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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Doesn't the Patriot Act also cover wiretapping of foreign terrorists entering the U.S. via the air waves....?

If both a 1969 ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court and the recent passage and renewal of the Patriot Act both Constitutionally prohibit foreign terrorism promoters from physically entering the U.S. to incite domestic violence, why would that protection not also extend to entry through use of the air waves by foreign terrorists to contact someone within our borders to achieve the same purpose?

In my opinion, it would, because telephone calls (or other electronic communications) serve the same purpose of inciting sedition, violence, anarchy and espionage that the physical presence of the terrorist inciter would. They are just accomplished from a safe distance that does not physically endanger the terrorists who make those communications from abroad, while knowing the prohibited activity they are engaging in would not be legal or Constitutional were they on American soil.

The rights and responsibilities to track foreign terrorists' subversive communications (i.e. espionage) are, of course, among the inherent Constitutional powers and duties of the President to protect this country and its citizens and the Constitutionally-mandated war powers of the President.

It doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer or a rocket scientist to figure this out. And we don't need no stinkin' political opportunists and the ACLU to undermine any of the powers granted by the Constitution and U.S. laws to the President of the United States, who is the Chief Executive of the Executive Branch of Government and the Commander- in-Chief of all U.S. armed forces.

We are in a world-wide War Against Terrorism---a war that was officially declared against us on September 11, 2001. We need to use all the Constitutional mandates and laws we have to protect us from the Islamo-fascist terrorist scourge that faces us on many fronts around the world.

Methinks the ACLU is against the Patriot Act, against restrictions on stopping terrorists and terrorist-promoters from entering this country, and against wiretapping incoming calls from terrorists abroad because they are in dire need of protecting their own freedom to communicate with and promote those terrorists. And because the ACLU itself is comprised of domestic terrorists of the most dangerous kind. They have made a science of using our courts in their efforts to destroy our Constitution, our religious and moral foundations, and all other things that make our country strong.

Case in point as to why the ACLU does not support individual freedoms and rights: the ACLU violated the privacy rights and freedoms of their own membership, without their permission, by exploiting their personal information and records without their knowledge. They have never answered for or explained how and why they had a right to violate federal laws that protect their own members' privacy rights.

So.... I believe we can safely chalk the ACLU up in the domestic-terrorists-within column, for they protect the so-called "rights" of foreign terrorists---against the best interests and security of the United States and its citizens.

My question is: why are they allowed to continue their undermining of the U.S. Constitution to protect terrorists' and other criminals' "rights" to subvert our government and our national security?

What do you think....?

Hat tip to Chuck Asay for political 'toon.

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