart from that, a standing judiciary committee in the Senate does not qualify as a panel to deal with illegal "immigration reform" and was never set up to deal with matters that do not concern the judiciary.

So, it was a definite reach for the Judiciary Committee---led by hard-left radical Democrat Ted Kennedy and Republicrat Arlen Specter---to muscle all other senators out of the way, in a grab for authority and control of the entire subject of illegal "immigration reform" and an attempt to shove their version of a bill down the throats of all Senators not on the committee. Each Senator was elected to have an equal amount of power to that of each other Senator. Guess the Judiciary Committee Senators think they are more equal than all the rest....

Apparently the fading Washington Post is again carrying water for Ted Kennedy by playing up the importance of the Judiciary Committee's role in writing and passing their own version of a Senate "immigration reform" bill. They don't want to call it what it is---an illegal-alien-migration-flood bill in an election year.

Republican Senator and Judiciary Committee member Sam Brownback was on FNC's Fox & Friends this morning being interviewed about the "immigration reform" bill just reported out of the Judiciary Committee. Brownback had the audacity to say we need to pass the committee's version of the bill because "law enforcement does not work."

Well, excuse me, but law enforcement can and should work. Of course that would require that law enforcement be adequately funded, supplied, peopled and made to enforce state, federal, and constitutional laws already on the books.

To enable law enforcement to do that requires the Legislative and Executive branches of government to do their jobs as mandated---which they have not been doing with regard to protecting our borders, restriction of immigration to that which is actually legal, enforcing our minimum wage laws, holding the business community accountable to function legally in employment and reporting, protecting the sovereignty of our country, and protecting the American people.

So, WaPo, let's have a little truth in reporting for a change---without your usual political slant and bias toward liberal political agendas, against law enforcement, and to indoctrinate the masses, for whom you so liberally assume to speak.

And remember, a Senate committee by any other name.... is still just a Senate committee. And a non-judiciary bill on illegal-alien-immigration coming out of the Senate Judiciary Committee has no more standing, relevance or importance than any other bill on that subject introduced by a non-Judiciary Committee Senator.

Further, the bill just reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee is no more than an amnesty masquerading as "immigration reform." It serves only to send the message to all comers---including terrorists---that they can continue to flood across United States borders illegally and then "earn" their citizenship.

If that's what we're going to do, we might as well scrap all of our border, immigration, and labor laws and let the rest of the world's dregs just move on in. Just forget about the decent, law-abiding immigrants and refuges who value coming to this country and want to become citizens---enough to follow legal procedures and wait their turn, instead of breaking in line ahead of others.

If I hear one more time that the millions of illegal-alien foreigners violating our border and immigration laws by entering this country without legal permission are only coming here "to do jobs Americans won't do," I'll probably ralph up my shoes. Just try telling that whopper to out of work American construction workers (such as roofers and painters), technology workers, commercial-cleaning workers, fast food and restaurant workers, department store workers, and workers in many other areas that are not picking cotton, vegetables and fruit.

Stop talking to us American citizens and voters as if we don't live here and see what is actually going on.... and listen, for a change, to what we believe is wrong about having American jobs being thrown open to the entire world---American full-employment be damned. We get it.... So, why can't you?

More below and here.
"Senators Back Guest WorkersPanel's Measure Sides With Bush"

"A key Senate panel broke with the House's get-tough approach to illegal immigration yesterday and sent to the floor a broad revision of the nation's immigration laws that would provide lawful employment to millions of undocumented workers while offering work visas to hundreds of thousands of new immigrants every year.

With bipartisan support, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted 12 to 6 to side with President Bush's general approach to an immigration issue that is dividing the country, fracturing the Republican Party and ripening into one of the biggest political debates of this election year. Conservatives have loudly demanded that the government tighten control of U.S. borders and begin deporting illegal immigrants...."

Monday, March 27, 2006

Breaking Good News for Bloggers: FEC will not regulate political speech on the Internet....

Great ruling by the Federal Election Commission. With the exception of paid political ads placed on another person's website, freedom of political speech and expression will not be regulated by the FEC, not even in the 60-day period preceding a national election.

In other words, the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law will not be able to extend its unconstitutional tentacles to control free speech and expression on the Internet.

This is a good day for the First Amendment and for all of us bloggers---as well as for political campaigns, online publishers, and non-profits.

The only thing that concerns me is use of the Internet by foreigners to influence American elections---something that has long been illegal for them to do through contributions of money and in-kind donations, but was done under the radar anyway, visible particularly in the Clinton/Gore campaign-fundraising.

And, in the 2004 election, we saw Kofi Annan using his position as Secretary General of the United Nations to influence an American presidential election---against President George W. Bush.

But, I'll take this FEC ruling and run with it.... and do my Scarlet O'Hara thing and worry about the rest tomorrow. After all, as Scarlet put it: "Tomorrow is another day."

More below and at breitbart.
"FEC Won't Regulate Internet Politics"

The Federal Election Commission decided Monday that the nation's new campaign finance law will not apply to most political activity on the Internet. In a 6-0 vote, the commission decided to regulate only paid political ads placed on another person's Web site.

The decision means that bloggers and online publications will not be covered by provisions of the new election law. Internet bloggers and individuals will therefore be able to use the Internet to attack or support federal candidates without running afoul of campaign spending and contribution limits.

"It's a win, win, win," Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub said, adding that the rule would satisfy concerns of campaigns, individuals and the Internet community about whether the campaign finance law applies to Internet political activity.

The commission was forced to act after a federal court ruled that the FEC must extend some of the campaign financial and spending limits to political activity on the Internet....

"The law was never intended to regulate private citizen communication on the Internet," said Commission Vice Chairman Robert D. Lenhard. "I believe that we have achieved that goal today."

Commissioners said the new rule also specifically changes several other FEC regulations to make it clear that Internet activity, such as blogging, e-mail communications and online publications, is not covered by the campaign law....

Bloggers would be entitled to the same exemption from the campaign finance law that newspapers and other traditional forms of media receive. "There will be no second class citizens among members of the media," Toner said...."

Communist China carries out master plan for global control of strategic seaports.... including in and near the United States

Folks, this is an alarming Chinese ports proliferation worldwide that was carried out throughout Bill Clinton's presidency---with Clinton's personally trying to get control of the Long Beach, CA seaport approved for a Chinese company and with Clinton's approval of his major campaign contributor's company, Oracle, turning over strategic satellite-booster technology to China. Quid pro quo, anyone?

