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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Iron Matron Hillary Clinton has wrist-irons that drag along her tired, old Clinton-era scandal-baggage....

Kinda' hard to run for President---or even the U.S. Senate---shackled to all that tacky ton of baggage trailing along. Sorta' like an elephant(no pun intended...., heh) at the podium, dwarfing the jackass at the mike.

But it's her baggage to bear...., she earned it and she gets to keep it. Or...., put another way...., she's got it and she can't get rid of it.

U. S. Rep. Rick Lazio, not wanting to be perceived as beating-up on poor little Hillary who was playing the victimized-by-her-mean-hubby card for all it was worth, pulled his punches and wouldn't lay a glove on her in his race against her for a U.S. Senate Seat in 2000. And he lost.

Hopefully, her opponent in this year's Senate election will have the courage to get everything out in the open and force her to answer the hard questions. If he doesn't..., he also will lose and she will skate---just as she did in 2000.

But heaven help Hillary if she runs for President in 2008, because she will run up against the perfect big-huge-honkin' blogstorm and the full force and weight of red-state America. So...., I say "bring it on...!" A lot of us out here are salivating over that prospect.

Habitual Bush-bashing CBS released unfair & unbalanced fake poll.... hiding the fact that it was heavily weighted in favor of Democrats....

Newsbusters, a website that exposes and combats liberal media bias, takes CBS to the woodshed for their slanted Bush poll that was heavily weighted with far more Democrats contacted---as opposed to far fewer Republicans and Independents.

What's puzzling is why anyone would even consider believing or reporting on a poll taken by the severely-lacking-in-credibility mainstream media hacks at CBS, when everyone knows they are at the top of the list of Bush-bashers and have tried every-six-ways-from-sundown to "get" Bush, his entire administration, and every powerful Republican in Congress.

Kudos to Newsbusters for exposing CBS' latest dirty-thirty trick.

Read about it below or at above link. And read rasmussenreports', "President Bush Job Approval," which showed results of their Feb. 28, 2006 updated poll, as follows:
"For the second straight day, only forty-three percent (43%) of American adults approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President." Rasmussen's poll numbers were considerably higher than those of hyper-biased CBS.
"CBS Slants Bush Poll in Favor of Democrats"

"In its classic "fair and balanced" tradition, CBS slanted in favor of Democrats its poll that found Bush has a 34 percent approval rating and a 59 percent disapproval rating, an all-time high for a CBS poll.

On the bottom of the PDF version of the poll (page 18) it says how many Democrats versus Republicans were contacted.
"Total Republicans" contacted: 272 unweighted and 289 weighted.
"Total Democrats" contacted: 409 unweighted and 381 weighted.
"Total Independents" contacted: 337 unweighted and 348 weighted.
Brent Baker also noted how CBS failed to highlight a key portion of its poll on the Feb. 27 "CBS Evening News." 66 percent of respondents thought the media devoted "too much time" to Cheney's hunting accident...."

Has the United States been put up "for rent" to all comers in the world market....??

On secon' thought...., bettah change that to "FOR SALE.... an' sellin' out completely...."

Come one, come all.... th' rest of th' United States of America is for sale to th' highest biddah.... in th' name of free trade an' th' al-migh-ty dollah.... seaports of entry an' all. Just show us your moolah an' we'll give ya'll th' keys...

Le's see now.... how many American-controlled an' managed ports are left.... an' how many land bordahs are still wide open to ever'body who wants to ignore U.S. bordah and immigration laws...?

Who.... ME...?? Politic'ly in-sen-si-tive....?? Well, I nevah...!

Why, I can 'membah when "Made in America" meant somethin' and "Keep America Safe" was of top-drawah importance. Now, I'm beginnin' to wondah if I'll wake up one mornin' and discovah that America is no longah America---and ever'one is sayin' "Oh, that America! Where've ya'll been, sugah...? It's been sold out to th' highest biddah while ya'll were sleepin'...."

Hat tip to Justin Bilicki for political 'toon.

Alarming news about another foreign government-operated American port---a Chinese one that smuggled terror weapons....!!

What's wrong with this picture?? How is it such a blatant violation of our laws could occur and there still be many Communist-Chinese-government-run port facilities in the United States of America?

This is the same Communist China that consistently manipulates their currency to steal from the U.S. and engage in an unprecedented military buildup through: unfair trade practices; use of child labor and slave-wages labor; engaging in extensive patent and copyright piracy; manipulations of trade in the Western hemisphere and Middle East; selling illegal arms and nuclear technology trade to terrorist and terrorist-supporting nations; smuggling Chinese illegals into, and extensive spying in, both the U.S. and Australia; and undermining the U.S. at the United Nations. And this is the short list....

So Communist China gets to run American seaports.... WHY?? This largely began in the Clinton administration, yet it continues to the present---unbeknownst to most Americans. It's enough to leave you perpetually scratching your head and asking what in the hell your government is doing allowing such a thing.

I don't know about you, but I have never seen an explanation or any logic and reason that supports such security-undermining decisions with regard to American ports. If you have seen such an explanation...., please share it with the rest of us poor schmucks who have been left out in the dark.

Read more below and here.
"Chinese Port Operator Used to Smuggle Terror Weapons"

"A ship owned by a Chinese government-run company that currently operates two giant terminals at the Port of Long Beach, California was found 10 years ago to have been used to smuggle a huge cache of illegal weapons - with the smugglers saying they planned to import missiles that could "take out a 747."

On the night of March 18, 1996, undercover Customs and BATF agents discovered 2000 AK-47's in a container smuggled aboard the Empress Phoenix, a ship owned by the China Ocean Shipping Company [COSCO] docked at the Port of Oakland. The guns were manufactured by another state-run company, Poly Technologies, the international outlet for Chinese weapons sales.

According to Vanity Fair magazine, which covered the episode in detail, the Empress Phoenix's gun cargo was earmarked for sale to deadly Los Angeles street gangs. It was the largest seizure of fully operational automatic weapons in the history of U. S. law enforcement.

Operatives nabbed after the seizure told investigators that they were ready to smuggle in everything from grenade launchers to shoulder-fired Red Parakeet surface to air missiles, which they boasted could "take out a 747...."

In fact, the 1996 weapons smuggling operation was far from the only instance where questionable cargo has been discovered aboard COSCO vessels. Ships owned by the Chinese line have been repeatedly caught smuggling illegal immigrants in the U.S...."

The UAE's Dubai Ports World hasn't found any Danish cartoons yet at their 16 American ports....

But have they found and refused entry of trade items shipped from Israel during the time they have controlled those now-existing 16 U.S. ports of entry...??

Singling out Israel and boycotting or discriminating against them in an American port of entry is a violation of the U.S. Constitution, 14th Amendment Equal Protection Clause. It is unequal treatment, pure and simple. It is also racism, anti-Semitism, and unfair restraint of trade. And it should not be permitted under any circumstances.

All past records of DPW's practices while operating U.S. ports should be thoroughly investigated immediately. If they are found to have discriminated unlawfully against any country, their privilege to operate in any capacity in the United States of America should be permanently yanked. They should also be prosecuted to the full letter of all U.S. laws they have broken that pertain to discrimination, racism, anti-Semitism and unfair trade practices.

The UAE-owned DPW doesn't get to decide for America and the American people what gets to come into or go out of this country. Who do they think they are, anyway.... a country that can buy the right to break U.S. laws?? And that can sneak unlawful actions into U.S. port operations through a hushed-up purchase of a British corporation--the news of which was sprung ex post facto on the American people?

The UAE may get passed-off as a country that is America's friend, yet they are absolutely not friends of our Jewish citizens or the people of Israel. But Israel has long been our true and loyal ally and trusted friend.

We don't want our ports sold out to the bitter and irrational enemy of our friend...!!
And since the United Arab Emirates (UAE) despise U.S. support of and for Israel, a country that is their own worst enemy...., what makes anyone think the they are not our closet enemy...?

Hat tip to Signe Wilkinson for political 'toon.

Dubai ports firm discriminates against Israel.... participates in and enforces Arab boycott aginst Israel....

Well, folks., here is another potent reason why the Dubai-based UAE firm should not have any role to play in controlling any aspect of shipments in and out of American ports.

Just how is it that this little gem of information has been kept well below a blip on the radar screen....? Just as the fact that 16 other U.S. ports were already under the management and control of the UAE was kept hidden from the American people---who have a right to know what their government is doing that affects their security!

I reiterate here my call of yesterday for a federal Sunshine Law, to make sure a bright spotlight is shone on any and all new legislation, executive orders and executive decisions coming out of Washington---except as protected under the War Powers of the President. In fact, why not have such new security-critical decisions subject to a public comment period, just as new federal regulations are?

