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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

United Nations dragging feet on reforms.... to pass $3.6 billion 2-year budged first

U.S. Ambassador to the corrupt and unaccountable United Nations, John Bolton, has reaffirmed the Bush Administration's stand on the necessity of instituting expected reforms first.... before approving the U.N.'s new budget.

The U.N.'s foot-dragging is nothing new and it goes hand-in-hand with unaccountable use of member nations' dues and failure in almost every area where the U.N. performs a chartered function. But then, we all know they do not follow their own charter. If you don't believe me, go to the PelicanPost links sidebar, click on United Nations Charter, and read it.

For more on John Bolton and the U.S. position, read excerpts below or entire piece here.

"U.S. firm on U.N. budget threat"

"U.S. Ambassador John R. Bolton said yesterday that U.N. reforms are lagging far behind Washington's expectations, and affirmed the Bush administration's intention to delay the U.N. budget if necessary.

The administration has demanded the 191-member General Assembly adopt a series of management reforms designed to streamline and improve the often cumbersome organization.

With less than three weeks of negotiations left before the 2006-07 budget is to be approved, Mr. Bolton said in an interview that Washington cannot allow the $3.6 billion spending plan to pass unless it reflects the reforms.

"We don't want to be in a position where we approve a biennium budget for two years and then find ourselves clawing from behind trying to make up the reforms," Mr. Bolton said in his spacious but sparsely furnished office at the U.S. Mission. "The way you focus you people's attention is by combining the reform work with the budget," he said....

The reforms sought by Mr. Bolton include the creation of an ethics office, increased oversight of U.N. activities and approval of new offices for human rights and peace building. Other changes would establish a policy to protect whistleblowers, make the auditing office more independent and streamline old mandates that have outlived their usefulness...."

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