The Chinese ports proliferation has continued up to the present, with U.S. approval of the current Chinese deal to be the gatekeeper to check for radioactive materials at seaports in the Bahamas---at a time when we just wisely rejected a strategic ports deal with the United Arab Emirates' Dubai Ports World for control of ports on the East coast of the United States.

Hello....!! Chinese control of world ports---including U.S. ports---is far more dangerous than ports control by the tiny U.A.E.'s DPW.

The Chinese company that owns, controls and operates the Bahamian seaports and some on the east coast of the United States is a company closely affiliated with and partially owned by the communist Chinese government. It is a company owned by a Chinese billionaire---a known former criminal---whose empire is essentially an arm of the Chinese government/military and does business with major anti-American countries, including N. Korea and Iran.

No American port or any Western Hemisphere port that trans-ships into the United States, especially one where radioactive materials are screened befort transit here, should be owned by an anti-American communist country that deals with our enemies and is engaging in an enormous military and maritime buildup in their own country.

Me, I'm for complete American control, operation, and security-enforcement for all American seaports of entry and against outsourcing of any portion of it to potential enemies of this country. Our sovereignty and security must come first.

This is a *****Five Star, must read---in its entirety. You can read excerpts below and the uncut piece by Charles R. Smith here.
"Red China Attains Global Control of Ports"

"Overlooked during America's preoccupation with the Dubai ports deal is a much more imminent threat - China's methodical campaign to gain control of global ports that are strategically positioned to support military or economic actions against the United States - a move that has gone virtually unnoticed.

The powerful Chinese-owned Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. is now the world's biggest cargo terminal operator, according to London-based Drewry Shipping Consultants. It also is the world's largest port owner.

Hutchison Port Holdings has assumed control of scores of potential economic choke points, including 169 berths at 41 ports worldwide. These facilities control about 15 percent of global maritime container traffic.

Some of Hutchison's ports lie near key sea lines of communication, such as the Panama Canal, the Suez Canal and the eastern coast of the United States. Of the eight international regions with choke points labeled by the Department of Defense as "U.S. lifelines and transit regions," Hutchison has ports in six.

"Amidst the furor over a U.A.E. corporate takeover of major U.S. and Canadian seaports, scant notice has been given to the longstanding and continuing threat from the PRC/Triad [People's Republic of China and Chinese mobsters] 'business' presence at seaports around the world, including the U.S. and Canada," stated a top-level Canadian port security analyst.

"COSCO [China Ocean Shipping Co.] moved into Vancouver weeks after the liberal, Sino suck-up government of Canada inexplicably got rid of the ports police, which of course had nothing to do with the extensive personal business interests held by the then and future prime ministers.

Now they're in Halifax and the pattern is identical; they exclude everyone from their operation, and commercial port operators with dollar signs in their eyes and God knows what in their pockets blithely proclaim, 'It's good for business.' No doubt, but whose business -- and what is the business?" stated the analyst.

"Even Hillary Clinton is now decrying the installation of (billionaire) Li Ka-Shing and his Hutchison Whampoa at both ends of the Panama Canal. Too bad ethics didn't trump self-interest when the Clintons approved the deal. Maybe Hillary is just trolling for a renewal fee from her PRC benefactors. After all, there's another campaign on the horizon," noted the analyst...."

According to the October 1999 "intelligence assessment" prepared by the U.S. military's Southern Command, the Hong Kong billionaire is a "threat" to U.S. national security.
"Hutchison Whampoa's owner, Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-Shing, has extensive business ties in Beijing and has compelling financial reasons to maintain a good relationship with China's leadership," states the assessment.

"Hutchison's containerized shipping facilities in the Panama Canal, as well as the Bahamas, could provide a conduit for illegal shipments of technology or prohibited items from the West to the PRC, or facilitate the movement of arms and other prohibited items into the Americas," states the 1999 report...."

Friday, March 24, 2006

How many Democrats does it take to see a hopeful ray of light....?

Answer: There is no such existing Democrat. The last Democrat who could see a hopeful ray of light at the end of the tunnel was Harry Truman, who had the cajones to drop the A-bomb and end World War II.

Today's Democrats suffer from terminal tunnel-vision and a one-best-way, therefore we'll always do it this way mentality---the "it" being gang-bashing a sitting President, George W. Bush, before and during wartime and demoralizing our troops to make them give up and lose the war.

Today's hard-left Democrats are not even trying to see the light. In fact, they are working 24/7/365 to keep anyone else from seeing it either---and to take away the hopes, dreams, and newly-gained freedoms of 50 million Afghanis and Iraqis.

Well, what can we expect from a party of dim-bulb, no-ideas, political-ideologues who prefer to walk in darkness---while bitterly renouncing anyone who has the courage and resolve to truly lead?

China aligns itself with worst enemies of United States.... even a terrorism-exporting, nuclear-proliferating nation in the "axis of evil...!

As China engages in a colossal military and nuclear buildup within their own country---and assisting rogue terrorism-supporting nations who are enemies of the United States do the same---it has been and is engaging in a massive effort to extend its sphere of influence into Latin America, South America, the Middle East and Russia.

And, as it is allowing extensive economic development in China by American firms, it is still engaging in unfair trade practices, product and copyright piracy, and pegging its currency at an extremely unfair advantage to other nations---particularly the U.S.

As that American economic development is being expanded in China, it would behoove the U.S. to be mindful of the fact that China---a communist nation that has ownership and/or partial ownership and control of all Chinese businesses---could, with one statement or stroke of a pen, nationalize all of it. Which, of course, would leave all those American businesses who had heavily invested in business-development in China out in the cold.

China is also engaging in undermining the United States in the United Nations---particularly with regard to nuclear-developing and belligerant Iran---and is aligning itself with other like-minded anti-U.S. member nations.

So, we needn't fool ourselves into thinking China is a friend of the United States. Instead of following Ronald Reagans "trust, but verify," we would be wise to "watch closely and verify what concrete actions China actually takes to clean up its act and function as a fair and responsible player on the world stage and to remove itself from functioning as part of an anti-U.S. axis that aspires to divest the United States of its power.

