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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

NARAL'S attack on John G. Roberts, Jr. is more about abortion profits than abortion rights.... Just "follow the money...."

Not surprisingly, NARAL is trying to gin up money contributions to finance their no-holds-barred war against nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court John Roberts and block his approval by the U.S. Senate. And they are willing to use false accusations and propaganda against Roberts to do it.

Plus they are promoting intimidation of and attacks on several liberal Republican U.S. Senators to force them to vote against approval of Roberts.

After all, the enormous abortion industry and fetal tissue harvest of organs and stem cells is at stake. NARAL will do anything they have to in order to continue murdering developing pre-birthed babies---many of them nine-tenths birthed---no matter what dishonest and dirty tactics it takes. All to protect their activist-court-sanctioned license to murder and keep the money flowing into their coffers---and an unconstitutional "privacy right" that does not exist in either the U.S. Constitution or federal law.

Read more below and here.

"....On Monday, NARAL Pro-Choice America launched a major ad campaign that aims to scare a small portion of America, then raise more money to scare the rest. NARAL will spend $500,000 to frighten cable news watchers and the people of Maine and Rhode Island, home to three liberal Republican senators.

The 30-second ad is titled "Speaking Out." Here's the script:

Announcer: "Seven years ago, a bomb destroyed a woman's health clinic in Birmingham, Ala.

Emily Lyons: When a bomb ripped through my clinic, I almost lost my life. I will never be the same."

Announcer: "Supreme Court nominee John Roberts filed court briefs supporting violent fringe groups and a convicted clinic bomber."

Lyons: "I'm determined to stop this violence, so I'm speaking out."

Announcer: "Call your senators. Tell them to oppose John Roberts. America can't afford a justice whose ideology leads him to excuse violence against other Americans."

The ladies who gave Plato's "noble lie" new uses in the hearings of Clarence Thomas are at it again. NARAL is using the image of the abortion clinic bombing by Eric Rudolph to suggest that Judge Roberts would excuse such violence--even though NARAL's leaders have admitted to the press that Judge Roberts has condemned clinic violence.

Indeed.... when he was an assistant in the White House counsel's office, Mr. Roberts wrote a memo recommending against a presidential pardon for abortion-clinic bombers. "No matter how lofty or sincerely held the goal, those who resort to violence to achieve it are criminals," Roberts wrote...."

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