Perhaps then American citizens would have a heads up and an opportunity to make their voices heard before such critical decisions are made in the first place and thrown in their faces.

Big questions: Why would the U.S. agree to even consider having a foreign government that has official trade policies that discriminate against Israel operate in any American ports? And have the 16 already-existing UAE's Dubai Ports World operations at American seaports already been enforcing their discriminatory policies---right here under our noses?

This inquiring mind wants to know!

Read about this new neon-red warning flag---below and at:
"Exclusive: Dubai ports firm enforces Israel boycott"

"The parent company of a Dubai-based firm at the center of a political storm in the US over the purchase of American ports participates in the Arab boycott against Israel, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

The firm, Dubai Ports World, is seeking control over six major US ports, including those in New York, Miami, Philadelphia and Baltimore. It is entirely owned by the Government of Dubai via a holding company called the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCZC), which consists of the Dubai Port Authority, the Dubai Customs Department and the Jebel Ali Free Zone Area.

"Yes, of course the boycott is still in place and is still enforced," Muhammad Rashid a-Din, a staff member of the Dubai Customs Department's Office for the Boycott of Israel, told the Post in a telephone interview. "If a product contained even some components that were made in Israel, and you wanted to import it to Dubai, it would be a problem," he said.

A-Din noted that while the head office for the anti-Israel boycott sits in Damascus, he and his fellow staff members are paid employees of the Dubai Customs Department, which is a division of the PCZC, the same Dubai government-owned entity that runs Dubai Ports World.

Moreover, the Post found that the website for Dubai's Jebel Ali Free Zone Area, which is also part of the PCZC, advises importers that they will need to comply with the terms of the boycott.... a "Certificate of Origin," "is used by customs to confirm the country of origin and needs to be seen by the office which ensures any trade boycotts are enforced," according to the website.

A-Din of the Israel boycott office confirmed that his office examines certificates of origin as a means of verifying whether a product originated in the Jewish state.... US law bars firms from complying with such requests or cooperating with attempts by Arab governments to boycott Israel...."

U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of abortion protesters.... in 8-0 decision

Great new ruling by the Supremes! Trying to use the Hobbs Act, which addresses federal statutes that apply to crimes of robbery, extortion or racketeering, was a real stretch for the pro-abortion hard left and its abortion-murder clinics in the first place.

Unfortunately, their ridiculous persistence to keep their 20 year claim to having standing to sue under the Hobbs Act alive resulted in their being hit over their heads---big-time-hard---by the Supremes' 8-0 ruling and Justice Stephen Breyer's writing the ruling for the Majority.

Read about it below or at
"Supreme Court Backs Abortion Protesters" Email this story

"The Supreme Court dealt a setback Tuesday to abortion clinics in a two-decade-old legal fight over abortion protests, ruling that federal extortion and racketeering laws cannot be used to ban demonstrations.

Anti-abortion groups brought the appeal after the 7th Circuit had asked a trial judge to determine whether a nationwide injunction could be supported by charges that protesters had made threats of violence absent a connection with robbery or extortion.

The 8-0 decision ends a case that the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals had kept alive despite a 2003 decision by the high court that lifted a nationwide injunction on anti-abortion groups led by Joseph Scheidler and others.

Writing for the majority, Justice Stephen Breyer said Congress did not intend to create "a freestanding physical violence offense" in the federal extortion law known as the Hobbs Act.

Social activists and the AFL-CIO had sided with anti-abortion groups in arguing that similar lawsuits and injunctions could be used to thwart their efforts to change public policy or agitate for better wages and working conditions."

Monday, February 27, 2006

I'd rather go hunting with Dick Cheney T-shirt design....

This is too great not to pass on to Dick Cheney supporters, Ted Kennedy haters, and anyone who could use a good laugh. We all know where taking a ride with Teddy rush-to-dry-land-and-save-only-himself Kennedy gets you....

To see where you can get the actual T-shirt.... go to

The new Homeland Security Guard Fox.... soon to be on duty at an American port near you....!!

Now we know how the unprotected hens in the henhouse feel....

Must be the same Guard Fox who's been approving Taliban admissions at Yale University....

Hat tip to Bill Schorr for political 'toon.

Former Taliban spokesman now a student at Yale University.... takin' a terrorism class, for cryin' out loud....!!

Astonishing news at today.... in a *****Five Star, must read column by John Fund. My jaw dropped to my breastbone upon hearing that the former terrorist spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan is now in the United States, where he is a student at Yale University (GWB and John Kerry's alma mater) and taking a course titled "Terrorism---Past, Present and Future."

Sort of an Alice-in-Wonderland moment that leaves you wandering around looking for the Mad Hatter to find out what time it is....

And this terrorist wasn't on Homeland Security's watch-list.... WHY..!??!

More below and at above link.
"Jihadi Turns Bulldog: The Taliban's former spokesman is now a Yale student. Anyone see a problem with that?"

"Never has an article made me blink with astonishment as much as when I read in yesterday's New York Times magazine that Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, former ambassador-at-large for the Taliban, is now studying at Yale on a U.S. student visa. This is taking the obsession that U.S. universities have with promoting diversity a bit too far.

Something is very wrong at our elite universities.... Yale is giving a first-class education to an erstwhile high official in one of the most evil regimes of the latter half of the 20th century--the government that harbored the terrorists who attacked America on Sept. 11, 2001.

"In some ways," Mr. Rahmatullah told the New York Times. "I'm the luckiest person in the world. I could have ended up in Guantanamo Bay. Instead I ended up at Yale." One of the courses he has taken is called Terrorism-Past, Present and Future...."

Okaaaay....! So, who be da "perps" who commandeered this stinkin' decision before it made its way to the President and John Negroponte....??

Sounds like a 6.8 billion $dollar$ question to me.... One that we all need to have answered for us.

Besides, there's nuthin' that makes me more suspicious and want'n' to know somethin', than some jerkwad tryin' to hide it from me.

How about you....?

Hat tip to Don Wright for political 'toon.

Just who's coming up with the multi-billions of $$$ to finance UAE purchase of management of 6 more American ports.... bringing the total to 21....??

Folks, here is a must read column in today's news, "Gaffney: Who Is Financing Ports Deal?" Seems that the more we learn about this secretive ports management deal, it just gets curioser and curioser. Uncomfortably so.

Now we must wonder where all the billions of $$$ are coming from to finance this mega-deal, what are those billions buying, and what nefarious strings will be attached to its operation and access---all more than just passing concerning. As is the still-mysterious identity of the power-brokers involved in pulling the whole thing off, while pulling the wool over the American people's eyes.

Sooooo....., let's have a little government in the sunshine here. And how about a new federal Sunshine Law to keep such under-the-radar critical deals from being made anywhere but in the full light of day---spotlights, disclosures, warts and all....!

More below and here.
"Although beleaguered Dubai Ports World has agreed not to exercise management over U.S. ports pending further discussions with Washington, one national security expert told NewsMax that as key questions are raised and answered, the deal will likely be scuttled....

Among the key questions being asked by Frank Gaffney is where the billions of dollars needed to close the transaction for DP World will come from.

"DPW has got to raise between $6.5 billion and $6.8 billion on the capital markets to finance the deal. When investors put up that kind of money, there's bound to be some quid pro quo. Likely included, for instance, would be a demand to have more involvement in the affairs of the company. Where exactly is this money coming from – Iran, Saudi Arabia? When you factor this in, it compounds an already worrisome potential...."

The New York Times shows unusual support for U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton.... Somebody check the sky.... quick!! Is it falling?

Wonder of wonders.... the NY Times has come out in favor of something endorsed by a powerful Republican!

But, we won't look a gift-horse in the mouth here, because this time they happen to be right. PelicanPost has already posted on this topic and linked to a column revealing the shameful conniving by U.N. Sec. General Kofi Annan to re-align the U.N. Human Rights Commission to further weaken the power of the U.S. and its allies and further strengthen member nations from Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia. Nothing new there....!

So, we recommend that you read on below or here. And we refer you to PelicanPost's posting on Feb. 22, 2006, "Kofi Annan & some U.N. member nations are surrepticiously pushing for a new world order... beginning with "reform" of the U.N. Human Rights Commission."
"N.Y. Times Praises Bolton's U.N. Human Rights Stand"

The New York Times has never been a big fan of John Bolton, but the Gray Lady has come out in support of his efforts to shake up the ineffectual U.N. Human Rights Commission.

"When it comes to reforming the disgraceful United Nations Human Rights Commission, America’s ambassador, John Bolton, is right,” the Times declares in an editorial.
"Secretary General Kofi Annan is wrong, and leading international human rights groups have unwisely put their preference for multilateral consensus ahead of their duty to fight for the strongest possible human rights protection.”