Read more below and here.
"Dobbs: China Works With Worst Rogue States"

"Seeking to meet the demands of its hard-charging economy for energy and natural resources, China is making friends with some of the worst enemies of the United States, some of the most repressive, reprehensible regimes in all the world, according to CNN host Lou Dobbs. deal after deal, China is doing business with some of the worst rogue regimes in the world, yet it brushes off criticism with platitudes.... China.... "throws up obstructions and conditions to action on Iran. ....China has embraced the terrorist regime and signed a $100 million energy deal." Chinese companies are already working in Iran. "China is helping Sudan develop its energy supplies, even as the world recoils from their regime-supported genocide in Darfur...."

Said (Kitty) Pilgrim: "Robert Mugabe, a pariah in the West, is a celebrity guest in Beijing. And Venezuela's President (Hugo) Chavez, who engages in tirades against the United States, has now opened up its vast oil fields to Chinese firms. The ties between Russia and China have also been growing in the last 18 months. Despite Russia's trend away from Democratic freedoms, China has declared this year the year of Russia.

China is even now aligning with Russia in the U.N. Security Council. China is Russia's largest buyer of military equipment. The two now conduct joint military exercises and this week signed a joint energy deal...."

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hey Ma...!! The Senate Democrats are using the threatening "F" word again.... and this time it's not about Sam Alito....

The always-partisan, always-political-obstructionist U.S. Senate Democrats have still-and-yet-again hurled their "filibuster" threat in the face of Republican Senators.

Unlike their efforts to block GWB's nominee Sam Alito from being confirmed by the Senate to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, this time their demand is for amnesty, under the rubric of "a path to citizenship," for ca. 12M - 20M illegal-aliens in the U.S. whom they---in true politically-correct-speak---refer to as "undocumented workers."

Reminder to Senate Democrats: You did not win the 2004 election. You are not the majority party. Unconstitutional dirty tricks are not allowed for you to grab power from the President, the rest of the U.S. Senators, or the American voters who elected all of them.


Hat tip to Robert Ariail for political 'toon.

Democrat U.S. Senator Harry Reid threatens to use Sen. Judiciary Committee & obstructionist filibuster to block comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Senate Democrats, led by Sen. Minority Leader Harry Reid, have now thrown down a bright orange marker demanding immigration reform legislation that mandates full amnesty for illegal-aliens in the United States, which they---in politically-correct-speak---refer to as "a path to citizenship" for illegal aliens who have already broken U.S. immigration and border laws to enter this country for a multiple of reasons, to work being only one among them.

If they don't get their way to legalize and obtain citizenship for these 12M+ (some estimate as many as 20M) illegal aliens, whom they give the politically-correct cover of being called "undocumented workers," they will block all immigration and border control reform legislation. And they will use obstructionist partisan-political filibusters in the Senate Judiciary Committee to keep a stronger bill from being reported out of the Committee to the full Senate for a vote.

They also demand that the powerful Judiciary Committee---where they are able to use their powerful political party leaders and their obstructionist tools---not be circumvented to allow the proposed bills to be dealt with by the full Senate body only.

This is the same type of obstruction the Democrats used to block approval of GWB's nominees for the federal district courts and the Supreme Court. It's sort of an "if we don't get what we want, we'll take our funny-books and marbles and go home" kind of tactic.... with a stick-it-to-the-Republicans obstructionist twist. It's also an election-year political maneuver.

The U.S. Constitution may have granted the two chambers of the U.S. Congress the power to set their own rules and procedures. However, it did not--and does not, as amended---in any way, manner, shape or form authorize or grant the use by either chamber of obstructive, made-up power-grabbing procedures such as filibusters and holds that the Democrats now use to dilute the power of the Presidency (Executive Branch) and the power of each equally-powerful elected member of the U.S. Senate.

Such obstructions directly dilute and undermine the will of the American people, as expressed by them at the ballot box to elect their state's U.S. House of Representatives Members and U.S. Senators---and their President.

Please be sure to make use of PelicanPost's right side-bar "Government Sources" links to let your U.S. Representatives and Senators, as well as the President, know that such Democrat obstructionism, which is an unconstitutional abuse of the legislative process, is unacceptable and that you want it stopped. There is also a link in our sidebar, "Write Newspapers," that will enable you write to the newspaper(s) of your choice to express your views on this issue.

More below and at breitbart.
"Reid Threatens Filibuster on Immigration"

"As the Senate prepares to tackle the most sweeping immigration reforms in years, a top Democrat vowed Wednesday to do everything in his power, including filibuster, to thwart Majority Leader Bill Frist's proposed overhaul.

Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he would "use every procedural means at my disposal" to prevent Frist from bypassing the Judiciary Committee. Frist, R-Tenn., has made clear the Senate will take up his proposal next week if the 18-member committee fails to complete a broader bill.

"If Leader Frist brings a bill to the floor that does not have the approval of the Judiciary Committee, it will not get out of the Senate," Reid told reporters at the San Ysidro border crossing, a few steps from Tijuana, Mexico....

Reid said the overhaul must include heightened border enforcement, a "guest worker" program and a "path to citizenship" for the estimated 11 million people in the United States illegally. He called legislation by Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., and John McCain, R- Ariz., a "good place to start....

Frist unveiled a bill last week that sidesteps the question of temporary work permits. It would tighten borders, punish employers who hire illegal immigrants and provide more visas...."

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

President George W. Bush cites urgent need for Social Security reform during town-meeting style event in Ohio today....

Bush fisked Congress for not acting on his Social Security and Medicare reform proposals sent to them year after year, as part of his explanation why he has recently set up a bi-partisan commission---made up of members of both the Senate and House of Representatives---to come up with a bi-partisan plan to get the job done. Finally.

Getting the sleeping, do-nothing, 97-day Congress waked up and off their butts---in an election year---to get this hovering vortex off the backs of future generations, will take more than a new commission. It will take a freakin' miracle.

Meanwhile, Capital Hill's political players continue to bury their heads and snooze in their marble-clad surround---fearful of even uttering the scary "S.S." words---as the ominous dark clouds loom large on the horizon.

I believe it was Confucious who said, "you can't keep the vultures from circling above, but you can keep them from nesting in your hair." So..., isn't it time to finally get the existing Social Security and Medicare problem vultures out of our collective national hair.... and keep them from picking future generations' pockets clean?

Hat tip to Mike Ramirez for political 'toon.

U.S. Senator Russ Feingold is for NSA wire-tapping.... at the same time he is against it when GWB does it....

Go figure...! How Russ Feingold thought he could come down on both sides of this issue without looking like a flip-flopping fool is enough to leave us scratching our heads and mumbling all day.

