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Friday, January 13, 2006

Former "President" Bill Clinton endorses the idea of taking a NSA wiretapping case against President G.W. Bush to the Supreme Court

Hypocrite-in-Chief Bill Clinton went on national television to accuse President George W. Bush of not following established legal guidelines. Clinton's remarks are laughable in light of the many laws he broke and his ethical and moral lapses, including:

1. His using the I.R.S. for surveillance against American citizens (including his political foes) and his using the NSA for spying on American citizens who were not communicating with someone of a foreign nation, as well as those who were---two examples being the Eschelon and Carnivore secret spying on Americans communicating with others within the United States.

2. His approving the giving away of strategic satellite dual-use technology to China to benefit his top campaign contributor and help China build up its military power. And his accepting foreign campaign contributions for having his picture taken with foreign dignitaries, including those from China. Also, his Clinton-Gore campaign's allowing foreign campaign fundraising and donations.

3. His establishing a wall between intelligence agencies and law enforcement to keep them from being able to communicate with each other to fully protect this country.

4. His doing away with traditional security at the White House right after taking office.

5 His firing all Republican U.S. Attorneys and replacing them with Democrats right after taking office.

6. His using the White House data base, as an adjunct of the Democrat party through a Democrat "war room" manned by Democrat political operatives and established in the White House for that purpose.

7. His turning career jobs at the White House and throughout the federal government into political patronage jobs to leave his people in place after he left office; and his pardoning drug dealers, other criminals who were former political supporters, and Marc Rich who was under U.S. indictment and hiding in a foreign country.

8. His using his power and Vice President Al Gore to circumvent the lawful naturalization process, to immediately naturalize ca. 1 million immigrants who had not had required background checks---carte blanche, so they could then be registered to vote and bussed to the voting polls by Democrats.

9. His debasing the White House by using it for political campaign functions to raise campaign money and as a bordello for his sexual gratification, even in the Oval Office; and his blatantly looking into the eyes of the American people and lying to them.

10. His former Defense Counsel was caught and prosecuted after 9/11 for having stolen from the National Archives and destroyed all existing copies of particular highly classified papers related to fighting terrorism. Was this done to hide this information from the 9/11 Commission and protect Bill Clinton? Was he, his legal counsel or another top Clinton administration official the recipient of Berger's cell phone call from inside the National Archives building while examining the papers he ultimately stole and destroyed and was found guilty of same? Or was the call to Hillary and her operatives?

11. And last, but certainly not least, his hiding the fact that three of the 9/11 terrorist bombers were known to be in the United States for two years before 9/11, including Mohamed Atta, and refusing to allow that information, upon discovery, to be communicated from the intelligence personnel who discovered the information to the FBI and other law enforcement. He also did not pass this information on to incoming President George W. Bush, thus denying Bush, the intelligence community and law enforcement the benefit of information that might have been used to prevent 9/11.

And this is the short list.

If there are any investigations of anyone by Congress and the Justice Department, or any cases going to the Supreme Court in the NSA wiretapping matter, Bill Clinton's name should be at the top of the list.

So, let's have thorough investigations of Bill Clinton in all of the above 1 - 11, especially the ones related to the protection of this country and its citizens.

Read on below and here for info about this most recent display of Bill Clinton's not having the dignity, decorum and class to follow historical precedent and not speak against a sitting president---especially in time of the Afganistan War, Iraq War and War against Terrorism (specifically extremist fundamental Islamic terrorism).
"Bill Clinton: Bush May Have Broken Spy Law"

"President Bush may have broken the law when he authorized the National Security Agency to conduct surveillance on U.S.-based terrorists, ex-president Bill Clinton said Thursday....

He said it would have been better if his successor had followed established legal guidelines....

Clinton said that when he was president, he always tried to work within the constraints of the law....

Clinton predicted that ultimately the Supreme Court would have to decide whether Bush acted illegally.

The former president wasn't asked about projects Echelon and Carnivore, two programs that monitored the electronic communications of millions of Americans during his administration without authorization from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court...."

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