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Friday, February 24, 2006

Wes Pruden: With some common-sense straight-talk...., for President GWB and the Grand Old Party....

Readers, here's some great straight-talk today from Wes Pruden, Editor in Chief of the washingtontimes---and a little advice for GWB and the GOP....

Some of it below...., the rest at above link.
"George W. Bush is about to fritter away his party's last advantage. What Republicans have had going for them is that they aren't Democrats. Over the past few days we've seen the men at the top of the Grumpy Old Party drifting toward something that looks suspiciously like an Old Boys' Party.

When he hears applause only from Jimmy Carter, who gave away the Panama Canal (now controlled by the Chinese), and Bill Clinton, his newly adopted little brother, George W. should be looking for the panic button.

Once they're no longer regarded as the toughest party on national security the Republicans will be burnt toast....

The White House sent a panel of executives up to Capitol Hill yesterday to try to mollify the senators of the Armed Services Committee, and they were reduced to talking about how well the bureaucratic process worked. The White House does not seem to understand that the public is not outraged by a shortage of process. We trust our bureaucrats to lollygag in process.

The public is outraged by the very idea of entrusting national security to those who were not our friends a decade ago, when they entertained Osama bin Laden and blocked an attempt to kill him, and who may not be our friends tomorrow or the next day.

The president argues that an ally is an ally is an ally, and appears to see no difference between our old friends the British and our new friends the emirs of the United Arab Emirates.

So here's a lesson from the old country: Queen Victoria once asked her prime minister who were England's "permanent friends." Lord Palmerston replied that England had no permanent friends. "England has only permanent interests." Perhaps, as the president seems to suggest, the Arab chiefs of the United Arab Emirates who are bound to their brothers across Arabia by blood, history and religion will prove as reliable as our own English cousins.

But counting on their loyalty and friendship being permanent is a risk too far. That's what the president's friends are trying to tell him...."

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