Just what the no-ideas, obstructionist Democrats need in the upcoming 2006 and 2008 elections: wishy-washy, have-it-all-ways candidates who borrow from the John Kerry playbook and try to hoodoo voters into thinking they are actually for something or against something, when they are actually both at the same time---depending on who their audience is.

And just what does that say about us, when they assume that all of us out here are so rock stupid as to mindlessly swallow their smoke and mirrors duplicity---hook, line and sinker."

More below and here.
"Feingold for Wiretapping, but Just Not When the President Does It"

John Kerry, the 2004 Presidential nominee and ultimate flip-flopper must have started a trend. In fact, it's not a trend, it's the single-most used strategy of the Democratic Party. And now potential 2008 Presidential candidate Russ Feingold is testing it out....

The lone Democrat that is calling for censure of President Bush for his domestic wiretapping program said he supports wiretapping terrorists.... Feingold said, "If you were on the phone with an al-Qaida person, I support your being wiretapped, all the time, for a long time."

Except when the President doesn't get his permission slip signed from Congress. ''We cannot allow the president of the United States to break the law,'' he said. ''Censure is a quick way to solve the problem. Pass a resolution. It's over."

....since when do we start punishing people for doing things we agree with?"

President George W. Bush finally speaks out more clearly on illegal-alien migration flood coming in from Mexico....

Well, finally we have a more reasonable stated position from President GWB on the illegal-alien flood into the U.S.---and whether or not illegals should receive any kind of amnesty that would reward them for breaking U.S. border and immigration laws.

We all know that the term "undocumented workers" is a politically correct euphemism for illegal-aliens coming into this country to work for U.S. employers who are promoting circumvention of U.S. border, immigration, and labor laws in order to obtain workers who will work illegally at below-the-legally-mandated minimum wage. Those U.S. employers are breaking U.S. laws already on the books and not being enforced, which begs the question: Why are those laws not being enforced?

Yet, Bush still skirts around the issue that many among that illegal-alien flood coming in from Mexico are vicious MS-13 Mara Salvatrucha gang members, human traffickers, drugs smugglers, Mexicans seeking free U.S. medical care and social services, and potential spies and terrorists. He also failed to mention the intrusions into the U.S. by Mexican military and the increase in Mexican criminal acts against Americans---including murder of Border Patrol Agents and U.S. border state citizens.

The time to stop being Mr. Nice Guy about this illegal border invasion, the economic drain on this country, the increase in crime against Americans by foreigners, and leaving our borders vulnerable to terrorists who are hell-bent on harming Americans is NOW.

So, let's be honest about the true nature of the problem we are dealing with---and do something immediately to solve it.

Below are excerpts this morning from "Bush rules out amnesty for undocumented workers" at breitbart:

"President George W. Bush said he was opposed to amnesty or automatic citizenship for the some 12 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.

Amid an intense debate over the issue among US lawmakers, Bush on Tuesday ruled out amnesty for illegal immigrants but said he favored a "guest worker" program that would provide legal status for workers for a limited time period. "In my judgment, amnesty would be the wrong course of action...."

He said "a whole industry" of exploitation had emerged with workers being smuggled across the US border in dangerous conditions. "The best way to do something about it is to say that if an American won't do a job and you can find somebody who will do the job, they ought to be allowed to do it legally on a temporary basis," Bush said.... "My answer is: That person shouldn't get automatic citizenship."

Bush's comments came as a showdown looms in Congress over rival proposals on immigration reform and a day after the Mexican government bought full-page advertisements in major US newspapers to set out their stance on the issue...."

Mexico is claiming they do "not promote undocumented migration" and that they support "a safe, orderly guest worker program," ....but "acknowledges the need for incentives such as housing credits to encourage the return of temporary workers to Mexico, said the advertisement, which was based on a document produced by Mexican legislators, government officials, academics and other experts."

However, we know that Mexico has been providing maps to illegal-alien migrants, illegal identification (matricular consular) cards for identification in the U.S., and actively teaching those illegal-migrants how to violate U.S. laws to enter this country without being caught by U.S. border authorities as they fan out all over the country.

The advertisement goes on to say, "A guest worker program designed to process the legal temporary flow of workers will allow Mexico and the United States to better comabt criminal organizations specialized in the smuggling of migrants and the use of false documents...," but it says nothing about the foreign-illegals smuggling, the drugs smuggling, and the smuggling of those coming into the U.S. to bilk the economic, health, and social services systems.

According to the Breitbart column, "the issue has split Bush's fellow Republicans in Congress, some of whom have pushed for strict enforcement measures on the US-Mexico border without providing the possibility of legalizing those undocumented workers already settled in the United States."

All of us out here need to throw our full support behind those in the U.S. Congress who are pushing for strict enforcement of U.S. border and immigration laws and absolutely no amnesty or legalizing the status of illegal-aliens who have already broken our laws by entering this country by an illegal back door.

Readers, you can use the right sidebar "Government Sources" links on PelicanPost to express your opinions about this issue to your U.S. Congress-persons (both Senate and House of Representatives) and the President. It only takes a few minutes and is well worth a strong collective effort to make the message heard---loud and clear.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Home...., home on the range.... where the deer and hard-left Democrats play....

Where seldom is heard.... an encouraging word.... and the sky is always cloudy all day....!

Ummm.... Why do you suppose sweeeet "Tonto" is hiding from crusty old "git-out-of-Iraq" Murtha...?

Ya'll don't think.... umm.... By the way..., has anybody seen Ang Li lately? That looks a mite like Brokeback Lonely-Hearts Mountain off yonder in th' distance....

Hat tip to Sandy Huffaker for political 'toon.

Bush sets the record straight on the fact that he did not want to go to war.... says failure in Iraq is not going to happen....

In a lengthy press conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House today, President George W. Bush "Defends Decisions on Iraq War." The following are some excerpts of an article here, that include some of his comments and responses:

"Nobody likes war. It creates a sense of uncertainty in the country," he said. "War creates trauma...."

Calling a censure resolution "needless partisanship," Bush challenged Democrats to go into the November midterm elections in opposition to eavesdropping on suspected terrorists. "They ought to stand up and say, 'The tools we're using to protect the American people should not be used,'" Bush said....

The news conference marked a new push by Bush to confront doubts about his strategy in Iraq. A day earlier, he acknowledged to a sometimes skeptical audience that there was dwindling support for his Iraq policy and that he understood why people were disheartened.