Some of the world’s worst violators of basic human rights have won seats on the Commission and used their position to shield themselves from official criticism. Current members include Sudan, which is carrying out genocide, and Nepal, whose monarch has suspended basic liberties.

Last March Annan proposed that the body be replaced by a new Human Rights Council that would be far more selective in appointing its members. But the draft for the Council has been greatly watered down, and members "will still be nominated by regional blocs without regard to human rights performance,” the Times reports.

Bolton has come out against this "pathetic draft” and called for a better charter for the Council.

The Times editorial opines: "We hope that his refusal to go along with this shameful charade can produce something better.”

Will hell-bent-on-moving-back-into-the-White House Hillary Clinton stand a chance at winning the 2008 Democrat presidential primary....?

Well...., that remains to be seen....

First her hubby, who became President without ever receiving a majority of the American peoples' votes to hold that office, allowed publicly as how he smoked marijuana but he "didn't inhale." Whatever character deficits he was bringing with him, Slick Willie owes enormous thanks to Ross Perrot, who split the Independent and Republican votes enough to allow him to take office without that majority of votes.

Then Hillary Clinton, when hauled before a federal grand jury in the Whitewater/CastleGrande/Rose Law Firm scandals while her hubby was in office, took the stand and spoke---but avoided telling the truth, six ways from sundown. She had-no-recollection of, didn't recall, or dis-remembered in response to over 50 questions put to her by the grand jury. Amazing cover-her-a$$ memory loss for a licensed attorney and First Lady of the United States.

Is this the kind of dancing around facts and the truth that we want ensconced in the people's White House and occupying its Oval Office....? Do we need a President who conveniently dis-remembers-at-will when it suits her purpose?

Personally, I have my doubts that Iron Matron Hillary would be able to survive the avalanche of dredged-back-up Clinton scandals, should she win the Democrat primary and have to withstand the blogstorm and public ridicule that would surely come her way.

The above picture is from the cover of Joe Stein's NYTimes best-seller book. For those of you who have not yet read Stein's "The Truth About Hillary....," be sure to do so---in order to get an up close and personal look at her through a Democrat author's eyes. That Democrat author believes Hillary would be dangerous, should she ever attain the presidency.

So do I. And PelicanPost will do its part in creating the perfect blogstorm to prevent that from ever happening.

Newsflash from Drudge: GWB and Karl Rove say Hillary will win Dem Primary, but lose general election....

Very interesting newsflash from drudgereport, citing quotes from both GWB and Karl Rove on Hillary Clinton from Bill Sammon's new book, "Strategery." Stay tuned to this developing story.

More below and at above link.

**World Exclusive** President Bush and his top strategist, Karl Rove, say Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be tough to beat in the Democratic presidential primaries of 2008 -- but not in the general election! MORE! Reporter Bill Sammon, who joins the WASHINGTON EXAMINER as Senior White House Correspondent, is set to launch his new book, STRATEGERY.

In the Book, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned, Rove is quoted on the-record and is unleashed on Hillary: There is a “brittleness about her” that could prove a weakness in November 2008. But Rove added that the “hard-driving” Clinton will easily vanquish Democratic primary rivals like New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner, who are merely “preening for the vice presidential slot.”

President Bush cautioned that Hillary Clinton should not be underestimated.“She is a smart person, and obviously has got a lot of experience,” the president said in an exclusive interview for the book STRATEGERY, which is being published Monday. “It is helpful, to a certain extent, to have seen the presidency and presidential campaigns firsthand....”

I think Hillary Clinton will be a formidable candidate,” Bush said. “And I don’t know the inner workings of the Democrat primary that much, but she will be a formidable candidate in the Democrat primary, is what I meant....”

“She is the dominant player on their side of the slate,” Rove said of Clinton. “Anybody who thinks that she’s not going to be the candidate is kidding themselves.” But he added that New York Democrat is sometimes too cautious and “philosophically very liberal,” despite recent efforts to appear moderate.

Bush vowed to refrain from anointing a GOP successor, saying: “I won’t be involved in picking.” Still, he had praise for his brother, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who insists he is not running for president. “He’s a wonderful person who has got a great record as governor,” Bush said in the Oval Office interview. “And most of the presidents have come from the governor’s ranks because they have shown the capacity to set agendas and get results and administer. “Should he say that ‘I’m interested,’ I think he would be a formidable candidate,” he added....

The president also lauded another Republican who professes no interest in succeeding him - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.“She’s a remarkable woman,” he said...."

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hmmmmm.... Why do you suppose people think this might be a "civil war...?"

Looks pretty uncivil to me.... In fact, it looks like a civilization of the ain't-nothin'-civil-about-'em angry and possessed....

Hat tip to Nick Anderson for political 'toon.

Another conundrum in the lexicon of variable words....

This new lexicon was made necessary during the presidency of William Jefferson it-depends-on-what-the-word-is-is Clinton.... who also muddied up the waters on the meaning of the word "sex."

Now, millions of teenagers have STDs in places considerably north of where they are usually found.... The good news is that the pregnancy rate among the same uncontrolled group has gone down.

Next thing you know, someone will come up with another new book on "How to twist words and confuse people...." Not to mention making them sick....

Hat tip to Jeff Parker for political 'toon.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations slammed the U.N. while speaking at a Columbia Law School symposium....

John Bolton is also the new Chairman of the U.N. Security Council and a long-time expert on how the U.N. operates. He knows that what he is now dealing with is the most corrupt, ineffective and irrelevant international organization in the history of the world.

The United Nations replaced the League of Nations, the forerunner of the U.N., because of the League's irrelevance. However, the League of Nations never evolved into the anti-U.S. corrupt, subversive, secretive and unaccountable organization that the U.N. now is.

Bolton is pushing hard for reform and rehabilitation. However, it seems to me the U.N., in general, is like the sex-predators on the U.N. payroll---in both high office in New York and among U.N. "peacekeeping" forces in various parts of the world. Darfhur comes to mind, where "peacekeepers" consort with prostitutes, rape little children and engage in filmed and shared pedophelia---victimizing the very people they are charged with protecting.

Just as the U.N. "peacekeeper" pedophiles and rapers of children cannot be rehabilitated, neither can the sick and totally corrupt U.N.

I agree with Ambassador Bolton about the effect of lopping of the top ten stories at Turtle Bay. Only, I would lop off the rest of the stories as well---and drain the cesspool that is now home base for corrupt parasites who drain American taxpayers dry.

And like Japan, I am revolted by the fact that 2/3 of the U.N. member nations pay only a total of 20% of the U.N.'s total budget. The U.S. and Japan get stuck with the vast majority of the tab. I'd like to get my hands on the nitwits who came up with that unequal and unjust formula for assessing costs---and the U.S. nitwits who went along with it.

It's time the United States had the cajones to "just say no" to being used as a perpetual teat from which third-world tinpot nations can suckle as they undermine and work against our country at every bend and turn.

U.S. continuance in such an organization is an up-the-down-staircase exercise in futility.

Read more below and here. You can also read "Japan Warns U.N. of Funding Cut" here.
"Bolton Blasts U.N. 'Sex and Corruption'"

"The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said Saturday that the world body is hobbled "by bad management, by sex and corruption" and a lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions.

John Bolton also criticized the U.N.'s budget, noting that two-thirds of members pay only 20 percent of the cost.

"We find an organization that is deeply troubled by bad management, by sex and corruption and by a growing lack of confidence in its ability to carry out missions that are given to them," Bolton told an audience at a Columbia Law School symposium....

Bolton, a longtime critic of the U.N., has been leading U.S. efforts to reform the United Nations after the oil-for-food scandal and sex scandals involving U.N. peacekeepers....

Bolton on Saturday also described the U.N. as inept for not being able to stop Iran's nuclear development and "devaluing the IAEA," the International Atomic Energy Agency. "Through all of this, the U.S. has been encouraged by Europe to pursue action through the U.N.," Bolton said, adding that patience of the administration was wearing thin.

Bolton — who has a reputation for brilliance, obstinacy and speaking his mind — said in 1994 that it wouldn't make a "bit of difference" if the United Nations lost the top 10 stories from its 39-story headquarters...."

It appears that Princess Diana's death was likely a murder, after all.... and the French have been covering that fact up....

Folks, it has now come out that the driver of the car in which Princess Diana was travelling when she met her untimely death was being driven by a French Secret Intelligence Service agent who was a member of MI6, Henri Paul.

The French government has been covering this information up and refusing to make relevant witnesses and forensics analysts available for questioning.

The questions now are: Who knew about this, what exactly did they know, when did they know it, and why are they covering it up? And why did Henri Paul have so much money in so many different bank accounts all over France?

