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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The UAE's Dubai Ports World hasn't found any Danish cartoons yet at their 16 American ports....

But have they found and refused entry of trade items shipped from Israel during the time they have controlled those now-existing 16 U.S. ports of entry...??

Singling out Israel and boycotting or discriminating against them in an American port of entry is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause. It is unequal treatment, pure and simple. It is also racism, anti-Semitism, and unfair restraint of trade. And it should not be permitted under any circumstances.

All past records of DPW's practices while operating U.S. ports should be thoroughly investigated immediately. If they are found to have discriminated unlawfully against any country, their privilege to operate in any capacity in the United States of America should be permanently yanked. They should also be prosecuted to the full letter of all U.S. laws they have broken that pertain to discrimination, racism, anti-Semitism and unfair trade practices.

The UAE-owned DPW doesn't get to decide for America and the American people what gets to come into or go out of this country. Who do they think they are, anyway.... a country that can buy the right to break U.S. laws?? And that can sneak unlawful actions into U.S. port operations through a hushed-up purchase of a British corporation--the news of which was sprung ex post facto on the American people?

The UAE may get passed-off as a country that is America's friend, yet they are absolutely not friends of our Jewish citizens or the people of Israel. But Israel has long been our true and loyal ally and trusted friend.

We don't want our ports sold out to the bitter and irrational enemy of our friend...!!
And since the United Arab Emirates (UAE) despise U.S. support of and for Israel, a country that is their own worst enemy...., what makes anyone think the they are not our closet enemy...?

Hat tip to Signe Wilkinson for political 'toon.

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