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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ain't it a shame....?

Whatever happened to the plain and simple good old days.... when "Merry Christmas" was as American as motherhood, America and apple pie?

Answer: The crusading self-appointed, secular humanist, political correctness police. They can't stomach anything that even evokes a thought or overt expression that is even remotely connected with Christians and Christianity.

The rest of us need to let them know, loudly and clearly, that we will not tolerate their assault on our morals, values and belief systems and that they will not be the arbitors of expressions of faith and existence of religion in this free country.... and use our court system as a vehicle to achieve and enforce it.

We can start here.... and now. The U. S. Constitution gave us freedom OF religion.... not freedom FROM religion.

The American people do not have to allow an extreme anti-Christian activist group to revise the English language and Constitution to suit their nefarious purposes. We have a right to our expressions of faith.... a right that is inviolate.


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