Sounds like material for another mystery thriller--- a very notorious and fact-based tale that becomes more convoluted and tragic even as I write.

Where is Agatha Christie when we need her....? Maybe Dominic Donne will want to take this one on....

Read more below and here.
"Diana driver was secret informer"

"The chauffeur of the car in which Diana, Princess of Wales died was working for the French secret service, the British team reinvestigating her death has been told.

The inquiry — headed by Lord Stevens, the former Metropolitan police commissioner — into the Paris car crash that killed Diana is now trying to obtain the chauffeur’s files from French intelligence but is being delayed by the reluctance of the authorities to hand them over...."

Hey, Houston.... We've got a problem.... A serious problem....!

I guess the seriousness part depends on what the meaning of the word "civil" is.... Most especially to whomever gets caught in the middle....!

But, whatever you do...., don't ask Bill Clinton to define it for you....!

Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.

Important fact omitted from earlier news about UAE ports deal: Homeland Security objected to it....!

So, how come it took so long for this little gem of information to be revealed? And, how come we were led to believe it was only 6 American ports involved, when---in fact---there were 21?

Isn't it time for a little fireside chat and an open dialogue with the American people about what, exactly, is at stake in the ports takeover by still and yet another foreign country?

It's more than just disconcerting when companies owned by governments of foreign countries---especially countries with totalitarian governments---are in control of any aspect of operating our ports that take in myriad tons of foreign goods and materials every day. And especially when U.S. Security is only inspecting 10 to 15% of the total that comes in.

This is a catastrophic disaster waiting to happen.... Not to mention the finger-pointing war that would accompany it.

More below and here. More also in "UAE terminal takeover extends to 21 ports," found here, where we discover that " A United Arab Emirates government-owned company is poised to take over port terminal operations in 21 American ports, far more than the six widely reported...." Another breaking news article, "Saudi Shipping Company Runs 8 U.S. Ports," can be found here.
"Homeland Security Protested Ports Deal"

"The Homeland Security Department objected at first to a United Arab Emirates company's taking over significant operations at six U.S. ports. It was the lone protest among members of the government committee that eventually approved the deal without dissent.

The department's early objections were settled later in the government's review of the $6.8 billion deal after Dubai-owned DP World agreed to a series of security restrictions...."

Saturday, February 25, 2006

In case you were wondering how Google's, Yahoo's, Cisco Systems' & Microsoft's Chinese-censorship program controls citizens' web access....

You might also want to know how it will be affecting you and your access to the truth---or lack thereof---coming out of China. Or how it restricts your open communication and dialogue with the Chinese people.

Censorship of the information flow means the Chinese citizenry won't have access to factual information about the rest of the world and most free-world websites. Like mine or yours, for example.

Since when has it ever been the job of American corporations to aid and abet censorship, suppression of freedoms of speech and expression, and a Communist government's propaganda to control the hearts, minds, attitudes, knowledge and beliefs of its people---in every area of their lives?

China is stuck in the Mao Tse Tung Communist ethic of mind-control.... and human rights and freedoms control.

Soooo.... American technology giants are enabling this.... WHY??

Hat tip to Cal Grondahl for political 'toon.

The Jimmy Carter-Hamas Islamo-fascist Jew-hating, Jew-baiting sextet.... sings "Peace, Love and Genocide"

Bet Jim-Boy peanut-farmer-from-Georgia, who was a do-nothing-right place-holder in the White House for 4 pitiful years, gets more than peanuts from his new best friends for this anti-semitic, pro-terrorism song and dance routine...!!

This pathetic camera-hog, who's apparently entered into some kind of brain-warp, should just shuffle on off quietly to retirement.... or permanently off to the Palestinian territories to sing his Kumbaya songs with new-best-buddies from Hamas, the new leaders of the Palestinian non-democracy democracy.

Jim-Boy's constant frustration to achieve fame and political gain by playing out his tiresome and damaging third-rate act on the world stage---to undermine a sitting U.S. President--- makes me wonder why someone hasn't already thrown a net over him and soft-shoed him off to la-la-land.... where his increasingly bizarre new tunes will play to a receptive audience similar to that of the screaming and rampaging Arab street.

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for political 'toon.

Surprise! Surprise...! Al-Qaeda was behind the suicide-bomb plot to blow up a major Saudi Arabian oil facility yesterday....

Well, folks...., we now have confirmation of what we all already assumed, upon hearing of the "foiled suicide-bomb attack by terrorists in Saudi Arabia yesterday."

Islamic militants in Saudi Arabia are already on their website bragging about their affiliation with al-Qaeda, its role in the suicide-bombing attack, and its jihad to drive all the "infidels" from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. "Infidels" would be, of course, anyone who is not an Islamo-fascist terrorist or terrorism supporter.

Were you surprised....! I didn't think so. I wasn't either....

Read about it below and at There is also a related column today, "Al-Qaida Threatens to Hit More Saudi Sites," here.
"Al-Qaeda 'behind Saudi oil plot'"

Saudi officials said operations at the plant had not been affectedAl-Qaeda was behind the foiled suicide bomb attack on a major Saudi oil facility on Friday, says a website used by Islamic militants in Saudi Arabia.
The statement said the attack at the oil-processing plant at Abqaiq was part of al-Qaeda's campaign to force "infidels" out of the peninsula.

Scooter Libby being treated unequally by federal judge who refuses to allow release of name of a govt. official who did leak Valerie Plame's name....

Talk about unequal treatment.... This discriminatory ruling takes the prize for politically-motivated judicial activism. The judge who made this unequal-treatment ruling needs to be yanked up by the shorts and removed from the bench.

This activist judge has aided and abbetted a political indictment and prosecution of Libby by Patrick Fitzgerald, while allowing Fitzgerald to decline prosecution of another government official known to have leaked Valerie Plame's name. Therefore, that un-named official is allowed to skate---with the added bonus of being protected from having his or her identity revealed. Five will get you ten that leaker is a Democrat operative---one who likely is a thorn in Porter Goss' side as well.

Libby has protections under the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution's equal protection clause. And also under the 1st Amendment's freedom of speech provision, for it is a fact that Valerie Plame was NOT a covert CIA operative, had been back in the continental U.S. for over 5 years, and performed a non-covert desk job in the CIA at the time of the so-called "leak." This has been confirmed by the CIA and conveniently buried by the mainstream media.

It is also well known that Valerie Plame is a Democrat operative and that she recommended her husband Joe Wilson for the CIA assignment to go to Nigeria and investigate the "yellow cake" allegations---something she then lied about and covered up. By the way...., is there any penalty for a CIA agent lying to damage someone else in order to protect herself and cover-up her political motivations and activities---using her position at the CIA to do so and doing it all on CIA time? Surely, that's not what she gets paid for doing at the CIA.

The so-called "leak," even if it occurred, was not a violation of federal law. Seems to me the politically-motivated, unappointed by the President and not confirmed by the Senate Prosecutor Fitzgerald is gung-ho to violate Scooter Libby's rights and has enlisted a like-minded judge to help him nail Libby to the wall---as they use a long-drawn out prosecution of him to embarass the Bush Administration and "bag" a top Republican administration official.

Fitzgerald's indictment of Libby should be thrown out immediately. And Fitzgerald and his cooperating federal judge should both be investigated for turning the judicial process into a political tool, deliberately damaging the professional reputation of a top official in the White House, and financially damaging Libby---who is forced to pay attorneys to defend him.

This sorry-a$$ed manipulation of the court system to serve hard-left Democrat ideology and agendas reminds me of Democrat operative and prosecutor Ronnie Earle's political prosecution of Tom DeLay in Texas---which is also being dragged out to permanently damage and "bag" an effective and powerful Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Congressman DeLay is up for re-election and his persecutors are trying to inflict maximum and permanent damage to him, up to and through election 2006. If he wins in 2006, you can be sure Earle will try to drag his prosecution of DeLay on through election 2008.

As for Libby, I hope he and his attorneys will appeal the federal judge's unfair ruling---all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if necessary. Political indictments and prosecutions---and, in both the Libby and DeLay cases, persecutions---must be stopped, on both the federal and state levels!

More below and at
"Identity of Official to Be Kept From Libby"

"Former White House aide I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, charged with perjury in the CIA leak case, cannot be told the identity of another government official who is said to have told reporters about a CIA operative's identity, a federal judge ruled Friday.

At the same time, U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton said Libby could have copies of notes he took during an 11-month period in 2003 and 2004 while serving as chief of staff to Vice President Dick Cheney.

The judge also set the stage for a showdown in late April over the defense's plans to subpoena reporters and news organizations for notes and other documents in the leak of Valerie Plame's identity.

