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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

No weapons of mass destruction in pre-war Iraq?? Well.... what about this hot little shoved in the background tapey-poo??

Hmmmm.... What's the matter with this administration that has a habit of not speaking out strongly and correcting the record being drum-rolled out by their rabid detractors on a daily basis to miss-state and miss-characterize hard, cold facts? Facts should not be that elusive and falsehoods should not be allowed to stand unchallenged.

President Bush's speech last week was a good start. Now, let's just beef up the counter punches a bit and drum-roll the truth out loud and clear and not leave any miss-statements of facts hanging out there unchallenged. It's called the new political smackdown hard-ball. You have to fight back or be pulverized. Shine a spotlight on the lies, pick them apart and feed them back where they came from.... like pablum.... All the reality TV'ers out there will eat it up.

For those detractors still chanting "no weapons of mass destruction" to indoctrinate the sheep who are willing to follow and believe whatever gets said over and over, have a look at Carl Limbacher and Newsmax staff's "For the story behind the story... Colin Powell's Tape Shows Iraquis 'Evacuating' WMDs" You will find it below and here.

"Bush officials have done such a poor job defending themselves against charges they lied about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction that even their supporters seem to have forgotten about some of the most compelling WMD evidence.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, for instance, keeps apologizing for his speech to the United Nations on the eve of the Iraq war. But at least one chilling bit of evidence he introduced there has never been refuted.

Here's how Powell introduced his case on Feb. 5, 2003:

POWELL: Let me begin by playing a tape for you. What you're about to hear is a conversation that my government monitored. It takes place on November 26 [2002], on the day before United Nations teams resumed inspections in Iraq.

The conversation involves two senior officers, a colonel and a brigadier general, from Iraq's elite military unit, the Republican Guard.


IRAQI COLONEL : About this committee that is coming with [U.N. nuclear weapons inspector] Mohamed ElBaradei.

IRAQI GENERAL : Yeah, yeah.

COL: We have this modified vehicle. What do we say if one of them sees it?

GEN: You didn't get a modified... You don't have a modified...

COL: By God, I have one.

GEN: Which? From the workshop...?

COL: From the al-Kindi Company

GEN: Yeah, yeah. I'll come to you in the morning. I have some comments. I'm worried you all have something left.

COL: We evacuated everything. We don't have anything left. [END OF POWELL TAPE EXCERPT]

What type of "modified vehicle" do Iraq war critics think Saddam's general was worried about? A souped-up 1967 Mustang?

And what, pray tell, do they think Saddam's colonel was referring to when he said, "We evacuated everything. We don't have anything left"?

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