"The terrorists haven't given up. They're tough-minded. They like to kill," he said Tuesday. "There will be more tough fighting ahead...."

Bush was asked whether there would come a day when no U.S. forces are in Iraq. "That, of course, is an objective. And that will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq," he said.

Asked if that meant it won't happen on his watch, the president said, "You mean a complete withdrawal? That's a timetable. I can only tell you that I will make decisions on force levels based upon what the commanders on the ground say."

The president said he did not agree with former interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi, who told the British Broadcasting Corporation Sunday, "If this is not civil war, then God knows what civil war is."

Bush said others inside and outside Iraq think the nation has stopped short of civil war. "There are other voices coming out of Iraq, by the way, other than Mr. Allawi, who I know by the way - (and) like. A good fellow." "We all recognized that there is violence, that there is sectarian violence. But the way I look at the situation is, the Iraqis looked and decided not to go into civil war...."

Bush said he's confident of victory in Iraq. "I'm optimistic we'll succeed. If not, I'd pull our troops out," he said, warning that abandoning the nation would be a dangerous mistake. "So failure in Iraq, which isn't going to happen, would send all kinds of terrible signals to an enemy that wants to hurt us and people who are desperate to change the condition in the broader Middle East," Bush said.

He said he agreed to U.S. talks with Iran to underscore his point that Tehran's attempts to spread sectarian violence or provide support to Iraqi insurgents was unacceptable to the United States....

On Iraq, Bush bristled at a suggestion that he had wanted to wage war against that country since early in his presidency. "I didn't want war. To assume I wanted war is just flat wrong ... with all due respect," he told a reporter. "No president wants war." To those who say otherwise, "it's simply not true," Bush said...."

Wes Pruden: The terrorists got the words from Pres. George W. Bush today.... "delivered with the bark on...."

Another *****Five Star, must read piece in "Pruden on Politics" today in the washingtontimes, titled "A tough old cuss with a hard head." "The tough old cuss with a hard head would be George W. Bush, of course.

Using the parlance of former baseball-team owner George W. Bush, Pruden explains how so many others want to tell Bush how to finish out his term---and how Barbara-Bush-stubborn GWB is resolved to do it his own way and continue keeping America and all of us safe in the face of terrorism.

Pruden allows that "The toughest thing about managing a team drifting deep into the second division when summer wanes is that everybody has advice for you. Some of it is insincere, most of it is bitter, and all of it is unsolicited. You could ask George W. Bush. It's obvious to just about everybody that on the first day of spring, George W.'s club is on its uppers, with not much down left to go....

But George W. is a stubborn old cuss, tough as a razorback even if he is a Texican, and he's likely to continue doing it his own way. We can all be grateful for his stubborn streak, inherited most likely from his mama, because his single-minded pursuit of evildoers is what has protected us from a reprise of September 11. That's probably why almost nobody showed up for the weekend anti-war rallies, either here or in London or in Europe.... what if he was born with a silver spoon and not the golden tongue to thrill the multitudes with silken speech and quotable wit? The terrorists got the word, delivered with the bark on. That's the stuff that starts a late-inning rally."

Monday, March 20, 2006

Newly-de-classified and released Iraqi documents prove Saddam Hussein/Osama bin Laden communication re "joint operations" between the two....

Recently de-classified documents show that there were communications between Saddam Hussein's regime and Osama bin Laden re joint cooperation against the United States---as early as six (6) years before 9/11. Who would've thunk it...!?!

Now we can start looking for the egg on many hard-left Democrat faces and a dearth of reportage about this in the mainstream media arm of the Democrat Party. They don't like it too pretty good when they're shown to have been wrong in their cacaphony of anti-Bush blasts for the past five (5) years. You know the ones.... They included such tripe as "Bush lied and people died" and "Bush took us to war without proof of a Saddam Hussein/Osama bin Laden connection."

Soooo....., who were the real.... actual.... loud and vocal "liars?" And where are they.... now that the the truth is out there in the sunshine?

More below and here.
"Bin Laden Sought 'Joint Operations' With Saddam"

"An Iraqi intelligence document released last week indicates that Osama bin Laden sought to conduct "joint operations" with Saddam Hussein's regime six years before the 9/11 attacks - and was given the green light by the Iraqi dictator.

The document, detailed in the March 27 issue of the Weekly Standard, describes a Feb. 1995 meeting between bin Laden and Iraqi intelligence that was personally approved by "the Honorable Presidency" - an apparent reference to Saddam.

"We discussed with [bin Laden] his organization. He requested the broadcast of the speeches of Sheikh Sulayman al-Uda [who has influence within Saudi Arabia and outside due to being a well known religious and influential personality] and to designate a program for them through the broadcast directed inside Iraq, and to perform joint operations against the foreign forces in the land of Hijaz [Saudi Arabia]."

The document goes on to note that "the Honorable Presidency was informed of the details of the meeting in our letter 370 on March 4, 1995."

The document indicates that Saddam personally granted bin Laden's request for help with propaganda broadcasts and instructed his agents "to develop the relationship [with bin Laden] and the cooperation between the two sides to see what other doors of cooperation and agreement open up.

The 1997 Iraqi intelligence document goes on to report...."

United States' former Cold War with the U.S.S.R. is now a frosty diplomatic and political standoff with Russia's Pres. Vladimir Putin....

Subsequent to President Ronald Reagan's bringing down the Berlin Wall and helping bring about peristroika in Russia---which enabled former U.S.S.R. breakaway countries Georgia and Ukraine to reform and form democratic governments---Russia has had their fanny on their shoulders and has been trying to force their sphere of influence and control on all of those breakaway countries.

Belarus is the most recent breakaway country to push for reform, which Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin is strongly resisting. All the while, Putin is also expanding cooperation and military materials to anti-U.S. countries such as China, Iran and Syria and in the western hemisphere---like a latter-day Kruschev helped Fidel Castro's communist government in Cuba---and he is trying to bring political and diplomatic pressure on the U.S. not to say anything against such anti-U.S. proliferation and cooperation.

In other words, Putin wants to muzzle the U.S. as he works against us, Israel and the rest of the free world---as he enters Russia into what appears to be shaping up as a developing axis of nuclear and wannabe nuclear nations against the West.

Putin has also been reversing many peristroika-generated democratic reforms in Russia, proving that his former communist ideology and methods while head of the U.S.S.R.'s KGB are still alive and functioning.

You can read more below and here.

