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Friday, February 24, 2006

Blog Round-up of hot topics in today's news.... continued....

Powerline has great coverage, in "On the mosque bombing," demonstrating the push by the Iraqi people for "national unity," rather that separatist self-interests.

Example: "Iraqis of Samarah start rebuilding bombed Shrine...,and demonstrate for national unity." "People of Samarah started local campaign to clean up ruble and start rebuilding the bombed Shrine, while other residence joined a demonstration calling for national unity. The crowd chanted 'Not Sunni Not one national unity....'

Iraqi political parties, community leaders, religious leaders, political leaders all are strongly condemning this bombing and asking for national support and help for the people of Samarah. This outpouring of compassion, support and help is what is not being reported...."
Powerful piece at federalistjournal, "Why No Nukes for Iran? The rules of the game by Victor Davis Hanson." One germane excerpt below....

"A tragic lapse is not corrected by yet another similar mistake, especially since one should learn from the errors of the past. The logic of "They did it, so why can't I?" would lead to a nuclearized globe in which our daily multifarious wars, from Darfur to the Middle East, would all assume the potential to go nuclear. In contrast, the fewer the nuclear players, the more likely deterrence can play some role. There is no such thing as abstract hypocrisy when it is a matter of Armageddon...."

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