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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

About that Katrina investigation.... and New Orlean's "levees....built to withstand a category 8 investigation"

Let's have some truthful information from the Louisiana state government and New Orleans city government about exactly what went with the multi-millions of dollars the federal government provided over the years to improve the levee system in the New Orleans area.

And let's have some honesty about who the first, second and third responders actually are, by law, and quit playing a blame-game against the Bush Administration. The investigators who came out with their report today know that the federal government---specifically FEMA----is a THIRD RESPONDER and that, by law, their help is required to be requested by the state.

The local government is the first responder. The state government is the second responder. The federal government is the third responder. Neither the first nor second responders in Louisiana did their jobs. The Democrat Governor refused to request the federal government's help in a timely manner. And neither the Governor nor Mayor Nagin will say what happened to all the millions mentioned above---millions that were converted to other purposes---illegally.

FEMA was never set up or funded to provide all solutions and help for an epic disaster like Katrina. And the people responsible to provide statutes and funding to enable the Executive Branch to be first and sole responder in such a disaster would be the U.S. Congress. Such an enabling bill passed by Congress would then have to be signed into law by the President and implemented. No such bill has ever been passed by the Congress.

With fingers pointing in all directions, and with partisan Democrats, Louisiana politicians and investigators trying to blame FEMA and the President, we need a reality check now. Along with facts and proof that the Administration is to blame for anything.

We need straight and verifiable answers and total transparency in the investigation---from New Orleans and the State of Louisiana. And we need a copy of their emergency response plans and a verified report on exactly how those plans were---or were not---carried out.

We also need answers from Senators Mary Landrieu and Trent Lott as to what they know about the converted millions that could have been used to rebuild the levee system before such an epic disaster occurred.

And keep the politics out of it!

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