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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Claudia Rosett: It's not about the Mohammed cartoons....!

Here is another *****Five Star, must read column from Claudia Rosett, one of PelicanPost's favorite journalists. As usual, Rosett has hit the nail right on the head.

It took five months for the Islamo-fascist extremists to organize their violent demonstrations and destruction, conveniently replete with other nations' flags to burn and walk on. They have an also-convenient double standard to which they hold the West and all non-Wahabist Muslims---an openly obvious one to which they do not hold themselves and pro-terrorist media outlets such as al Jazeera.

Their intolerance of tolerance for others is astoundingly hypocritical and ignorant. It's an intolerance the politically correct elements of the West need to stop tip-toeing around.

More below.... the rest at nationalreview.
"Rage Against the Western Machine: We’re at war. But only one side seems to get that."

"Rage over cartoons” has been the gist of many a headline over the past week describing the violence with which masked gunmen and arsonist mobs in Islamic world have been protesting the publication in Denmark five months ago of political cartoons caricaturing Mohammed.

Rage, yes. But let’s please get over the idea that this latest violence has anything much to do with the cartoons.

"Religion of Peace," Love & Understanding.... This is more of the same rage that for years — decades, actually — has brought us parades of masked gunmen, along with bombings, beheadings, the murder of aid workers, tourists, and journalists, the assaults on resorts in Kenya and Bali, on the trains and subways of Madrid and London, on the weddings, funerals, and religious ceremonies of Israel and post-Baathist Iraq. This is more of the same rage — inspired one may presume by factors other than Danish political satire — that produced that act of war known as September 11.

With each step, we have looked for ways to defuse the anger by understanding the grievances....

What’s noteworthy about the latest violence is not that it is unusual — but how very ordinary in so many ways it has become....

Cartoons alone.... are in a class with nothing more than “words, words, words,” and those are grounds on which newspapers, nations, and religions may have their disagreements and their dialogues. But when violence enters the picture, that is a matter for governments to settle, and in the free world the job of government and politicians is not to opine upon cartoons, but to lay down the law that no one may with impunity threaten our liberty and lives...."

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