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Monday, February 06, 2006

Political "cartoons" that depict Muslim-on-Westerners "humor" & some Western "cartoons" that depict Mohammed....

Readers, you can view here the political "cartoons" that now have large numbers in the Muslim world raging, burning, and threatening the West and all westerners and using the "cartoons" to stoke anarchy and destruction---even in countries that had nothing to do with the creating and publishing of the offending "cartoons." You can also find more "cartoons" here, including a great one by coxandforkum (where there are a few more).

Anti-West, terrorist-supporting Muslims are taking enormously exaggerated humbrage to, and collossal advantage of, the Danish "cartoons," by using them to enflame emotions and fuel their war against western civilization and all religions outside of their own fanatic version of Islam. They're capitalizing on the "offence" by turning it into a recruiting tool that, from all outward appearances, is quite effective.

In this country, we suffer daily the obscene anti-Christian so-called art works that ridicule and demean Jesus Christ and all things Christian. And every day the Jewish people suffer anti-Semitism in many forms. But we don't subscribe to or engage in that screaming, rock-throwing, burning, anarchy and destruction in the streets mentality and behavior.

As to the posting you will find at the above link, I support what President Bush did say.... but I agree that he could have said much more.... to include a statement similar to that of Britain's Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Of course, the Brit's have a large Muslim population and terrorist governments like those of Iran and Syria are right at Europe's back door. However, the Europeans' open immigration policies have served to create what Bat Y'or has termed "Eurabia," to describe the Arabization of European countries. Unfortunately, Euro-complacency kept them from heeding the warnings.

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