During a hearing Friday afternoon, Walton said Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald can keep secret the other government official's identity because that person has not been charged and has a right to privacy...."

Libby's trial is set for January 2007...."

Friday, February 24, 2006

Not to forget the political point-scoring hard-left's take-back-the-Congress-or-bust war against Republicans and GWB....

Always campaigning and conniving to bring GWB's and those "wascally Wepublicans'" down to their own poll levels, the hard-left and its mainstream media allies just don't get it that, in their manic quest to drive their opponents' poll numbers down, they are throwing their own sorry butts under the bus at the same time....

They must think it makes them look better when they carp and slander their opponents to death. But..., hey, man...! You can't put enough lipstick on a broken-down, out-of-ideas jackass to make it look purty enough to cover up for the ugly sight of all that bug-eyed-blowhard Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi-style- Bush-and-GOP-bashing....

Besides...., ain't that much lipstick ever even been made....!!

Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.

Cartoondom has been turned on its head.... by intolerant Islamo-fascist street-screaming-suicide-bomber wannabees....

Seems they only find humor in terrorist-produced head-chopping and suicide-bombing blood and gore jihads.... as long as it's not their own barbaric and cowardly heads that fall and blood that flows....

Kinda' like an intolerant what's good for the unclean he-camel ain't good for the unclean she-camel sort of thang....

Hat tip to Joe Heller for political 'toon.

Pro-illegal alien taxpayer-funded group threatens children of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (for border security) members....

Referring to illegal aliens by the politically-correct, denial-of-real-status term "illegal immigrants," the Casa de Maryland group has now taken to threatening and intimidating members of an American citizens' group and their children.

Such threats and intimidation violate individual freedoms and rights of members of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps as they engage in lawful behavior in the best interest of our country, its economy, its security and sovereignty, and full enforcement of its border and immigration laws.

Casa de Maryland's license needs to be yanked pending a full audit of their funding and expenditures to aid illegal aliens and crooked U.S. employers in breaking U.S. laws to circumvent the legal immigration system and U.S. labor and minimum wage laws.

Just what part of the word "illegal" does the Casa de Maryland group not understand....?? And...., are they, themselves, acting totally within U.S. law?

Read about it below and here.
"Illegal Immigrant Allies Threaten Children of Border Security Group"

"Casa de Maryland, a taxpayer funded group that assists illegal immigrants, has made a public threat to the children of the grassroots Minuteman Civil Defense Corps that have made headlines since last fall monitoring day labor centers in the Washington DC area....

In response to the threats, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps President Chris Simcox said, “Threatening children like this is outrageous. Casa de Maryland’s funding should be pulled and its contracts cancelled. It is beyond belief that taxpayer dollars are funding this thuggish behavior....

The group's website states Casa de Maryland has partnered with Clark Construction, Allentuck Landscaping Company and AFL-CIO to provide those seeking employment with jobs. From Casa de Maryland’s 2004-2005 annual statement the Minuteman Civil Defense Press Corps found 51% of the group's $2.7 million came directly from grants issued on behalf of Montgomery County.

In response to the threats, Minuteman Civil Defense Corps President Chris Simcox said, “Threatening children like this is outrageous. Casa de Maryland’s funding should be pulled and its contracts cancelled. It is beyond belief that taxpayer dollars are funding this thuggish behavior...."

Blog Round-up from today's postings and news....

Breaking news posted by Dr. Steven Taylor at poliblogger: Via Reuters: "Suicide bombers attack Saudi oil facility."

"An explosion rocked Saudi Arabia’s huge Abqaiq oil facility in the east of the kingdom on Friday and an official said Saudi forces had thwarted suicide bomb attacks against the world’s biggest oil exporter. And, of course: Oil jumped more than $2 a barrel."
JayReding has a great posting today, "The False Value Of Tolerance," It begins like this:

"Jeff Goldstein has a great piece on the ongoing flap over the Mohammed cartoons that begins with this brilliant WaPo op-ed by William Bennett and Alan Dershowitz. There’s one statement in there that is so incredibly, utterly, and hopelessly idiotic as to quite possibly be one of the dumbest observations ever made:

The Boston Globe, speaking for many other outlets, editorialized: '[N]ewspapers ought to refrain from publishing offensive caricatures of Mohammed in the name of the ultimate Enlightenment value: tolerance.'

This statement deserves the following...."

Blog Round-up of hot topics in today's news.... continued....

Powerline has great coverage, in "On the mosque bombing," demonstrating the push by the Iraqi people for "national unity," rather that separatist self-interests.

Example: "Iraqis of Samarah start rebuilding bombed Shrine...,and demonstrate for national unity." "People of Samarah started local campaign to clean up ruble and start rebuilding the bombed Shrine, while other residence joined a demonstration calling for national unity. The crowd chanted 'Not Sunni Not one national unity....'

Iraqi political parties, community leaders, religious leaders, political leaders all are strongly condemning this bombing and asking for national support and help for the people of Samarah. This outpouring of compassion, support and help is what is not being reported...."
Powerful piece at federalistjournal, "Why No Nukes for Iran? The rules of the game by Victor Davis Hanson." One germane excerpt below....

"A tragic lapse is not corrected by yet another similar mistake, especially since one should learn from the errors of the past. The logic of "They did it, so why can't I?" would lead to a nuclearized globe in which our daily multifarious wars, from Darfur to the Middle East, would all assume the potential to go nuclear. In contrast, the fewer the nuclear players, the more likely deterrence can play some role. There is no such thing as abstract hypocrisy when it is a matter of Armageddon...."

It's not just that we don't want the UAE to control six American seaports....

It's that Americans are concerned about all-around safety and security at U.S. borders---both land and sea.

After 9/11 and the knowledge that many of the terrorist enemy are already within, an example being the three Ohioans of Mid-East origin arrested this very week for conspiring against America and President Bush, how can you blame us for being protective and alarmed by the prospect of more of our ports being under the control of people from countries that have not always been---and may not now be---truly our friends.

It makes me more than just passing uneasy that China controls some of our west coast ports---at a time they are rushing to Iran to make Faustian deals with the devil for the majority of axis-of-evil Iran's oil and engaging in a vast buildup of their own military arsenals, naval fleets, satellite communications, and proposed ventures into space. Far more uneasy than the UAE deal that should have been vetted and approved all the way to the top, with the U.S. Congress being fully informed and consulted and the American people being kept informed.

Springing surprises like this on "we the people" is not only unfair, it is incredibly arrogant and unwise. As are the sellouts of America's real estate---including seaports of entry---and the weakening of America's sovereignty.

Hat tip to Pat Bagley for political 'toon.

Wes Pruden: With some common-sense straight-talk...., for President GWB and the Grand Old Party....

Readers, here's some great straight-talk today from Wes Pruden, Editor in Chief of the washingtontimes---and a little advice for GWB and the GOP....

Some of it below...., the rest at above link.
"George W. Bush is about to fritter away his party's last advantage. What Republicans have had going for them is that they aren't Democrats. Over the past few days we've seen the men at the top of the Grumpy Old Party drifting toward something that looks suspiciously like an Old Boys' Party.

When he hears applause only from Jimmy Carter, who gave away the Panama Canal (now controlled by the Chinese), and Bill Clinton, his newly adopted little brother, George W. should be looking for the panic button.

Once they're no longer regarded as the toughest party on national security the Republicans will be burnt toast....

The White House sent a panel of executives up to Capitol Hill yesterday to try to mollify the senators of the Armed Services Committee, and they were reduced to talking about how well the bureaucratic process worked. The White House does not seem to understand that the public is not outraged by a shortage of process. We trust our bureaucrats to lollygag in process.

The public is outraged by the very idea of entrusting national security to those who were not our friends a decade ago, when they entertained Osama bin Laden and blocked an attempt to kill him, and who may not be our friends tomorrow or the next day.

The president argues that an ally is an ally is an ally, and appears to see no difference between our old friends the British and our new friends the emirs of the United Arab Emirates.

So here's a lesson from the old country: Queen Victoria once asked her prime minister who were England's "permanent friends." Lord Palmerston replied that England had no permanent friends. "England has only permanent interests." Perhaps, as the president seems to suggest, the Arab chiefs of the United Arab Emirates who are bound to their brothers across Arabia by blood, history and religion will prove as reliable as our own English cousins.

But counting on their loyalty and friendship being permanent is a risk too far. That's what the president's friends are trying to tell him...."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Just in case someone in Washington, DC is hard of hearing....

How about getting a freakin' high-tech hearing-aid.... and a wiretap.... FAST...!!

Hat tip to Mike Lane for political 'toon.

Anybody know who's watching U.S. borders and seaports of entry....?

Oh, yeah...., I know the terrorists are....