"Russia lashes out at US national strategy"

Russia lashed out on Monday at a U.S. strategy document that was critical of Moscow's democracy record, saying it sent alarming signals about the future of bilateral ties and the direction of Washington foreign policy.

The new national security strategy, published last week, spelled out Washington's concerns that Russian President Vladimir Putin was backsliding on democracy and said the Kremlin's policies would shape the U.S.-Russian relationship....

Despite cordial personal relations between Putin and U.S. President George W. Bush, top Washington officials have openly criticized what they see as a Kremlin drive to boost its direct control over the vast country and silence opposition.

Washington has also been worried about Russia's ties with Iran and its attempts to boost its diplomatic presence in the Middle East by courting Syria and radical Muslim group Hamas in the wake of its Palestinian election win. The two-paragraph reference to Russia in the U.S. national security strategy specifically mentioned Moscow's policy in the Middle East and Asia as a factor influencing bilateral ties...."

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Presidential hopeful Russ Feingold uses the hard-left's take-back-the-Congress-and-Presidency buzz-words: "Censure" & "Impeach"

Of course, this ties right in with U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's new memo to Democrats, replete with instructions for a newly-planned, no-holds-barred, comprehensive Bush-bash war.

The hard-left Dems know they would be unsuccessful at censuring or impeaching President Bush. They are doing this to bloody him up---aided and abetted by high-profile, liberal-elite media coverage, during the run-up to the 2006 and 2008 elections. And to sell their new mantra that Bush is "incompetent."

The FCC needs to snatch these Democrats and their only-promote-Democrats mainstream media comrades up by the shorts for violating campaign finance laws. The MSM are serving as the Dems' joined-at-the-hip bullhorn allies with printing presses,video-cams and mikes---providing freebie media coverage for Democrat candidates, agendas and Bush-bashing, while discriminating against and providing only negative coverage for Republicans.

Nothing fair and balanced there...! Nothing new there, either...!

In fact, a large portion of the mainstream media should have to register as agents, lobbyists and shills for the Democrat Party---particularly The New York Times, Washington Post, Time magazine, Newsweek, CNN, CBS, and ABC, to mention only a few.

Oh..., and throw NBC's bad-boy David Gregory into the mix, since he's earned his hard-left Bush-bashing bona fides in his White House Press Room performances....! I'm surprised the Bush-bashing Hollywood pinheads didn't award him one of their no-talent-and-no-common-sense Oscars. You know..., one like those that were awarded to five of the lowest box-office, least-attended social and political agendas movies and/or people who were in them.

Nothing new in that, either...!

Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.

Democrat leaders plan expanded Bush-bash war.... using military installations, active & former military as cooperating props for photo ops....

Just when we think Democrats can't get any lower in their political schemes, a new political dirty trick proves us wrong. And this one is the mother of all unpatriotic and low-down dirty tricks!

Led by the U.S. Senate Democrats, who have a detailed plan set out in a memorandum by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats up for re-election to the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives are instructed to use every possible high-profile military installation, prop and press availability to hit President George W. Bush in his strongest area---national security and the Bush Doctrine of pre-emption in the War Against Terrorism---while also attacking his budget and assaulting him with their collective-mantra buzz-words. In this use-the-military political ploy, they plan to circumvent military regulations that prohibit the use of military installations for political purpose.

Their current collective buzz-word is "incompetence." Another is "failure" to provide for national security. Just what, exactly, did the Democrats---post Harry Truman---do to provide for national security and keep America and Americans safe? And, just what was done to fight terrorism on Bill Clinton's and the Congressional Democrats' watch? Aside from lobbing a million-dollar missile into a ten dollar tent in Afghanistan---to hit a camel in the butt.

Needless to say, the hard-left mainstream media---such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and on-air CNN and MSNBC---will not be putting the Dem's newest down-and-dirty military-abusing trick on their above-the-fold and top-of-the-hour news. They will relegate it to an obscure position or simply bury it, as they do with all positive information about the Bush Administration and the Afghanistan and Irac Wars that comprise major fronts in the War Against Terrorism.

Democrats, in their expanded Bush-bash war, are also using their new 21st century version of the V.V.A.W.---John Kerry's old Vietnam Veterans Against the War group that helped Democrats in Congress at that time snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory and defame 150,000 Americans troops who fought and died in the Vietnam War---called "the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), which is critical of Mr. Bush. The IAVA political action committee has raised for $100,000 for Iraq and Afghanistan" (Democrat) "war veterans running for the House. It has endorsed all seven Democrats in that category who are running against House Republicans. An IAVA PAC spokesman said Republican candidates chose not to seek the group's endorsement."

So, history repeats itself as we have Democrat members of the U.S. Congress conspiring with anti-war military veterans to undermine another war---the Iraq War, which is the major front in the War Against Terrorism---to turn it into a Vietnam re-run that will end with a loss for the United States.

Democrats know that they cannot re-gain control of Congress and the White House during war-time without completely destroying George W. Bush. Just like they worked to destroy President Richard M. Nixon, who was reversing Democrat Presidents Kennedy and Johnson's losses in Vietnam and turning them into victories. They are also using the "impeachment" word---making ridiculous attempts to get an impeachment process going against Bush---through creation of faux scandals and trumped up charges, hoping that some of the slime they throw at him will stick.

They couldn't let Nixon win the Vietnam War.... and they cannot let Bush win this one. That's why they are willing to do anything---bar nothing---to make Bush and this war fail, in the hope they can take back the government and finish turning it into a liberal-elite, falsely-secure, secular-humanist, euro-style socialist nation.... a la France. Which is something we must prevent from becoming a fait acompli....!

Read more below and in Rowan Scarborough's *****Five Star, must read column in the washingtontimes.
"Political offensive targets Bush"

"Senate Democrats have mapped a political battle plan for the March congressional recess that calls on lawmakers to stage press events with active duty military personnel, veterans and emergency responders to bash President Bush on virtually every one of his national security policies.

The game plan, devised by the office of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat, is contained in a six-page memo distributed to Democratic senators on Thursday at a closed-door meeting at the Capitol and provided to The Washington Times by a congressional staffer.

Titled "Real Security," the political document calls for staged town hall events at military bases, weapons factories, National Guard units, fire stations and veterans posts. "Ensure that you have the proper U.S. and state flags at the event, and consider finding someone to sing the national anthem and lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the event," the battle plan states....

