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Friday, February 10, 2006

CIA Director Porter Goss says: "Loose Lips Sink Spies" The "spies" he is referring to are our own CIA spies.... not our terrorist enemies.

In today's issue of the nytimes, there is a column penned by CIA Director Porter Goss, titled "Loose Lips Sink Spies." Unfortunately, Director Goss is referring to damaging leaks from covert political operatives within the CIA itself who, under the pretext of being "whistleblowers," reveal top-secret classified information to the mainstream media. Which, of course, aids and abets the enemy.

This is NOT "whistleblowing." This is espionage---pure and simple. It is direct and wilfull violation of federal law, And the internal political "spies" at the CIA who have taken it upon themselves to break the law by releasing classified national security information to the media must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And, so must be the willing media recipients---who have also broken the law.

We cannot afford for our government to pussyfoot around this issue and allow anyone or any media entity to take deceptive cover behind misuse of the word "whistleblower" to hide the seriousness of their traitorous acts of espionage.

More below and at the above link. Also check out palmettopundit's take on the clandestine release of top-secret CIA information.
"At the Central Intelligence Agency, we are more than holding our own in the global war on terrorism, but we are at risk of losing a key battle: the battle to protect our classified information.

Judge Laurence Silberman, a chairman of President Bush's commission on weapons of mass destruction, said he was "stunned" by the damage done to our critical intelligence assets by leaked information. The commission reported last March that in monetary terms, unauthorized disclosures have cost America hundreds of millions of dollars; in security terms, of course, the cost has been much higher. Part of the problem is that the term "whistleblower" has been misappropriated....

I take seriously my agency's responsibility to protect our national security. Unauthorized disclosures undermine our efforts and abuse the trust of the people we are sworn to protect. Since becoming director, I have filed criminal reports with the Department of Justice because of such compromises. That department is committed to working with us to investigate these cases aggressively. In addition, I have instituted measures within the agency to further safeguard the integrity of classified data.

Our enemies cannot match the creativity, expertise, technical genius and tradecraft that the C.I.A. brings to bear in this war. Criminal disclosures of national security information, however, can erase much of that advantage. The terrorists gain an edge when they keep their secrets and we don't keep ours...."

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