But, I'm beginning to wonder if "Homeland Security" means you're safe.... as long as you can sneak yourself, your weapons, your drugs, your human slave-labor, your vicious gangs, and your suitcase bombs inside our land and coastal borders....

Hey, wake up, you global-market-protecting Homeland Security guys! Your job is to keep us safe.... not open up a port-hole big as all outdoors to all illegal comers---under the rubric of expanding economic markets.

Those suspicious characters climbing through that gaping Homeland Security gateway-hole aren't "just coming in to take jobs Americans won't do....!" They're coming to destroy our safety, freedoms and sovereignty, aha!

Hat tip to Robert Ariail for political 'toon.

Zarqawi's al Qaeda in Iraq performed a great big honkin' fakeout.... to foment sectarian civil war in Iraq....

Too bad, Zarqawi.... We're not buying your bombsmoke-and-mirrrors fakeout.... under cover of---and to add to---the irrational cartoon brouhaha reactions among the Arab Street....

Your bomb-and-brimstone destruction---of an Islamic shrine holy to both Sunni and Shiite Muslims---shows your stupidity when it comes to effective strategy to divide and conquer.

Soooo...., your heretic mosque destruction mistake has left you nothing to write home to Osama about.... and nothing to brag on as you scrape fragments of warm-and-toasty unclean-camel pies off your intended-to-be-fierce "boo!" image.

Somehow, we just can't bring ourselves to "feel your pain...." There's still hope, however. We'll be happy to give you Bill Clinton's number....

Hat tip to Mike Lane for political 'toon.
Readers, James S. Robbins has a *****Five Star, must read column here today that explains why the bombing of the Imams Ali al-Hadi and Hasan al-Askari in Samarra, Iraq---by Zarqawi's al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq---will not result in Zarqawi's hoped-for civil war to break out.

Read some of it below, the rest at the above link.
"Al Qaeda Blows It: This is a lot worse than those Danish cartoons"

"The bombing of the shrine of Imams Ali al-Hadi and Hasan al-Askari in Samarra, Iraq, one of the holiest sites in Shia Islam, has sent crowds into the streets in protest and led to reprisal attacks on dozens of Sunni mosques. So is Iraq on the verge of the long-expected sectarian conflict that will tear the country apart? Don’t count on it.

The attack was most probably perpetrated by al Qaeda, which has been trying to foment civil strife in Iraq for some time, and declared open war on the Shiites last year. They have mounted numerous provocative attacks on Shia and Kurdish targets, to no noticeable effect.

This strike was much more audacious; the (previously) golden-domed shrine is an ancient and revered structure, and the tombs within are holy both to Shiites and Sunnis, though more so to the former. The initial retaliatory attacks on Sunni mosques must have pleased Zarqawi; if taking down this site did not start the civil war, nothing would.

So the foreign fighters must have been stunned when Shiite and Sunni leaders rushed out statements saying they knew that the takfiri (i.e., those who accuse other Muslims of being infidels, a code word in this context for the foreign extremists) were behind the attack, and they would not let this act of brutality divide Iraq...."

Osama bin Laden wins the U.S. ports of entry lottery....

Can you say "mother-of-all-big-huge-security-sellout-freebies....!?!

Geeeezzzz!!! Who slipped up and forgot to ring the alarm bells....??

Hat tip to Gary Markstein for political 'toon.

Washington Times' Editor-in-Chief, Wes Pruden fisks the tin-ear Bush Administration on its UAE deal....

Another great piece from Pruden on Politics, Putting our trust in eager emirs, explaining---albeit tongue in cheek---what's wrong with having a tin ear when it comes to U.S. ports security.

A little fast-backwards remembrance of Pearl Harbor and September 11 should suffice as a reminder of what can happen when you are hard of hearing or in denial re recognizing warning signs.

Can you imagine a catastrophic terrorist attack on the major ports of New York, New Jersy, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and New Orleans? That would make Katrina look like a mere blip on the radar screen.

Could our nation handle such catastrophic destruction? We don't know. What we do know is that they are only inspecting 5% of cargo containers coming into all U.S. seaports of entry now!

Is someone at the top in need of a hearing-aid...? A reality check? An attitude adjustment....? Or...., all of the above??

Some excerpts below, the rest at the above link.
"George W. Bush can't understand why so many people don't take the war against Islamist terrorism as seriously as they should. Nobody quibbled with FDR when he took us to war against the Nazis and the gentlemen of Japan.

The president's frustration with the Nervous Nellies is grounded in reality. The threat from the Islamic nutcakes eager to bomb and behead in the name of Allah, and soon to be armed with nuclear weapons, is a real and present danger. But what George W. does speaks so loud sometimes we can't hear what he says.

The border with Mexico leaks like a rusty sprinkling can, with the Mexican army using the American desert for a parade ground, and the president has platitudes and bonhomie for Vicente Fox while his men promote another amnesty as the way to blunt the assault on American sovereignty.

The latest bulletin from the war front is the news that an Arab corporation is eager to buy the company that operates six of the nation's most important seaports....

The emirs of the United Arab Emirates are no doubt swell fellows (if that's your taste in swells), eager to break out the brandy and Cuban cigars to lubricate amiable discussions of the price of a barrel of oil. But their hospitality extends as well to the men who recruit for al Qaeda. The Emirates allow al Qaeda to use their banks to move money, and al Qaeda operatives move freely in and out of the Emirates....

Mr. Chertoff argues that there's nothing "automatic" about the guilt of someone just because he's a subject of the emirs, and he's right. Evil is never automatic, and it's not the "automatic" but the "possible" that someone in Washington ought to worry about. Deceit, deception and betrayal are not unknown in Arabia, even among emirs...."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Osama bin Laden's big, fat recruitment of terrorists scam....

That's what the fan-the-inflamatory-cartoons caper is all about, folks....

Recruiting was in the pits.... and sinking deeper by the minute. So what's a fella' to do....?

You don't think Osama bin Coward is gonna' do his own dirty-work, now do you....? He might get his tidy-white dress all messed up....

Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.

BEWARE....!! This is the face of the Secretary General of the United Nations, who is deeply involved in trying to create a new world order....

And who is, incidentally, trying to destroy the power and sovereignty of the United States of America.

Apparently, running a totally corrupt, secretive and unaccountable United Nations and covering up for colossal scandals, fraud, bribery, kickback schemes and criminal actions of so-called U.N. "peacekeepers" against the very victims of human rights violations and murders they were charged with protecting---was not enough of an accomplishment for Kofi Annan.

The soft-spoken but arrogant Annan's obsessive cause is even more expansive and convoluted than any of us could have imagined.... and far more dangerous.

All the more reason for the U.S. to pull out of the extensively subversive and parasitic U.N.... and put our 27% of the U.N. budget to much better use. American taxpayers have a right to know exactly how their U.N. tax dollars are spent by the U.N. The U.S. has never gotten such an accounting from the U.N.

That's called "taxation without representation...." So, isn't it time to have a world "tea-party" and throw the United Nations and Kofi Annan overboard...?
After all, there was life after throwing the irrelevant League of Nations---forerunner of the United Nations---overboard, wasn't there....?

A World Union of Democratic Nations has a nice ring to it.... with a truly democratic form of government as a prerequisite for membership.

Kofi Annan & some U.N. member nations are surrepticiously pushing for a new world order... beginning with "reform" of the U.N. Human Rights Commission

Opinion Journal has posted a *****Five Star, must read column that shows, in my opinion, that while the hard-left is vociferously consuming all the press media and air waves with hard-left politically-manufactured "Republican scandals," the secretive and unaccountable Sec. Gen. of the U.N. Kofi Annan is quietly working behind the scenes and behind the backs of the American people to subvert "reform" of the U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Instead of actual reform, Annan is working under the radar to sneak through his own devient version of "reform" of that Commission---to replace it with one that will be heavily weighted with power divied-up among African, Middle-Eastern and Eastern European countries, much to the detriment of the United States and Western Europe who are the major financial supporters of the United Nations. All while we're not paying attention.

This is exactly what Annan and his predecessor, Boutros-Boutros Galli of Ghana, have done with regard to packing both the Human Rights Commission and Security Council with terrorist-supporting, anti-U.S., mostly third-world nations like Cuba, Libya, and Syria.

That, together with Kofi Annan's and like-minded U.N. member nation's Ambassadors' avid pro-terrorist ideology, anti-Semitism, and denunciation of Israel in favor of the Palestinian terrorists, makes their current power-grab---to change the power, structure and order of the world's nations to weaken the influence and power of the U.S. and the West---is alarming.

In short, what is being attempted here---while we are immersed in the War Against Terrorism and its two battle-fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq and politically-manufactured distractions on the home battle-front---is a covert attempt by the Secretary General of the United Nations and some power-hungry member nations to change the entire world order.

