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Monday, December 05, 2005

RADIOBLOGGER has U.S. Senator from CA Barbara Boxer's number....

Folks, this is a must read from Radioblogger that includes Chris Wallace's segment with her on Fox News Sunday (FNC). Duane at Radioblogger calls it: "Barbara Boxer + microphone = Stupidity on display." Truer words were never spoken.

Included with the interview segment is Duane's spot-on analysis of Boxer's considerably less than bright responses to Wallace's questions.

Me.... I can't get past her off-putting singsong manner of speaking well enough to want to listen to what she has to say. And, believe it or not, it makes her seem even more stupid.... if that's possible.

However, I was particularly struck by one lucidless comment from Boxer: "Let them defend their own country. We cannot do this forever. No country survives when foreign troops are in there defending the country. They have to do this."

Please!! What about Kuwait? What about South Korea? What about South Vietnam? What about France in WWI and WWII? What about West Germany after WWII? What about Afghanistan NOW? Where has this wingnut been...??

The people of Iraq are surving with U.S. help post-Saddam Hussein and have requested that our troops stay to protect and defend them until they can do so themselves. They are preparing for their third election---to now approve their new Constitution and elect new and more permanent leaders. Boxer just doesn't let these facts get in the way of her elusive, all-over-the-map tortured logic and reasoning.

Now, heeere's Duane! Go to the above link for all of his posting.
"After a very bad week politically in California for conservatives, in which Governor Arnold Schwarzenventura replaced his chief of staff with one of the top aides to Gray Davis, the recalled governer that provided the vacancy Arnold filled, it was nice to see Barbara Boxer, our junior dimwit Senator, appear on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace and further give California a black eye. We've said it before, that Barbara Boxer is the dumbest member of the Senate. Every once in a while, Patty Murray or Dick Durbin or Mark Dayton will take a stab at wrestling the dunce cap off her head, but week by week, month by month, Boxer continues to prove that long-term stupidity can't be practiced. It just is who she is. Here's a sample from her interview with Wallace:..."

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