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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

That's telling them, Secretary Rumsfeld....! And please keep on telling them.... until they get it right.

Five Star, must read article by Rowan Scarborough of The Washingtimes here, on Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld's critique of the perpetually repetitious and negative American press coverage of the Iraq War and our troops' prosecution of that war.... and how it is used to spread a false picture around the world.

The only thing that would make Rumsfeld's words better, would be if they had been said a long time ago and consistently thereafter.

Some excerpts below, entire piece at above link.
"Rumsfeld scores press 'negativity'"

"Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld urged the American press yesterday to reassess what he called repeated negative coverage of Iraq as his commanders in Iraq push an extensive information war to counter terrorists' propaganda.

"We've arrived at a strange time in this country, where the worst about America and our military seems to so quickly be taken as truth by the press and reported and spread around the world," Mr. Rumsfeld said. The reporting is "often with little context and little scrutiny, let alone correction or accountability after the fact."

Mr. Rumsfeld's remarks were part of the new Bush campaign of forceful answer to partisan criticism of the war and domestic policies. President Bush spoke of the expanding economy in glowing terms in North Carolina, citing strong job growth and swift recovery from two brutal hurricanes, and in Berlin, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice bluntly told Europeans that resistance to Islamic terrorism will require overcoming "new challenges" and new ways of warfare.

....The Pentagon chief cited a "false and terribly damaging" Newsweek story that American guards flushed a copy of the Koran down a toilet at the Guantanamo Bay prison.... a New York Times editorial that equated U.S. troops with the police state of Saddam Hussein.... press reports quoting two Iraqis' unsubstantiated assertions that American soldiers attacked them with lions.

"Government has to reassess continuously, and we do," the defense secretary said. "So, too, it's useful, I believe, for the media to reassess."

Mr. Rumsfeld said the press is too fixated on the Iraq casualty count, which includes more than 2,000 American troops killed. "It's appropriate to note not only how many Americans have been killed -- and may God bless them and their families -- but what they died for, or, more accurately, what they lived for," Mr. Rumsfeld said.

When he meets with troops in Iraq, "They ask, 'Why aren't the American people being given an accurate picture of what's happening in Iraq?....' "

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