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Friday, February 17, 2006

Kofi Annan is using United Nations to play playing a political anti-U.S. role.... in violation of U.N. Charter

Just who does this self-important third world tinpot nation Secretary Gen. of the U.N. think he is, interfering in internal political, military and governmental issues of the United States of America?

Annan already presumed to interfere in the 2004 U.S. presidential election---in favor of John Kerry and against George W. Bush. He over-stepped his limited U.N. authority then.... and he is over-stepping it now. His unauthorized political activities are in conflict with the U.N. Charter.

Someone needs to hand him his parasitic tin cup and walking papers to go back to the third world he came from.... We don't need no stinkin' pseudo-dictator of the U.N. politicizing the War Against Terror and campaigning for the U.S. to lose the war and end up a third-rate, third-world nation like his own.

Annan has always been on the side of the terrorist-supporting nations, totally against Israel, and against the United States.... the very country that hosts the United Nations headquarters and pays 27% of its budget, in addition to funding many rescue and peacekeeping functions that it pays the corrupt, kleptocratic, and criminal U.N. to do. Functions they fail to effectively do.

Rather than the arrogant Kofi Annan trying to tell us how to run our government, he should cooperate in reforming the degenerate and irrelevant United Nations that corrupts almost every function it undertakes. Better still...., he should just fold his tent and get out now!
"Annan Says U.S. Should Close Gitmo Prison"

"Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Thursday said the United States should close the prison at Guantanamo Bay for terror suspects as soon as possible, backing a key conclusion of a U.N.-appointed independent panel.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan rejected the call to shut the camp, saying the military treats all detainees humanely and "these are dangerous terrorists that we're talking about."

The panel's report, released Thursday in Geneva, said the United States must close the detention facility "without further delay" because it is effectively a torture camp where prisoners have no access to justice....

Annan.... said he supported the panel's opposition to people being held "in perpetuity" without being prosecuted in a public court.... "I think sooner or later there will be a need to close the Guantanamo (camp), and I think it will be up to the government to decide, and hopefully to do it as soon as is possible," the secretary-general told reporters....

Manfred Nowak, the U.N. investigator for torture who was one of the panel's experts, (said) that the detainees at Guantanamo "should be released or brought before an independent court."
"That should not be done in Guantanamo Bay, but before ordinary U.S. courts, or courts in their countries of origin or perhaps an international tribunal," he said.

The United States should allow "a full and independent investigation" at Guantanamo and also give the United Nations access to other detention centers, including secret ones, in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, Nowak said by telephone from his office in Vienna, Austria....

The U.N. investigators said photographic evidence, corroborated by testimony of former prisoners, showed detainees shackled, chained and hooded. Prisoners were beaten, stripped and shaved if they resisted, they said.

The report's findings were based on interviews with former detainees, public documents, media reports, lawyers and questions answered by the U.S. government, which detailed the number of prisoners held but did not give their names or the status of charges against them....

Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said the U.N. report "clearly suffers from their unwillingness to take us up on our offer to go down to Guantanamo to observe first-hand the operations."

McClellan, the White House spokesman, echoed Whitman, saying "it's a discredit to the U.N. when a team like this goes about rushing to report something when they haven't even looked into the facts. All they have done is look at the allegations."

....the document represented the first inquiry launched by the 53-nation U.N. Human Rights Commission, the world body's top rights watchdog.

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