The plan is the latest attempt by Democrats to criticize Mr. Bush on national security issues...."

Friday, March 17, 2006

The parade of diverse foreign illegals across U.S. borders goes on.... with little or no deterrence....

Folks, this isn't just people coming here to take jobs "Americans won't do."

Soooo...., let's have full-employment for Americans first---and then talk about a "guest worker" program, with guest workers being selected from among those willing to enter our country legally and not from among illegal-aliens who have already broken our laws.

Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.

U.S. House of Representatives sends warning to Senate about their weak illegal-alien bill headed toward amnesty.... against wishes of American people.

The U.S. Senate is attempting to quickly push through a very weak reform bill related to illegal-alien immigration---a bill that is tantamount to amnesty.

The House of Representatives wants a bill that will enforce current immigration laws already on the books and tighten border security, is "gravely concerned" about the Senate Judiciary Committee's proposed new law, and is totally opposed to any form of "amnesty.'

As we know, the illegal-alien amnesty that occurred during the presidency of Ronald Reagan was passed as the FINAL (as in very last) amnesty and the American people were told that there would not be another.

Meanwhile, especially during the Clinton presidency and this one, our border and immigration laws have not been enforced and we have had an illegal-alien flood and 9/11 as a result.

Readers, we all need to let our national leaders know that any illegal-aliens who have, by the very nature of being here without U.S. permission, already violated U.S. laws---have absolutely no right to be rewarded for it and should never be granted amnesty.

We have border and immigration laws that should be strictly adhered to and enforced. If citizens of foreign countries want to emigrate to our country, they need to follow our laws for doing so. They have no right to assume an illegal back-door entry that allows them to push themselves ahead of law-abiding people who have gone through the legal process to gain entry and citizenship.

Rewarding illegal behavior and allowing some people to break our laws with impugnity sends the wrong message to law-abiding people everywhere---and especially to the children of this country. It tells them "It's O.K. to break laws and break in line in front of those following the law.

Senate Majority Leader Frist is planning to introduce his own bill that would "slow the flow of illegal immigration and make America safer from foreign criminals and terrorists." He just doesn't get the fact that the majority of Americans want illegal-alien entry into this country stopped---not just slowed down---and that we want all our border and immigration laws enforced. We don't want to be just "safer"---we want to be safe. Safe is not a comparable word; you are either safe or you are not.

More below and at washingtontimes.
"House members warn Senate against alien 'amnesty'"

"House members warned Senate leaders yesterday that they will oppose any immigration legislation that goes beyond tightening border security and enforcing current immigration laws.
"Unfortunately, we have grave concerns about several of the proposals which have been presented to your committee," the 70 Republicans and one Democrat wrote in a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, Pennsylvania Republican.

"We are concerned that some of these proposals are fundamentally incompatible with the desire of the American public for real immigration reform -- and their clear opposition to reform proposals that amount to little more than thinly disguised attempts to provide amnesty," the lawmakers said....

"If the Senate were to pass such a proposal, we believe it would doom any chance of a real reform bill reaching the president's desk this year," the House members cautioned....

Our country needs security at our borders in order to slow the flow of illegal immigration and make America safer from foreign criminals and terrorists," said Mr. Frist.... who told reporters that he expects a guest-worker program to be added on the Senate floor...."

Do all of you out there know the five freedoms granted under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution....?

This is a great little editorial piece from, online site for the Florida Times-Union. They are advocating for bringing back "Schoolhouse Rock" to educate young people about many must-know things, including our guaranteed freedoms under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

It's a shame how ignorant many people are about their government and how it works. People who are uninformed may not even know when and how their rights are being violated and cannot fully function as literate members of the body politic.

The show "Schoolhouse Rock" is, of course, for young children and covers information about other subjects besides the First Amendment. But public libraries, publicly sold CDs, videos and books do so as well. So nobody has a valid excuse for not being informed members of American society.

Read it below or at the above link.
"FIRST AMENDMENT: Bring back rock"

"It's alarming that many people don't know the five freedoms granted under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

What's shocking is how many people can name all five family members of the fictional Simpsons.
The results came from a study completed by the McCormick Tribune Freedom Museum in Chicago, proving that civics just isn't a top priority in American culture.

The study found that only 28 percent of Americans can name more than one of the five fundamental freedoms: Freedom of speech, religion and press, freedom of assembly and freedom to petition for redress of grievances.

On the other hand, more than 52 percent of Americans could rattle off the names of the Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

The results call for action. That action needs to be in the form of reintroducing Schoolhouse Rock to a whole new generation of American children. For those who don't remember the popular series, Schoolhouse Rock ran Saturday mornings on ABC from 1973 until 1985.

It was a series of animated cartoons, 41 in all, that used goofy characters, catchy tunes and repetition to teach children about multiplication tables, the parts of speech, American history, science and computer mechanics.

Some of the more memorable segments revolved around American history. "I'm Just a Bill" shows a depressed little scroll of paper being dragged around the legislative process on its way to becoming a law. "Three Ring Government" dealt with the system of checks and balances among the three branches of government.

Schoolhouse Rock is on video and DVD, but it needs to be rebroad- cast to a wider audience of children today. The show defined a generation that has children of its own. It was educational, and it got the job done.

Our national ideals are important; teaching them in an innovative and fun way is key."

U.S. Government released documents from Saddam Hussein's Archives discussing bin Laden & WMDs....

Well, folks..., this is just the tip of the iceberg, since the U.S. government is in possession of, and is now de-classifying and releasing, thousands of Iraqi documents confiscated in Iraq during and after the initial major war effort and taking down of Saddam Hussein's genocidal regime.

The documents excerpted below and presented in full at abcnews cover associations with the Taliban and Osama bin Laden, election campaign laws in France, hiding of documents from the U.N. investigative team, and al Qaeda presence in Iraq.

The deluge of information that will ensue from the many thousands of released documents will finally put an end to all the mis-information that has deliberately been dispensed by the anti-war, anti-U.S. zealots.
"New Documents from Saddam Hussein's Archives Discuss Bin Laden, WMDs
U.S. Government Releases Papers From Saddam's Reign"

"Following are the ABC News Investigative Unit's summaries of four of the nine Iraqi documents from Saddam Hussein's government, which were released by the U.S. government Wednesday.

The documents discuss Osama bin Laden, weapons of mass destruction, al Qaeda and more.
The full documents can be found on the U.S. Army Foreign Military Studies Office Web site:

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Senator Russ Feingold wants to censure President Bush.... to elevate himself for the 2008 race for the presidency....

