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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Washington Times' Editor-in-Chief, Wes Pruden fisks the tin-ear Bush Administration on its UAE deal....

Another great piece from Pruden on Politics, Putting our trust in eager emirs, explaining---albeit tongue in cheek---what's wrong with having a tin ear when it comes to U.S. ports security.

A little fast-backwards remembrance of Pearl Harbor and September 11 should suffice as a reminder of what can happen when you are hard of hearing or in denial re recognizing warning signs.

Can you imagine a catastrophic terrorist attack on the major ports of New York, New Jersy, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and New Orleans? That would make Katrina look like a mere blip on the radar screen.

Could our nation handle such catastrophic destruction? We don't know. What we do know is that they are only inspecting 5% of cargo containers coming into all U.S. seaports of entry now!

Is someone at the top in need of a hearing-aid...? A reality check? An attitude adjustment....? Or...., all of the above??

Some excerpts below, the rest at the above link.
"George W. Bush can't understand why so many people don't take the war against Islamist terrorism as seriously as they should. Nobody quibbled with FDR when he took us to war against the Nazis and the gentlemen of Japan.

The president's frustration with the Nervous Nellies is grounded in reality. The threat from the Islamic nutcakes eager to bomb and behead in the name of Allah, and soon to be armed with nuclear weapons, is a real and present danger. But what George W. does speaks so loud sometimes we can't hear what he says.

The border with Mexico leaks like a rusty sprinkling can, with the Mexican army using the American desert for a parade ground, and the president has platitudes and bonhomie for Vicente Fox while his men promote another amnesty as the way to blunt the assault on American sovereignty.

The latest bulletin from the war front is the news that an Arab corporation is eager to buy the company that operates six of the nation's most important seaports....

The emirs of the United Arab Emirates are no doubt swell fellows (if that's your taste in swells), eager to break out the brandy and Cuban cigars to lubricate amiable discussions of the price of a barrel of oil. But their hospitality extends as well to the men who recruit for al Qaeda. The Emirates allow al Qaeda to use their banks to move money, and al Qaeda operatives move freely in and out of the Emirates....

Mr. Chertoff argues that there's nothing "automatic" about the guilt of someone just because he's a subject of the emirs, and he's right. Evil is never automatic, and it's not the "automatic" but the "possible" that someone in Washington ought to worry about. Deceit, deception and betrayal are not unknown in Arabia, even among emirs...."

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