All of this ties in eerily with Bill Clinton's recent world travels to places such as the Middle East, where he pandered to pro-terrorism, anti-U.S. countries and undermined a sitting President of the United States and the U.S. military in time of war---to elevate his standing and support among those nations.

Now a U.N. envoy and a true globalist, who has set up an international foundation of his own to deal with HIV-AIDS, Slick-Willie Clinton--- self-confessed aspirant to becoming president of the world---is now working against the U.S., just as he did in Europe and Russia during the Vietnam War, while he was there avoiding the U.S. military draft and burning American flags. No doubt his fingerprints are all over Klepto-Kofi's secretive "reform" plans for the U.N., as well.

Read on below....
"Sins of Commission Human rights lose at the U.N. again."

So the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission publishes a study denouncing U.S. detention practices at Guantanamo, and world opinion is supposed to be outraged. Well, count us in: Once again, the Commission has amply demonstrated why even Secretary General Kofi Annan wants to replace it with something better. This being the U.N., however, the reform effort is now being bungled.

We won't waste your time on the study itself, which largely rehashes factual and legal allegations we've seen and rebutted before, and whose authors never actually visited Guantanamo....

A more interesting question is why this report was produced in the first place: We are still waiting for the Commission's reports on the human-rights picture in, say, Syria. But there's no mystery here, since the only purpose the Commission actually serves is to deflect criticism of actual human-rights abusers by heaping invective on the U.S. and Israel....

It is for this reason that we were initially prepared to support Mr. Annan's call last year to abolish the Commission in favor of a Human Rights Council. Part of what recommended the proposal was Mr. Annan's call for the size of the Council to be reduced and for Council members to be elected by two-thirds of the General Assembly....

Fast forward a few months, and here's what the sages of the U.N. actually propose. Instead of a Commission composed of 53 member states, the Council would consist of 45. Now there's a bold step. The U.N. also appears ready to drop the two-thirds majority requirement in favor of a simple majority, lowering the bar to membership. And a modest proposal to exclude countries under legally binding "Chapter VII" U.N. sanctions (as Iraq was before its liberation) has been excluded, presumably because it's too tough on the world's worst regimes.

Instead, the U.N. proposes distributing seats according to what it calls "equitable geographic distribution": 12 seats to Africa; 13 to Asia (including the Middle East); eight to Latin America; five to East Europe and seven to the so-called West European and Others Group, which includes the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

Thus the two groups that contain the greatest proportion of liberal democracies are allotted the smallest number of seats. By contrast, in 2005 only nine countries in the whole of Africa were rated "free," according to Freedom House. In Asia and the Middle East, only about a dozen of 54 countries are free....

Put simply, this structure not only fails to exclude abusive regimes from membership in the Council, it actually guarantees them their seats. And it is rigged against the very countries whose opinions about human rights might be other than blatantly hypocritical....

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton has made it clear to his U.N. colleagues that the current proposal is not something the Bush Administration can endorse.... But fake reform is worse than no reform at all....

The world can certainly wait a few months more to get the human-rights agency that genuine human-rights victims deserve. The fact that the U.N. is incapable of providing one is yet another reminder of what ails the organization, especially under its current management...."

Right now Al Gore's blowing toward a "dead," written-in-stone opposed to the "living & breathing" one he espoused pre-Bush #43....

I guess it depends on the meaning of the words "living" and "dead." Democrats don't get it when it comes to abortion.... and they don't get it when it comes to the U.S. Constitution.

Sooooo.... What DO they get??

Come to think of it...., I can't recall much of anything they've gotten right since FDR....! Can you....?

Jonah Goldberg: On Democrats' conundrum about their perpetually-morphing "living" Constitution vs. a "dead," interpret-as-written Constitution....

Readers, this is a *****Five Star, must read column by Jonah Goldberg, published today at nationalreview. Goldberg, in his usual on-target humor, characterizes the flip-flopping and convoluted conundrum of Democrats that results from their having to keep changing their pretzel-like philosophy on the meaning and elasticity of the U.S. Constitution---according to whether Democrats or Republicans are in control in Washington, D.C.

Included is a great demonstration of the metamorphosis of fire-and-global-warming Al Gore's conflicting and perpetually-morphing positions, as he espouses a "dead" Constitution when it suits his party's purpose and a "living and breathing" Constitution when Democrats are experiencing constricted sphincters due to a Republican president being the resident-in-chief at the White House.

You can read selected excerpts below, but the link above takes you to the entire well-worth-taking-the-time-to-read piece.
"Dead or Alive?The Left’s constitutional issues."

"Not long ago, liberals were telling us that such dead white men from the 18th century had nothing to teach us in a high-tech, globalized economy. But now that the White House is "adapting" and "evolving" in the face of an enemy that is using high technology and loopholes of globalization unimaginable to the founders in order to kill us, the hip modernists want to go back to the horse-and-buggy age.

Now, none of this speaks to the merits — or even the constitutionality — of Bush's wiretapping. On the merits, the practice itself makes so much sense that even Democrats are terrified to denounce it. Instead, they claim — with some plausibility — that the White House simply cannot wiretap unilaterally, even when the communications involve a person overseas. That's a good fight to take to the Supreme Court and the American people in both 2006 and 2008...."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Suffer the little children to come unto me, for theirs is the kingdom...."

It is our job to protect and nurture all the little children.... until they are called home by their Maker, in His own time....

The Slaughter of the Innocents, a poem about partial-birth abortion, on the day the Supreme Court decided to hear partial-birth abortion ban case....

Readers, I thought I was finished posting for today, but I just heard this exciting and important news that you will be able to read about in our article posted below just a few minutes ago.

Included here is a poem that expresses the horror of what has come to be called "partial-birth abortion." You can decide for yourselves what you believe it is....

"Slaughter of the Innocents"

What's this emerging?
Small shock of fine hair
lies in moistened curls
as life reaches forth.
Beware the cold stare
of one poised to seize
on defenseless babe,
to rend its lifeblood
and extract essence
that long since began.
For nascent kittens,
liberal hearts bleed;
no tears do they shed
for humankind's own
intact vital soul
proceeding into
another life-stage.
Who stands to safeguard
this viable child,
to hold and to keep
in strong loving arms?
And, who will forbid
the birthing murders,
where slaughtering hands
slay the innocents?

Copyright 1999 All Rights Reserved

Breaking News: The U.S. Supreme Court will hear appeal of ruling holding federal Partial-Birth Abortion Law unconstitutional....

Well, folks.... it's finally come to pass. The highest court in the land---the United States Supreme Court---has decided it will hear the appeal of a lower federal court ruling that held the 2003 law banning partial-birth abortions, that was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President, is unconstitutional.

Hopefully, having Justices Roberts and Alito on the bench will be the key to permanently reversing that lower court ruling and banning the heinous slaughter of living, partially-birthed, defenseless human babies.

Read about this breaking news, "Supreme Court Plunges Into Abortion Debate," below and here.
"The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will consider the constitutionality of banning a type of late-term abortion, teeing up a contentious issue for a newly-constituted court already in a state of flux over privacy rights.

The Bush administration has pressed the high court to reinstate the federal law, passed in 2003 but never put in effect because it was struck down by judges in California, Nebraska and New York.

The outcome will likely rest with the two men that President Bush has recently installed on the court...."

Eeeeeee-GADS and little suitcase nukes....!!!!

What a risk-laden invitation for a terrorist-delivered, blown-to-smithereens and forever-nuclear-radioactive-wasteland catastrophe....!!!! Or...., is it just politically correct appeasement to make nice and keep an American toe in the teeny-tiny United Arab Emirates---a country that has a terrorist-supporting past---and could be easily dominated by a nuclear Iran?

Either way, it doesn't pass the sanity test....!

Whatever happened to good old common sense and upholding the Constitutional duty to protect America and all Americans....??

Let's get back to our made-in-America and keep-America-safe roots.... before it's too late!

Hat tip to Cox and Forkum for political 'toon.

Hypocrisy...., thy name is Hillary/Bill Clinton.... It just depends on which of them is talking at any given moment....

And the co-president Clintons' record for telling the truth, even a small portion of it, and leveling with the American people on matters large and small is not only very disturbing, it is downright abysmal.

While Hillary's self-confessed, sexaholic-husband-with-greased-lightening-zippers' hotter parts have historically been considerably south of his neck area, it seems wifey-pooh is now turning up the word-bomb heat and making her habitually wandering and kanoodling hubby hot-under-the collar.

Having been sorely wanting in the areas of honor, dignity and truthfulness during their eight classless years in the White House, the truth-challenged Clintons might be just as well off to keep their mouths shut.... so as not to remove all doubt that they are even more tacky and common than we thought.