For some reason, stepping all over and undermining a sitting president in time of war is O.K. in Feingold's mind.... just as verbally assaulting Bush's nominees to the Supreme Court was O.K. with him.... After all, he wants to run for president himself and needs to raise his profile.

That's what it's all about.... all-politics-all-the-time comes first don'cha'kno? With an election approaching, who cares if what he does is good for the country and the American people....

Feingold's take-no-prisoners approach to get his face in front of video-cams and mikes is more than just a little concerning. Whudda'ya'think....? Maybe we should just change his name to Fiendgold....

Don'cha'jus'luv this graphic of what the U.S. animal-house-Congress-gone-wild is up to these days---complete with pork-chasers, swingers, bloviating orators, Lady Liberty assaulters, fight-pickers and anything-but-legislators? Sorta'like a marble-staired Congressional zoo....

Which of these two wars do you think is the most dangerous for the American people....??

The sectarian terrorism war against the fledgling democracy in Iraq will ultimately end. Iraqi and coalition forces are presently making a stronger joint-military push in "Operation Swarmer" (described at to uproot and defeat the terrorists who continue to be sent in from surrounding countries---particularly by Iran and Syria---for the sole purpose of causing a civil war to make sure no democratic government succeeds in Iraq.

The new Iraqi Parliament was seated for the first time yesterday. And when all the dust settles from the power struggles within that new body, within new government agencies, and in the determination of who will be the new President, the Iraq War can by and large be considered officially over.

However, the war depicted on the right in the above 'toon is a far more insidious and deep-seated political war against the power of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government and to weaken the Presidency. Most especially the presidency of George W. Bush, whom the hard-left hates and has never accepted as president and Commander-in-Chief---to the extent of demanding a co-presidency and even running a shadow presidency in which they demand a say in the conduct of war and the president's law enforcement powers to protect the country and people.

This type of political hard-ball war is most dangerous to our democratic republic---in that the power-deprived hard left would prefer to undermine President George W. Bush and see this country lose the Iraq War and the War Against Terrorism in order to prevent Bush from getting credit for winning them. It is apparently worth it to them to have patriotism, security and sovereignty of our country take a back seat to winning their vitriolic, hate-based political war.

They have taken their political war to an unacceptable new low---a low that they should have to pay a price for at the polls in both 2006 and 2008.

By the way, who do you recognize in the above political-war pix on the right? I can see Teddy Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Chuckie Schumer, John Kerry and NBC's White House Press whiner-in-chief David Gregory.... And, of course, they are cheering the fake CBS poll that was heavily-weighted with disproportionate numbers of Democrat responses.... and then touted as if it were a scientific poll written in stone.

Nothing new there...!

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says "judges are no better qualified than 'Joe Sixpack' to decide moral questions...."

Justice Antonin Scalia has long been a staunch defender of interpretation of the law based only upon the U.S. Constitution and constitutional U.S. laws---and has roundly rejected the growing judicial activism of federal judges who treat the Constitution like silly-putty to be manipulated and molded to fit their own moral views and political ideologies.

In the piece excerpted below, Scalia rails "against the era of the "judge-moralist" and states his views in no uncertain terms, letting us know exactly who is or is not qualified to make decisions
about moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage---issues that should be decided by elected legislatures or by Constitutional amendment.

The future strength and staying-power of our democratic republic depend on faithful adherence to the document that has served for over two hundred years to make and keep our country
strong, democratic and secure. It's not broken and it doesn't need "fixing" by activist judges on political or social missions that result in judicial-activist decisions that are, in and of themselves, violations of both the judges' oaths and the Constitution which they are sworn to uphold.

More below and at newsmax.
"Justice Scalia: Public Should Decide on Abortion"

"Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia railed against the era of the "judge-moralist," saying judges are no better qualified than "Joe Sixpack" to decide moral questions such as abortion and gay marriage.

"Anyone who thinks the country's most prominent lawyers reflect the views of the people needs a reality check," he said during a speech to New England School of Law students and faculty at a Law Day banquet on Wednesday night.

The 70-year-old justice said the public, through elected legislatures - not the courts - should decide watershed questions such as the legality of abortion....

He pointed to the granting of voting rights to women in 1920 through a constitutional amendment as the proper way for a democracy to fundamentally change its laws.

"Judicial hegemony" has replaced the public's right to decide important moral questions, he said. Instead, he said, politics has been injected in large doses to the process of nominating and confirming federal judges...."

The New York Times, their former journalist Judith Miller, and Time magazine's Matthew Cooper now have some brand-spanking-new subpoenaes....

Guess we'll now get to see how fast they can run and hide behind their attorneys and reams of legal documents and dodges to avoid having the actual truth come out about the false allegations made and set-ups of GWB and Bush Administration officials as straw-men to flagellate and destroy.

The whole game of disperse-lies-and-pretend-the-proof has been the modus operandi of the hard-left's and MSM's political-hits-fun-and-games, politics-of-personal-destruction, five-years-and-running-war against GWB and officials in his administration.

Soooo...., now let's see the proof.... up close and under a high-powered microscope!

Oh, happy day! This is going to get very in-ter-est-ing...!

Valerie Plame "Wilson" and hubby Joe Wilson, both Democrat operatives....

Well, folks...., the worm has turned. Now some of the GWB/Bush Administration accusers are going to be put in the hot-seat for a change---the same kind of hot-seat they relish putting others in. In other words, they are going to have to provide documentation that supports their false allegations that were printed and announced on the air for the whole world to hear.

Valerie "Plame" Wilson, a non-undercover, not-covert CIA employee's name was given to someone in the press by someone---and Bush Administration official "Scooter" Libby has been accused of leaking her name, blowing her covert operative cover, and then lying about it.

Factually, there was no underlying crime committed---for the CIA confirmed she was not a covert operative and had been back in the U.S. over 5 years. But the special prosecutor, who is serving in a capacity that may not be legal since he was not appointed by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate, is on a personal political hit-mission to "bag" a Bush Administration official. So that prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald, is straining a gnat and trying to force a camel down "Scooter" Libby's throat.

Not a nice.... or legal.... thing to do!

Now, those who have been subpoenaed will have to fork over their documentation for all those allegations they've been hyper-hammering Bush and Administration officials with for the past couple of years---or face the consequences.

Poetic justice lives...!!