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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hey.... Lou Dobbs, what do you think about this illegal-alien fantasy....??

Our President is an all-time nice guy.... and he apparently really believes that pseudo-amnesty for illegal aliens is a rational step to take.... But to act on the assumption that it is okay to reward illegal aliens who have broken our laws and preyed on our society is an other-world-like fantasy.

While I support President George W. Bush on almost everything else, I do not support any form of amnesty for illegal-aliens who, by the very nature of their illegal-entry status, have no legal right to be here. They are not---as conveniently-described---"undocumented workers." They are illegal workers---for employers who hire them illegally and violate labor laws by paying them below the mandatory minimum wage.

Illegal-aliens had no business circumventing and breaking our immigration and border laws to get here in the first place. No matter what their reasons were for coming. And our government has no legitimate or legal basis for allowing them to continue to do so.

The rule of law must be followed. And, by that, I mean all United States laws. No one---not even the President of the United States---has the right to bend, twist and not enforce the laws of this country.... no matter how altruistic and well-meaning their intent. No one is above the law. And, that includes illegal-aliens.

Hat tip to Bruce Plante for political 'toon.

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