There's an old saw that goes something like this.... "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." Well...., people who lust to live in the White House shouldn't throw out honor, tradition and truthfulness on the way to getting there.

George W. and Laura Bush restored honor and dignity to the White House, as promised. All of us have the power of the ballot to make sure it stays that way.

Hat tip to Mike Lester for political 'toon.

The following is just a little poem for all our poetry-loving readers---on the topic of throwing injurious stones:"

"People Under Glass"

Do people live in houses of glass
or cower behind thick walls,
stockpiling all of their defenses
in opaque structural forms?

Some venture out to take their best shots,
then run back within to hide;
others hurl weapons everywhere,
even while safely inside.

Folks rarely think their own habitats
will ever weaken or fall...
or that others, too, have arsenals
which they might use to cause harm.

Could this be why a saying arose
that most everyone has heard?
Those who live in fragile glass houses
should never throw hurtful stones.

Copyright 1991 All Rights Reserved

Sooooo..... Who's minding our national border security at America's seaports and coastlines....?

Could somebody please tell me why our major seaports of entry into the United States are not being considered part of critical borders to be protected? Are critical coastal-entry areas being treated as if they are the same as our northern and southern borders that are also not being secured and made invulnerable to law-breaking illegal-alien entry, criminal traffickers, vicious drug gangs, weapons and goods smuggling, foreign spies and terrorists---and the Mexican military who make illegal incursions into U.S. border states?

The complacency with which some of our laissez-faire leaders characterize this as merely poor immigrants looking for jobs no Americans will do---and view pseudo-U.S.-friendly foreign companies who are closet-supporters of terrorism as okay for running six critical U.S. seaports---is alarming and naively foolish.

The U.S. Border Patrol is now a part of the Department of Homeland Security and has been placed under the control and leadership of Michael Chertoff---who subscribes, trustingly, to the laissez-fair do-little-or-nothing to protect our borders philosophy.

What planet is Chertoff living on....?? And why can't he listen to the rising crescendo of citizens' and Congress-members' voices calling for a halt to selling-out some of our port security to a United Arab Emirates-based company?

This is alarming to vast numbers of Americans who know that our government is satisfied with inspection of only 5% of incoming containers to our major seaports of entry into this country. The Peoples Republic of China thoroughly inspects 100% of containers coming into its ports of entry.

Of course, Chinese seaports are government-owned and controlled. They make sure dangerous contraband, spies, terrorists and weapons of mass destruction cannot enter their country. Well...., if the Chinese can protect their ports, so can the United States---if only it has the will and the wisdom to do so.

Perhaps our seaports of entry should be nationalized and manned only by companies and individuals who have security clearances. And five-mile wide strips of land just inside every mile of our northern and southern land borders could be designated as no-travel/no-fly zones protected by high-tech and barriered security systems and guards---military, if necessary.

All our borders need to be impregnable to all but secure, legal and authorized entry. With many thousands of miles of U.S. coastline borders and borders with foreign countries, we have good cause for concern. And all U.S. border and immigration laws must be strictly enforced---as they are written, not as open-borders enthusiasts want them to be.

Anything less is irresponsible, a threat to our national security and our national sovereignty, and an invitation to terrorism.
Wasn't 9/11 more than enough...? Or, will it take a nuclear or chemical catastrophic attack to get the message across?

Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.

Read more on this extremely important issue here, here, here, and here.

Also a posting at redstate, "U.S. Port Security and UAE Management Company," that includes a statement from US Representative Marsha Blackburn. And Michelle Malkin has a good roundup and update here.

Monday, February 20, 2006

We the people of the United States of America....

....can speak for ourselves, thank you very much. And we'll have our news, especially our national security and war news, un-filtered, uncensored, timely and relevant---with nothing withheld in the service of political and ideological agendas.

Notice to hard-left mainstream media: Don't presume to speak for me.... or determine for me what I do or don't need or get to know. I don't need no stinkin' "proxy," in the form of the mainstream media press, presuming to co-opt my rights as an American to a government of, by and for the people!!

The filter and control what Americans get to see, read & hear mainstream media are suppressing news documenting existence of Saddam Hussein's WMD ....

The filter-and-control-everything hard-left mainstream media don't want the American people to know that there is new documentation of the existence of Saddam Hussein's uranium-enrichment program and the moving of his WMD to Syria, Lebanon and Iran before and during the Iraq War.

If they report this news, they will be proving all their screeds of "no weapons of mass destruction" for the past five years were WRONG!

Plus, they know that spreading this news bombshell would pull the rug out from under their arsenal with which to attack the Bush Administration and the Iraq War---and their newly-organized plan to force "pulling the troops out of Iraq now" and relocating them to other countries---to keep the U.S. and its Allies from winning the Iraq War the hard-left Dems and their allied MSM have declared to be already lost.

Heaven forbid that GWB gets to win another war and have credit for that win redown to him, Don Rumsfeld and our brave American troops.

Only the Washington times published an Editorial today on this important news, "New questions on Saddam, WMD," here.

You can read another column, "Media Ignore Saddam's Uranium Bombshell" among today's postings here, which includes the following excerpt:

"Tape recordings released over the weekend show that Saddam Hussein had an active nuclear weapons program at least as recently as 2000 - but the press has decided the bombshell development isn't newsworthy....

Despite the staggering implications of the audiotaped uranium revelation, only one mainstream media outlet had covered the news as of Monday morning.

Noting that Saddam's enrichment program was "totally unknown to U.N. weapons inspectors," the Washington Times editorialized on Monday: "It is apparent that the American public has much more to learn about . . . . precisely when Saddam's nuclear weapons programs actually stopped...."

Acting as "proxies" for America and "we the people," this is how self-appointed MSM proxies subvert our national security and interests....

Do you feel safer now, with self-appointed and unelected members of the mainstream media press acting as proxies for you, me and all Americans? Do you feel inadequate to express your own voice and need the MSM to act as a substitute for you without your permission?

Apparently they believe they are a government unto themselves---superior to our democratic republic and Constitution that have managed to work so well for over two hundred years, with us mere voters actually speaking for ourselves. And that we are all stupid fools who need to be led around by the hand.

What a haughty and arrogant 'tude.... similar to "let the poor and huddled masses eat cake" while we speak for the ignorant and unimportant things....

Move over, Marie Antoinette....!

And did you see NBC's David Gregory announce twice to the whole world, on last Sunday's televised broadcast of Meet the Press, that he and the MSM press are a "proxy" for the American people? Sez WHO...!!

If we have to depend on David Gregory and the MSM to speak for us, we're in deep, up-to-our-eyeballs-serious dinosaur pies....!

Hat tip to Ed Gamble for political 'toon.

NBC's David Gregory makes matters worse.... claims press has power & authority to act as a "proxy" for the American people....

Big question: Just who gave the mainstream media press the power and authority to substitute themselves, by proxy, to speak for the American people?

Proxy is defined as : substitute; alternative; alternate; stand-in; surrogate; replacement. Did any of you American voters out there authorize or give power to the unelected David Gregory or any other unelected political press hacks in the liberal elite mainstream media to substitute their voice and will for yours? I most certainly did not.

Sooooo...., in effect, the arrogant Mr. Gregory has stated that he believes he and the rest of the MSM have the right to turn the democratic process on its head and nullify the already-expressed will of the people---at the ballot box---to elect the President and the members of the U.S. Congress who represent them.

That is absolutely chilling.... as is the mainstream media's abusive habit of controlling---through institutionalized filtering and censorship---what "we the people" need to or get to see, read or hear. A truly socialist, anti-democratic principle.... and pilfering of power from the people and their elected representatives.

Americans everywhere should exercise their freedoms of expression to let self-appointed "proxy" David Gregory and his other self-absorbed, self-important, presumptious colleagues know that they are well able to speak for themselves---without any help whatsoever from him and the rest of the MSM.

Check out "NBC's Gregory Eats Crow," which is published here, and the short excerpt posted below:

" a comment that once again revealed how remote the Washington media has become from the American people, he made the astounding comment that "No matter how you feel about the White House press corps -— and we’re worthy of criticism, and we can take our lumps —- this is about how the vice president chooses to communicate to the American people. We are a proxy for the American people.

"Whether you have faith in us or not, and we do make mistakes, we are still a proxy...."

Had enough of arrogant Kofi Annan and the corrupt United Nations.....?

Well, I can only speak for myself, but.... here goes:

YES!!!! Absolutely.... positively.... make-no-mistake, I have no doubt about it. In fact, I volunteer my personal foot to drop-kick Klepto-Kofi Annan back to the tinpot third-world nation he metasticized out of.

Clear enough....?