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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The photo of Bill Clinton the mainstream media chose to hide from the American public....

The liberal elite MSM is still playing a protective role when it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton, making sure they get only positive coverage . This time it was Bill's turn to be shielded from the public eye. You know.... that same pesky public that has a "right to know...."

Here, "Slick Willie" was photographed in his outlandish attire donned for a lavish ball at St. Catherine's Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia---part of an oppulent three-day weekend on the tab of a millionaire friend. Even his Secret Service detail were in costume for the ball.... as "Cossacks."

Helloooo....., American taxpayers...., your tax money is at work. Or play, as the case apparently was.

Great coverage today by Myrna Blyth at
NationalReview. Here is just an excerpt from her column about the 3-day fest and absence of coverage of it in the U.S..... including the above pix of decked-out Bill.... all of which was purposefully buried by MSM:
".....there was a doozy of a photo of our Bill in the London Sunday Mail this weekend that somehow just didn't make it into any of our papers of record. [You get the idea here.]

It showed Bill wearing a black velvet military jacket heavily embroidered with gold braid, finished off with a high gold and crimson collar. It was supposed to be a costume of a "Napoleonic military hero," but it made our 42nd president look more like Harold Hill, The Music Man. But then Bill thought he would never look right in a military uniform, now didn't he?

So what was he doing in this outlandish get-up? (His Secret Service men, it was also reported, were dressed as Cossacks. Wonder how the American taxpayers feel about that?) Well, he was at a lavish ball in the Catherine Palace in St. Petersburg, probably the most lavish ball held there since Catherine was feeling really great.

Now, I don't know exactly how the Clinton family spent Thanksgiving Day, but on Saturday of that family weekend, Bill wasn't eating leftover turkey and pumpkin pie, and watching football. No, he was scarfing Beluga caviar and beef stroganoff washed down with champagne. According to the Sunday Mail, the display "offered scenes of opulence unrivalled since the days of the Tsars...."

Well, footmen in Napoleonic dress lined the palace's driveway, and dancers in powdered wigs and frock coats stood by. And the ball was just part of a lavish three-day weekend that included private jets, rooms at the five-star Grand Hotel Europe, and a concert at the Yusupov Palace. It was all arranged by Richard Caring, a millionaire British-clothing tycoon...."

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