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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sooooo..... Who's minding our national border security at America's seaports and coastlines....?

Could somebody please tell me why our major seaports of entry into the United States are not being considered part of critical borders to be protected? Are critical coastal-entry areas being treated as if they are the same as our northern and southern borders that are also not being secured and made invulnerable to law-breaking illegal-alien entry, criminal traffickers, vicious drug gangs, weapons and goods smuggling, foreign spies and terrorists---and the Mexican military who make illegal incursions into U.S. border states?

The complacency with which some of our laissez-faire leaders characterize this as merely poor immigrants looking for jobs no Americans will do---and view pseudo-U.S.-friendly foreign companies who are closet-supporters of terrorism as okay for running six critical U.S. seaports---is alarming and naively foolish.

The U.S. Border Patrol is now a part of the Department of Homeland Security and has been placed under the control and leadership of Michael Chertoff---who subscribes, trustingly, to the laissez-fair do-little-or-nothing to protect our borders philosophy.

What planet is Chertoff living on....?? And why can't he listen to the rising crescendo of citizens' and Congress-members' voices calling for a halt to selling-out some of our port security to a United Arab Emirates-based company?

This is alarming to vast numbers of Americans who know that our government is satisfied with inspection of only 5% of incoming containers to our major seaports of entry into this country. The Peoples Republic of China thoroughly inspects 100% of containers coming into its ports of entry.

Of course, Chinese seaports are government-owned and controlled. They make sure dangerous contraband, spies, terrorists and weapons of mass destruction cannot enter their country. Well...., if the Chinese can protect their ports, so can the United States---if only it has the will and the wisdom to do so.

Perhaps our seaports of entry should be nationalized and manned only by companies and individuals who have security clearances. And five-mile wide strips of land just inside every mile of our northern and southern land borders could be designated as no-travel/no-fly zones protected by high-tech and barriered security systems and guards---military, if necessary.

All our borders need to be impregnable to all but secure, legal and authorized entry. With many thousands of miles of U.S. coastline borders and borders with foreign countries, we have good cause for concern. And all U.S. border and immigration laws must be strictly enforced---as they are written, not as open-borders enthusiasts want them to be.

Anything less is irresponsible, a threat to our national security and our national sovereignty, and an invitation to terrorism.
Wasn't 9/11 more than enough...? Or, will it take a nuclear or chemical catastrophic attack to get the message across?

Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.

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Also a posting at redstate, "U.S. Port Security and UAE Management Company," that includes a statement from US Representative Marsha Blackburn. And Michelle Malkin has a good roundup and update here.

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