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Friday, February 24, 2006

It's not just that we don't want the UAE to control six American seaports....

It's that Americans are concerned about all-around safety and security at U.S. borders---both land and sea.

After 9/11 and the knowledge that many of the terrorist enemy are already within, an example being the three Ohioans of Mid-East origin arrested this very week for conspiring against America and President Bush, how can you blame us for being protective and alarmed by the prospect of more of our ports being under the control of people from countries that have not always been---and may not now be---truly our friends.

It makes me more than just passing uneasy that China controls some of our west coast ports---at a time they are rushing to Iran to make Faustian deals with the devil for the majority of axis-of-evil Iran's oil and engaging in a vast buildup of their own military arsenals, naval fleets, satellite communications, and proposed ventures into space. Far more uneasy than the UAE deal that should have been vetted and approved all the way to the top, with the U.S. Congress being fully informed and consulted and the American people being kept informed.

Springing surprises like this on "we the people" is not only unfair, it is incredibly arrogant and unwise. As are the sellouts of America's real estate---including seaports of entry---and the weakening of America's sovereignty.

Hat tip to Pat Bagley for political 'toon.

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