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Friday, February 10, 2006

Barb-tongued columnist Margaret Carlson carries Iron Matron Hillary Clinton's water for her.... to threaten RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman. Heh....!

Die-hard Hillary Clinton groupie and hard-left columnist, Margaret Carlson, carries Iron Matron Hillary's threaten-Ken Melman water for her---just as Carlson carried the Clinton's water during their White House years and Hillary's 2000 Senate campaign. Carlson is only one among many MSM liberals who have done and continue to do so.

Carlson is virtually admitting how down and dirty Hillary Clinton fights---and has fought in the past.

I'm sure RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman is just trembling in his shoes. Funny, you couldn't put together the IQs of habitual intimidators Comrades Hill and Marge and come up with enough all total for them to even approach catching up with the brainy and politically savvy Mehlman.

Eat your hearts out, girls....

For those who have any doubts that Ken Mehlman is right, have a second look at Sen. Hillary Clinton's body language, facial expressions and slow-motion clapping displayed at President George W. Bush's fifth State of the Union Address. That racky-tacky display showed it all.... in a world-watched demonstration of Hillary's "anger-management problem" that gave us an up close and personal documenation of Mehlman's being spot on in his assessment.

Both of the Clintons are gifts that just keep on giving. How sweet it is....!

More below and here. And a related article here, about the Barrett Report resulting from 10 year long investigation of IRS abuses during the Clintons' White House years, including using the IRS to investigate and intimidate their enemies.

Liberal Republican Senators in Congress are too involved in investigations of the Bush Administration to bother to release an unredacted copy of this important report and investigate the actual flagrant abuses it uncovered.

Politics all the time comes first, you know....
"Hillary Clinton Ally Threatens Ken Mehlman"

"A longtime media ally of Sen. Hillary Clinton is warning Republican National Committee chairman Ken Mehlman that Mrs. Clinton will "get even" with him for saying she's too angry to win the White House. "As Mehlman will find out, Hillary doesn't get angry, she gets even," predicts Bloomberg News columnist Margaret Carlson, in a screed published Thursday.

Carlson, a longtime booster of Mrs. Clinton going back to her days at Time magazine and CNN, vowed that Hillary won't be steamrolled by hardball GOP tactics....

Carlson's prediction that Mehlman will pay for attacking Mrs. Clinton comports with the former first lady's long history of playing "get even" politics. Throughout the 1990s, for instance, Clinton accusers often found themselves targeted by IRS audits - or had embarrassing details about their private lives leaked to the press.

Just this week, Anthony Pellicano - a private eye the Clintons used to dig up dirt on their opponents - was indicted in Los Angeles on wiretapping charges...."

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