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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Opinions expressed against the Senate Judiciary Democrats' abuse of nominee to Supreme Court, Judge Samuel Alito

by Jacqueline - 12 Jan 2006 - 9:15am EST

American citizens and responsible news media are responding with outrage and disgust at the Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats' vicious and discriminatory treatment of Supreme Court nominee Judge Samuel Alito in their prosecutorial-type grilling of him in the Committee hearings, as if they were conducting an inquisition. Joe McCarthy comes to mind as you listen to the inquisitors.

This discriminatory treatment of Alito has gone on now for two long days without their even being ruled out of order for bad behavior. The Committee's Democrat members have engaged in character assassination and blatant lies, while consistently treating Alito as if he were a common criminal and has no right to be treated with respect and civility in the Senate.

Not one of those Democrats has the stellar reputation and professionalism exemplified throughout the entirety of Alito's personal and professional life. Senator Ted Kennedy belonged to a racist group as late as the 1980's, yet he feels free to present Judge Alito as a racist to the entire nation and world.

Nowhere else in America is any person put through such an unconstitutional, illegal and specious discriminatory examination in order to obtain a job. If such was done anywhere else in the labor market, lawsuits would abound.

And no hearings are provided for in the Constitution for the Senate's advise and consent process and, in fact, have only been used in recent history. They have become an obstructive and destructive political tool and a forum for political and ideological grandstanding.... like an extension of a political campaign.

This type of abuse began with the nomination of Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court, proceeded through the Judge Clarence Thomas nomination and has become the norm, and progressively worse, since the election of President George W. Bush in 2000. During this period, the Democrats imported the legislative filibuster for use against Bush nominees in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Filibusters are also not provided for in the Constitution. And nominees are not pieces of legislation to be blocked by legislative filibusters. This process dilutes the voice of the majority rule of the people's elected leaders in Congress.

Presidential nominations have now become like a political campaign, with opposition research and country-wide campaigns of personal destruction against the perceived enemies of the hard-left Democrats and mainstream media. Outside special interest groups are used in this opposition research and campaign/war against a nominee.

This process has become not only unconscionable, I believe it is unconstitutional and affords unequal treatment and a violation of privacy. It allows license for myriad individuals to microscopically examine a nominee's personal, financial, educational and professional history and to distort and broadcast it---and distortions of it---for public consumption worldwide.

And, it is only done to Republican Presidents' nominees.... by Democrat inquisitors in the U.S. Senate.

I keep hearing Democrats saying "the stakes are high," as justification for their actions. The stakes are indeed high, if we are going to allow elected political ideologues and their backers to abuse well-qualified men and women of professional accomplishment and integrity in order to run them away from public service.

As I listened to Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel this morning, calls were coming in from Americans expressing outrage at the base and abusive treatment of Judge Samuel Alito---treatment that, midway through the second day of abuse, caused Mrs. Alito to be reduced to tears from what her husband was being put through by Democrats' blatant and groundless attempts to establish that he has been and therefore is "racist" and "sexist." They portray him as a "bigot."

Below are links to other responses to the maltreatment of Judge Alito and hypocritical questioning of him:
RNC Responds to Kennedy Attack on Alito

"The following was released today by the Republican National Committee (RNC) regarding Sen. Kennedy's attacks on Judge Alito:


'Having failed to distort Judge Alito's distinguished record on the bench, today Senator Kennedy tried to smear Sam Alito's character. Throughout his career, Samuel Alito has proven his commitment to the highest ethical principles and a fair and just America. This good man does not need a lecture from Ted Kennedy.' -- Ken Mehlman, RNC Chairman

The Alliance For Justice And Other Liberal Groups Are Joining Forces With Ted Kennedy To Build A United Front Against President Bush's Judicial Nominees...."

drudgereport: PAPER: Sen. Kennedy was member of all-male club

Sen Ted Kennedy was on shaky ground accusing the Judge Alito of associating with people opposed to the inclusion of women in private institutions.... The eight-term senator belonged to an all-male social club -- the Owl -- at Harvard University. The Owl refused to admit women until it was forced to do so during the 1980s, according to records kept by the HARVARD CRIMSON, the student newspaper.

A Kennedy spokeswoman said it was an entirely different matter."No one can question Senator Kennedy's commitment to equality, justice and civil rights," said Laura Capps. "What he was part of was a social club, not a radical group pushing a radical agenda..."

Sooooo.... is Senator Ted Kennedy a "racist?" (Question added by PelicanPost)
radioblogger: "John Podhoretz on the foolishness among the Democrat Senator in the Alito hearing."

Great interview of John Podhoretz of the New York Post by Hugh Hewitt that includes, among other things in the ridiculous kabuki dance going on in the Senate Judiciary Committee, questioning by the lengthy-question record-holder, Democrat Senator Joe Biden.
Ann Coulter: "Liberals are being routed...."

One of Ann Coulter's best columns ever, in which she hilariously puts the two major parties in their historical context.... boiling it down to the bottom line. You can't miss reading this one....!
palmettopundit: "Bravo, Senator Graham!"
Great posting about Barry's Senator Lindsay Graham, R-SC, and his apology to Judge Samuel Alito and his family for attempts by Democrat Senators to paint him as a racist and bigot.

Says Barry of Graham:

"Today, he took from his scheduled time with the nominee to issue an apology for the despicable bloviating and character assassination Alito and his family have had to endure during this process. It's a shame he had to issue this apology on behalf of those who have neither the class nor the conscience to issue it themselves."

Says Jacqueline of PelicanPost: Amen, brothers.... to the statements of both Barry and Graham. I am a born and raised South Carolinian now living in Florida and I agree with both of you.

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