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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dubai ports firm discriminates against Israel.... participates in and enforces Arab boycott aginst Israel....

Well, folks., here is another potent reason why the Dubai-based UAE firm should not have any role to play in controlling any aspect of shipments in and out of American ports.

Just how is it that this little gem of information has been kept well below a blip on the radar screen....? Just as the fact that 16 other U.S. ports were already under the management and control of the UAE was kept hidden from the American people---who have a right to know what their government is doing that affects their security!

I reiterate here my call of yesterday for a federal Sunshine Law, to make sure a bright spotlight is shone on any and all new legislation, executive orders and executive decisions coming out of Washington---except as protected under the War Powers of the President. In fact, why not have such new security-critical decisions subject to a public comment period, just as new federal regulations are?

Perhaps then American citizens would have a heads up and an opportunity to make their voices heard before such critical decisions are made in the first place and thrown in their faces.

Big questions: Why would the U.S. agree to even consider having a foreign government that has official trade policies that discriminate against Israel operate in any American ports? And have the 16 already-existing UAE's Dubai Ports World operations at American seaports already been enforcing their discriminatory policies---right here under our noses?

This inquiring mind wants to know!

Read about this new neon-red warning flag---below and at:
"Exclusive: Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott"

"The parent company of a Dubai-based firm at the center of a political storm in the US over the purchase of American ports participates in the Arab boycott against Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The firm, Dubai Ports World, is seeking control over six major US ports, including those in New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Baltimore. It is entirely owned by the Government of Dubai via a holding company called the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCZC), which consists of the Dubai Port Authority, the Dubai Customs Department and the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area.

"Yes, of course the boycott is still in place and is still enforced," Muhammad Rashid a-Din, a staff member of the Dubai Customs Department's Office for the Boycott of Israel, told the Post in a telephone interview. "If a product contained even some components that were made in Israel, and you wanted to import it to Dubai, it would be a problem," he said.

A-Din noted that while the head office for the anti-Israel boycott sits in Damascus, he and his fellow staff members are paid employees of the Dubai Customs Department, which is a division of the PCZC, the same Dubai government-owned entity that runs Dubai Ports World.

Moreover, the Post found that the website for Dubai's Jebel Ali Free Zone Area, which is also part of the PCZC, advises importers that they will need to comply with the terms of the boycott.... a "Certificate of Origin," "is used by customs to confirm the country of origin and needs to be seen by the office which ensures any trade boycotts are enforced," according to the website.

A-Din of the Israel boycott office confirmed that his office examines certificates of origin as a means of verifying whether a product originated in the Jewish state.... US law bars firms from complying with such requests or cooperating with attempts by Arab governments to boycott Israel...."

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